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Just what is national defense?

By James Hall
web posted August 6, 2001

To comprehend the nature of national defense, you must be able to understand the forces that rule American policy and government. Foreign policy has been hijacked for well over a century by elements of an elite that endorses internationalist interventionism for the United States. This is a fact that cannot be denied. The relevant question has always been who benefits from this course? Attempts to answer this question within the confines of the popular political party distinctions is futile. Looking to explain foreign policy from the military industrial complex venue, also leave you with voids in analysis.

National defense and the present foreign policy is a contradiction of terms. The premise that America is being served by maintaining a world military presence that effectively acts as an enforcer for a 'New World Order' is at the core of any intelligent discussion on protecting the nation. Diversions into which kind of military systems are needed or which strategies will best defeat possible adversaries is absurd to entertain. These false avenues lead only to avoidance of the central issues of real national defense. The enemies of America are the globalists that seek to destroy her independence and darken the beacon of Liberty that has always made the United States unique in history.

Mainstream thinking only feeds erroneous conclusions. If you ask the wrong questions, you will never reach solutions to real problems. The corporate/state has an alliance that is more in keeping with the deeds of the Axis during the last great war. For all the platitudes that roused an entire generation into sacrificing their lives for a cause that ultimately betrayed the principles of the nation, the real issue that requires deliberation.

So what is real defense? To answer that question, we will exclude what it is not, nor should be. Protection of international business interests that operate outside our borders. Safekeeping of the interests of other countries other than our own. Expansion of an American neo-colonialism. Enforcement of world order through an active military presence. Forced acceptance and compliance to the world community will, by threat or bribes. International Court prosecution for dissenters. And surrendering of American sovereignty to world organizations that seek to destroy our constitutional republic.

Effective defense is more about policy than force, the correct policy. The need for a credible military deterrent in an unstable world is acknowledged. But the purpose for that preventive structure is to defend our shores and her people. Aggressive expansion which seeks to promote superpower status is counterproductive to the actual safety of America. Our military forces should not become hired assassins in the defense of an empire.

The reason that the United States has so many enemies throughout the world is that many foreign elements view our government as the major threat to their way of life. If America is seen as wanting to dominate the entire globe, her security will be at constant risk. The powers that direct the mechanism of this government are the controllers of this unholy alliance of industry, military, and policy. It is entirely foolish to think that they will voluntarily relinquish their grip on the reigns of rule. So who is the real danger to America's security? Can her true defense be attained with a next generation of technology? Or will it take a complete reassessment as to the nature of the nation, the protection of her people and the overthrow of a policy that only protects the interests of the elite, while the average citizen is left to exist under constant fear and delusion?

The absence of a didactic foundation in foreign policy that venerates the principles of a free people and protects their republic, is the salient topic that serves the national defense. So how can this internationalist cult of despotism be defeated? The military itself may provide the answer. The military culture drums into each recruit that America IS the government and that their sworn duty to obey orders that protect, execute and implement the interests of the federal state. Now having a voluntary service, each individual must search his or her conscience when taking that oath of allegiance and ask if they willingly, are loyal to America, or to the current central government? The mission of following orders, loses its moral imperative when the commands run counter to the defense of the citizens of our nation.

The military has a very clear decision, to make. Accept your duty to the nation, or abandon it for advancement of career and benefits? The State Department has demonstrated that the notion of duty is more foreign than the lands their officials visit. The intelligence community seeks to blackmail any official to further their own vested interests. Elected politicians have shown that many among their ranks are in the employ of foreign governments. Presidents have routinely betrayed national secrets to advance treasonous policies. Only the military remains as the last remaining bastion to resist the systemic sell out of the American people.

General Scott faces off against Colonel Henderson
General Scott faces off against Colonel Henderson

When the order comes to deploy overseas for the next enforcement escapade, boycott and stand down, or go AWOL. Ask yourself if such adventures have anything to do with achieving and advancing real protection for America? Continued bellicose involvement never secured peace, but breeds hatred for a belligerent government.

All the new technology in the world will never make any nation secure when its government is earning the loathing of the rest of the world. That is the context that must be examined and debated. Any other side diversion is simply a waste of time and energy. Defense must serve people and not power cabals. We need General James Mattoon Scott now more than ever. If you don't know who he is, look him up. There always is hope. ESR

James Hall, aka Sartre, is the driving force behind Breaking all the Rules, a collection of his essays. His work can be viewed weekly at www.AmericasVoices.org and at www.GOPUSA.com.

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