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By John W. Lillpop
web posted August 27, 2012

As We the People prepare to vote in what may be the most vital election in our history, it is well that we be reminded of the huge stakes involved, and, most importantly, what we can do by acting responsibly in the privacy of the voting booth.

To assist in the deliberative process, the following ideas are offered:

Imagine, a president who has a passionate love for the history, tradition, and values of America, including blemishes and frailties, and is completely dedicated to preservation of our culture and values.

Imagine, a president who respects the rule of law, the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the separation of powers under our form of self- rule.

Imagine, a president loathe to apologize for American values, religion, or leaders while on foreign soil.

Imagine, a president who really believes in the Exceptionalism of America’s people, Constitution, and culture.

Imagine a president not so arrogant and delusional as to believe that he is capable of, and should, “fundamentally transform” the greatest nation in human history.

Imagine, a president who respects the fact that we are a nation of laws, including those which significantly limit his powers and ability to act unilaterally.

Imagine, a president who believes in free-market capitalism, private enterprise, and the capabilities of individual Americans, when free from excessive government regulations, bureaucrats, and tax burdens.

Imagine, a president who understands that only private enterprise creates and sustains good-paying jobs, and then only when government is kept at bay.

Imagine, a president who believes that, “You can build that!”

Imagine, a president who believes that responsible governance includes the obligation to “live within our means” and who understands the inevitable ruin that ensures when that is not heeded.

Imagine, a president loathe to use the power of government to “bankrupt” energy alternatives with which he differs ideologically.

Imagine, a president who would never use the tax code to divide American citizens and to punish Americans for over achieving.

Imagine, a president who believes that individual initiative, ability, and accomplishments should be allowed to determine success, and who utterly rejects the notion that wealth should be doled out based on some bureaucrat’s vision of “fairness.”

Imagine, a president who understands the American drive to succeed and profit and who is committed to implementing policies which encourage success and profit!

Imagine, a president who respects the First Amendment to the US Constitution and the freedom of religion expressed therein.

Imagine, a president who understands and respects the concept of American sovereignty, secure borders, and full enforcement of existing immigration laws.

Imagine a president who understands that the “war on terror” is not over.

Imagine, a president who sincerely wants the best for the nation and all citizens.

Lastly, Imagine a president who is all American and who is “One of us.”

Imagine a nation reunited with the principles and ideals upon which America was formed.

Imagine America restored—and vote accordingly on November 6! ESR

© 2012 John Lillpop






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