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Michael Lear: Part Nine: The Ultimate Triumph Of Hanoi Jane

By Michael Moriarty
web posted August 25, 2014

Here it is.

Nothing, that I can think of, so marks the totality of America's defeat as the above actions by Sen. John McCain.

Vietnam, still Communist,  says they need weapons to protect themselves from Red China.

Now, according to this graduate of the Hanoi Hilton, there are nice Communists. I'm sure, among snakes, there are nice cobras too.

Here, in the same spirit as McCain's surrender, is a most enlightening revelation from the head of the Bush Family itself, decades earlier.

George H. W. Bush as Mr. CIA himself.

As for McCain?

John McCain
McCain Surrenders Thumbs Up

This announcement by John McCain is a particularly bitter pill for me to swallow.

Why? I portrayed, with profoundly misplaced respect, a version of Col. John McCain in the film Hanoi Hilton.

Hanoi Hilton
The Film,
Hanoi Hilton,
Nothing Conducive To A Progressively Marxist New World Order

Perhaps the film script was all a lie… a suspicion of mine, only bolstered by McCain's increasingly defeatist behavior, after his stay in the Hanoi Hilton.

Now he wants to hand the Communist victors weapons to use against the New World Order's still loyal Americans, those Yanks who might question the wisdom of a world without the traditional United States of America.

My "critics", despite all my awards, often called me a "loser".

I never felt more like a loser, both as an actor and as an American, than now!


I portrayed John McCain!

What a disastrous decision!!!!!!!!!!!

The Leftist stars of the press, at the time, such as Bryant Gumbel, couldn't wait, because of my appearance in Hanoi Hilton, to embarrass me on the Today Show, portraying me as no longer "serious" as an actor

They won!

With the mistake I made, taking seriously John McCain's time in the "Hanoi Hilton", the mainstream press erased my "seriousness" as an actor.

I was now a foolishly naïve and incurably stupid, American patriot.

Liberal Speak:
"No one,
with any common sense at all,
 can ever have really been an American
 America didn't even win the war in Europe!
The Soviets did!!"

Jane Fonda
The Now Victorious Hanoi Jane

Ahhhh…. poison. The deadliest kind of poison.


It is pored down our throats by our very own leaders and celebrities and their unending capitulations to Communism in the name of Marxist superiority over the individual freedom of the United States of America!

The Progressively Marxist New World Order and now its Republican servants.

And, God help us, of all people, John McCain.

Here is a most enlightening point of view about the equally Republican Bush Family.

There are even larger mounds of similar findings in videos related to the Kennedy Assassination and the Bush connections to it.

After Kennedy's assassination?! The government's entire behavior has smelled to high heaven.


As for the Democrats?

They've always been, for me at any rate, Marxist since I woke up and smelled the rancid coffee on Janet Reno's breath.

The Bushes, the Clintons and Janet Reno made Eric Holder and The Obama Nation a profound inevitability.

Why both sides of the aisle now? Because of The New World Order which Bush Sr. has so proudly guaranteed us.

Now, most recently but most clearly made evident, the Progressively Marxist and Islamic New World Order!

Marx and Mohammed?

A team?!

About as solid a marriage as Stalin and Adolph Hitler.

Man adores his own Evil.

He and his women cannot resist reuniting with Pure Evil and repeating it!

Only the Judeo-Christian Bible can reveal and explain God's mysteriously quixotic presence on the earth!

All too briefly put,
these nightmares,
which we live through repeatedly,
are the price Man extracts from himself due to God's gift of Free Will.

Radical Islam proclaims its totalitarian greed and sadism to be the Will of Allah.

Why Radical Islam thinks it can triumph when Hitler failed with the same, anti-Semitic idea?!

Why Vladimir Putin thinks his Neo-Soviet Russia will succeed when Stalin's Soviet Union ultimately collapsed?!

And why all these Progressive Americans believe their New World Order and their bargain with the Sino/Neo-Soviet Empire can be forced down the throats of their fellow, Tea Party Americans?!

Nazi-like presumptions which must inevitably lead to a Worldwide Civil War… or World War III?!

Tea Party Nationalism
is a worldwide
and unquenchably inherent corner
of human nature.

And, as The Tea Party knows all too well, God will not abandon America.

Even when that creation's sanity has fled!

God will send us our latter day Moses and David.

And Our Third Millennium
Winston Churchill
is here now!

Alan West.

Allen West
Our Next President of The United States

Please make Alan West our next President of the United States and Dr. Ben Carson our next Secretary of State.

Dr. Ben Carson
Our Next Secretary of State

Two men who never threw America's spiritually divine baby out with our nation's racist bathwater.

Our new generation of American leadership, men formed by all of the original ideals that created the United States of America in the first place.

And, most un-miraculously, what do those two men most have in common?

Common sense!

Allen West and Dr. Ben Carson, as Ronald Reagan tried to do, will bring an end to the "fashionable dominance" of the Ivy League over all other schools of American higher learning.

That spoiled-brat repository of what Voltaire described as "enlightened despots."

From Harvard's Clinton to the Bushes at Yale and back again to Harvard's and Columbia's Barack Hussein Obama; All locations the very spawning ground for Progressively Marxist, New World Order, American Cowardice!

Their entire, Ivy League education is designed to sugar-coat the bitter pill of America's unconditional surrender to Communism.

If West and Carson aren't our next President and Secretary of State, then Hanoi Jane has successfully fulfilled Nikita Khrushchev's prophecy!

Hanoi Jane has, with her rapaciously infectious treason, "buried" all of America.

The Liberal Press took her treason and transformed it into a new international anthem, aptly titled, The International.

Ugly contents!

Smooth and inspiring melody!!

Treasonous student body!!!

Breathtakingly irresistible campuses!!!!

The Best
And Obligatorily Pampered
of American Cowardice.

No wonder Hanoi Jane
ends up
with the biggest pair
of bowling balls
in the history
the American Liberal Elite.

 Her "undistinguished" years at yet another temple of Eastern Seaboard snobbery,
left her utterly incapable
Of bowling her balls
In any other state of mind
but contemptuous rage!

Ranting against Israel
while she dumped her bile on America!

With the Academy of Motion Pictures,
all of Hollywood
And the Liberal Press insuring her status
As Heroine of The Communist Revolution,
in its third millennium
and with Jane Fonda's triumph in mind,
the formerly United States
has become its own version
of a Communist South Vietnam,
with Hanoi Jane
Ho Chi Minh.

Not even Barack Obama's dream
of becoming
 America's Mao Zedong
has any chance of diminishing Jane Fonda's reputation
as the Brechtian Mother Courage
 of Communist America.

How long will Hanoi Jane's
 very own Vietnam.
the United States of America,
remain Communist?

For as long as Barack Obama
can maintain the state of martial law
which he is obliged to institute
in order to fulfill his dreams
of limitless power!

To complete his quest
for the time necessary
 to liberate the entire world
 from Capitalism
 and Judeo-Christianity!

A large order.

But in his own mind,
"If Jane Fonda could
fundamentally transform America,
I can sure as hell
 fundamentally transform
the entire world!" ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.






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