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John Edwards, metrosexual

By Bernard Chapin
web posted July 30, 2007

The mainstream media pillories Ann Coulter in a manner that they do few other conservative commentators. Their hatred for her is widespread which is understandable because her wit and bravery make her far more daunting than any other pundit on the right. If politics corresponded with chess, her value would equate with that of the queen.

In March, the press reacted with fury after she called Presidential candidate John Edwards a "faggot." They dubbed it an anti-gay slur because faggot, thanks to political correctness, has now become a verboten term. Oh, it does remain appropriate should a gay person say it but when uttered by anyone else it is a term of hate.

Of course, the term has nothing to do with hate, and Coulter was not attempting to bash gays when she said it. She was going after far queerer folk; namely Senator John Edwards. As she explained: "C'mon, it was a joke. I would never insult gays by suggesting that they are like John Edwards. That would be mean."

Senator Edwards' problems have nothing to do with his sexual orientation or anybody else's, but everything to do with his being a trivial non-entity. His version of leadership reflects a complete void of masculinity. Metrosexual is the best way to describe this soon-to-be-trounced presidential contender. The evidence for his being one is rapidly becoming irrefutable.

Consider last Monday night's Democratic debate for instance. In a most bizarre interlude, Edwards turned towards Hillary Clinton and gave her some fashion advice. In regards to a question about what he didn't like about Hillary he said, "I'm not sure about that coat." No doubt she would have made a better decision had she perused his weekly fashionista column before deciding on the night's color scheme. There is no question that metrosexuals have considerable cache when it comes to couture.

Edwards has also been known to spend $400 on a haircut and his infatuation with his appearance was flamboyantly evident in a video that came out last year. What we can be certain of is that there is nothing manly about this former Senator. He is a fop and a dandy. Edwards also has done much to substantiate Coulter's insinuation that there is something a little funny about him over the course of the last few months.

Most damning is his habit of getting his wife to fight his battles for him. Last month, Mrs. Edwards called up the program Hardball to pick a fight with Coulter on her husband's behalf. Coulter appropriately asked during her rant, "Why isn't John Edwards making this call?" He did not make the phone call because it was more convenient to hide behind his wife.

I'm no great proponent of chivalry, but the last thing a man should ever do is use his wife as an instrument for self-defense. Seeking the shelter of a skirt when you're under siege is not an act in keeping with manly virtue; yet, there seems to be no sign of Mrs. Edwards discontinuing her role as her husband's Swiss Guard. Just two weeks ago, she criticized Hillary Clinton's capacity to adequately advance the needs of women. Here again, we see that the pusillanimous Senator has asked his wife to do his dirty work.

Given the former Senator's recent behaviors and tendencies, I think that it's time for our nation's trendy politically correct journalists to issue an apology to Ann Coulter. Even if her choice of words was regrettable, there is no denying that John Edwards is a man that no boy would want to grow up to be.  

I have said it before but we all owe Ann Coulter our thanks and support because without brave conservative figures like her, the general public would have no chance to roll back the parameters of political correctness. Coulter expands the marketplace of ideas and prevents cultural Marxism from continuing to establish the rules by which we speak and live.

John Edwards will always be remembered but not for his electoral success. He has normalized the distasteful habits of men obsessing over their grooming and appearance, along with the need to hide behind your wife when the going gets tough. ESR

Bernard Chapin is the author of Escape from Gangsta Island and a soon-to-be released book on women. He can be contacted at veritaseducation@gmail.com.


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