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Proclaiming the absurd: Group says extreme right embraces eco-terrorism

By Alan Caruba
web posted August 27, 2001

"The Earth Liberation Front realizes the profit motive caused and reinforced by the capitalist society is destroying all life on this planet. The only way, at this point in time, to stop that continued destruction of life is to by any means necessary take the profit motive out of killing."

Do you think that any conservative or even extreme right-wing organization could possibly find itself in agreement with the statement above? You can check it out at the website of the ELF (

One of the classic techniques of dis-information is to shift the blame away from the actual perpetrators and make it look like those who most oppose their actions are, in fact, the real culprits.

We have seen this done most egregiously by the liberal press in the United States and Europe, conferring sainthood on one of the world's worst terrorists, Yassir Arafat, and his Palestinian Liberation Organization, while blaming the victims of their terror bombings. Never mind that such acts run counter to all international laws. The Israelis, we're told, are the "occupiers" of Palestinian lands, despite having been a sovereign nation for 53 years and despite the fact that its earliest settlers purchased the land from Arabs, turning the desert into farming communities.

Now we have word that the Southern Poverty Law Center, ( famed for its fight against the Ku Klux Klan, is saying the Earth Liberation Front, the most radical Green terrorist organization, "makes much of the radical right look rather meek. But like most groups on the radical right today, the ELF sees global capitalism as an enemy."

This is absurd!

This is either pathological self-delusion or a deliberate act of deception. With astonishing sangfroid, the SPLC asserts that "right-wing extremists like the look of those involved in eco-and-animal rights terrorism." Not one single right-wing group or individual is cited as the basis for this assertion.

Whether "radical" right wing or just conservative, it is the United Nations effort to impose a global government that is seen as the real threat. Eco-extremists see it as the vehicle through which they can impose socialism on the entire world. As for global capitalism, it represents a way to spread the ideas of democracy and freedom while, at the same time, extending prosperity, particularly to Third World nations.

The SPLC is employing the oldest Kremlin trick in the book. It is the Big Lie at work.

Conservatives know that environmentalism is little more than a mask for radical socialism. It is an instrument of the far Left and always has been led by Leftists. The notion that unidentified right-wing organizations would support ELF or any other environmental group is so outlandish as to defy a rational explanation. Yet the SPLC asserts that "Many on the radical right admire the ELF" without citing a single individual or organization.

One need only consider who it is in the streets protesting the meetings of global political and business leaders to understand how absurd the SPLC assertion is. Those streets are filled with the radical Left.

The objective of the radical Left is, of course, the destruction of capitalism and the downfall of industrialized nations operating with capitalist systems. The Left has always used dis-information to achieve its goals, so it makes perfect sense to engage in yet one more act of deception, the identification of radical environmentalism with the far Right.

The SPLC was founded during the heyday of the Civil Rights movement. Morris Dees, its founder has been canonized by the media for his work to put the KKK out of business and why not? The KKK has a long history of violence combined with a bad attitude toward minorities.

The one thing I keep waiting for the SPLC to offer is an explanation why black groups have sprung up of late opposing the NAACP and openly accusing it of engaging in racist behavior. Can one be black and conservative? You bet!

The SPLC has not offered an explanation why, four decades since the passage of the Civil Rights Act, 70% of black children today are born out of wedlock; 50% of black children drop out of urban schools; 25% of blacks are under the control of the criminal justice system, or why the overwhelming percentage of violent crimes are committed by blacks against blacks. These are, of course, unpleasant statistics that cannot be explained away by the convenient rubric of blaming Caucasians, Hispanics or Asians.

This latest effort to shift the blame for eco-terrorism is the same kind of deception that led environmentalists to abandon their campaign in the 1970's to make people believe that "a new Ice Age" was about to occur and embrace the biggest hoax of the past century, "global warming." This is the same kind of deception that permits Greens to put out lie-upon-lie intended to influence public opinion and public policy. ESR

Alan Caruba writes a weekly column, "Warning Signs", posted on the website of The National Anxiety Center, a clearinghouse for information about scare campaigns designed to influence public opinion and policy. (c) 2001

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