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web posted August 16, 2004

Re: Why Bush will win re-election by Alan Caruba (August 9, 2004)
Alan Caruba is doing a commendable job of pumping up the Bush/Cheney bid for a second term, but he absolutely ignores the large number of Conservatives (read Right Wing and Proud of It) who are so disgusted with Bush's first term performance that they would vote for almost anyone other than George Bush.  (Al Sharpton excluded).
When you look at how close the 2000 election was, I don't think Bush in the upcoming race can be counted as a shoo-in even against Mr Kerry, because there are a significant number of conservative voters like me who feel so betrayed by Bush in his first term that they cannot give him their support for another 4 years.  I would almost rather vote for Al Sharpton than Bush, but I think I will abstain from voting and preserve some dignity for myself and family, and I hope it sends the Republican Party a message.

Mike Gould

Alan Caruba responds: Everyone has their own take on the elections. This letter writer wants to sit it out (just exactly what the Kerry camp wants), but I have received many emails from Democrats who say they intend to vote for Bush because Kerry is such a bad choice. So, as always, we shall have to wait until Nov 2nd to find out.

Re: Apologies and advice

It appears that I owe apologies to two individuals whom I criticized in a couple of letters to this site.

First up, former President Bill Clinton. I had applauded both President George W. Bush, and former First Lady, now U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton, both of whom gave of their time to fly to Iraq this past year during the holiday season to spend time with our troops. A brave and thoughtful gesture on both of their parts.

However, it does appear that when President Clinton was in office, he did indeed visit with U.S. troops in Bosnia which, at that particular time (and perhaps still) was a dangerous place, just as Iraq is a danger zone. So, thumbs up to President Bill Clinton for his own act of courage and decency in spending some time with our soldiers during that time of war while Mr. Clinton was Commander-in-Chief!

The other apology goes to CBN founder, the Reverend Pat Robertson. Remember, he stated that God gave him an impression, perhaps an answer to prayer, that President Bush would be re-elected in a "blow-out" in this Novembers' elections! From the various polls, news stories, and such; this may very well happen! Nothing is 100% guaranteed in this, because anything can happen in an election.

All concerned citizens should get out and vote on election day. If you truly believe John Kerry is the man to lead America, by all means cast your vote for him on November 2nd.

If you feel that President George W. Bush is the right man for our time, then let him know by voting for him.

William G. Smith
Lancaster, PA



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