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The Hudson Institute

The Hudson Institute is a policy service provider with a Web site dedicated to the principles of research and technology in American economy. Its flagship publication American Outlook is a bimonthly magazine that dishes up top thinkers on hot topics. What makes the Hudson Institute unique is coverage of topics that are more than just au courant, they are au futur. The prelude of A Futurist's Perspective (1999 Annual Report) notes "An annual report is a backward glance at accomplishments. While Hudson Institute relishes this opportunity to look back -- it reveals a rich array of influence and contribution -- this world-renowned think tank does so from a future-oriented perch."

The Hudson InstituteOperating from a progressive platform has drawbacks, but when compared to the benefits of planning a future, architected with the design techniques of predictable models, when you consider what your long-term goals are and what it will take to have them satisfied, you appreciate the unenviable position of a think tank that doesn't just philosophize on policies, but makes them applicable as well.

We should never forget the little things we take for granted in our society. Much of what we enjoy nowaday is directly related to how our ancestors planned it like that, and it's a history connected to an economy that is laissez-faire and conservative.

The Hudson Institute braves the future unknown, unafraid and against the tide of a tiny number of ignorant people who "manage repeatedly to make mountainous fears out of molehill possibilities."

- Steve Lendt


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