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1968: A rough year but still worthy of nostalgia

By Greg Strange
web posted August 6, 2018

There’s been a lot of reflection in 2018 about the year 1968, a half century past.  Generally regarded as one of the most disquieting years in American history, there were assassinations, urban race riots, the ongoing and controversial war in Viet Nam, all the campus protests and unrest, the Democratic National Convention which descended into chaos and a so-called “police riot.”  Standards of behavior and morality were being discarded like yesterday’s fish wrapper.  Hippies and yippies filled the streets with madcap abandon.  Casual sex and drug use abounded.  Crime and violence were soaring.  At times it seemed as if the country was coming apart at the seams.
But given all that, it’s still possible to look back on that era with a kind of tempered nostalgia.  Why?  Follow this reasoning.  Aside from the two assassinations which can’t be softened, most of the blatant trouble and rebellion was being fomented by a bunch of spoiled and ungrateful adolescents who didn’t know their rear ends from a hole in the ground.  Empowered by unprecedented affluence, the unnatural extension of adolescence through college and the relatively recent phenomenon of mass communications, the nation’s youth were able to engage in a collective, earthquake-like paroxysm of hedonistic self-indulgence and mindless rebellion, the likes of which had never been seen before.
But here’s the rub.  Most of the adults in 1968 were still mature and rational and saw this garbage for what it was: nihilism, rather than some kind of youthful wisdom that would lead us all to peace, love and freedom.

Now, fast forward to 2018 and the adults just ain’t what they used to be.  Gone, or in advanced old age, is the generation that survived the Great Depression, saved Western Civilization in World War II, spurred the greatest widespread prosperity in human history and thwarted communist totalitarianism in the Cold War.  Unfortunately, they spawned a generation that had little or no appreciation for any of that and stupidly rebelled against pretty much everything.  Succeeding generations only got worse and now we’re bringing up the most hypersensitive, narcissistic and least capable bunch ever.

In other words, our citizenry has been unimaginably degraded since 1968.  The kind of adults we had fifty years ago is now an endangered species.   The consequences to our society are, and will continue to be, monumental, possibly even calamitous.  And what has rushed in to fill the vacuum of missing maturity, character, patriotism, gratitude and self-reliance?  Leftist stupidity, of course.

Make no mistake, leftism is the most destructive force in America and throughout the Western world.  Leftism is the reason that political correctness has run amuck; divisive identity politics has infiltrated everything; our children are being taught that their Western heritage is a litany of evils; whiteness is considered throughout much of academia to be literally toxic; the concept of socialism is all the rage among the young; and on and on.  Leftist LGBT loons are even trying to destroy the unalterable biological binary of male and female.  They don’t want your children to just be boys or girls, but instead, some kind of sexually amorphous freakazoids.

And let’s not forget the left’s childish, utopian penchant for the chaos of open borders.

It would have been nice if, for lo these many decades since 1968, Republican politicians had routinely spelled out to the country the obvious dangers of leftism, but for whatever unfathomable reason most have never had the guts.  Instead, they’ve acted as if what’s been going on in the country for so long amounts to a friendly disagreement between gentlemen politicians over policy differences that can all be worked out by following Marquess of Queensberry rules, through which will be reached a compromise that everyone can live with.

Yeah, sure, that could happen – in your most phantasmagorical pipe dream, maybe.  And if leftists weren’t willing to fight like rabid dogs in the streets for every crazy thing they believe in.  And if Republicans didn’t stand by like wallflowers in apparent dread of possibly offending liberals.

In other words, don’t count on it.

As a consequence, the vulgar, straight-talking Trump was elected because a chunk of Americans were sick and tired of the interminable leftist outrages being perpetrated against the country while Republicans invariably twiddled their thumbs.  The bad news is that chunk of Americans is not nearly big enough.  After all, Hillary, who believes in pretty much every aforementioned leftist cause, actually won the popular vote.  One can only conclude that half or more of American adults have been lost to the left.  It’s enough to make the tumultuous year of 1968 look pretty good by comparison because at least then, leftist insanity was aberrational.  Now it’s just mainstream Democrat Party ideology.

A perfect example of how far the country has fallen thanks to the left is the recent hubbub over the so-called child separation crisis at the Southern border.  When illegal aliens break into our country with their children in tow and they get caught, the parents are put in detention and the children are put somewhere else until things get adjudicated.  Leftists, who are enthralled with all nonwhite people regardless of merit, started screaming “racism” and “Nazi” like they always do.  Before you could turn around, the streets in many American cities filled with infantile radicals calling for an end to borders and to ICE.

Celebrities came out of the woodwork to condemn the Trump administration.  Take Rob Reiner, for instance, of “All In The Family” fame.  In one televised interview he said, “This is about racism.  This is pure and simply racism.  That’s all this is.”  He continued, “The people who support [Trump] are frightened to death of the browning of America.”

So, according to the “Meathead” – as well as the Democrat Party generally – the only possible explanation for not wanting your country to be completely overrun by the limitless hordes of Latin America is racism.

Back in 1968 most adults had enough undiluted common sense to understand that open borders means goodbye national sovereignty, hello anarchy.  But in 2018 tens of millions of American adults who consider themselves to be the most enlightened humans to have ever lived are no longer in possession of that kind of basic, walking-around common sense and consequently need to be asked the following questions: How many uneducated, low-skilled brown people from basket-case countries does America have to absorb in order to satisfy the left’s gratuitous lust for virtue signaling?  How many communities and their schools, hospitals, welfare and criminal justice systems have to be unnecessarily swamped by the exalted brown people before America-hating leftists will be satisfied?  How many low-skilled jobs taken from our own low-skilled Americans will be enough?  How many brown people who are seemingly incapable of establishing successful societies of their own have to be ushered into America to satisfy the left’s insatiable quest for diversity?

You could ask those questions, but you would only have “Racist!” screamed in your face.

Reiner and his ilk – Hollywood, the universities, mainstream media, Democrats, perhaps half of Americans – claim that anyone opposed to the overrunning of the country by illegal Latinos are “frightened to death of the browning of America.”  Funny thing is, even the brown people don’t want to live in countries that are majority brown people.  They’re all trying to get out of those and into ours, even with an alleged white supremacist in charge.  Trump is the new Hitler, but they just keep pouring in.  Ever heard of anybody trying to break into Nazi Germany back in the day?

This is where the left has brought us as of 2018.  With its twisted, irrational view of history and even reality itself, it will continue its mission to destroy everything that normal Americans cherish and replace it all with unworkable, pseudo-Marxist garbage that can only lead to strife and impoverishment.  Until the Republican Party – or some alternative conservative party – starts calling a spade a spade and fighting back, this crap will never end.

In 1968, a President Trump would have been inconceivable, but that was before a half century’s worth of damage had been done.  Right now, he is all we have and he’s good in the sense that he generally pursues common sense conservative policies and he’s not worried about offending liberals.  But let’s face it.  He can’t do it alone and he’s not really capable of the kind of silver-tongued articulation of constitutional conservatism, national sovereignty, capitalism, etc., that might actually change the minds of those who haven’t already been completely zombified by leftism.

So, here we are in 2018.  Thanks to the left, up is down, day is night, right is wrong, beautiful is ugly and everything under the sun has to be pointlessly reinvented to assuage the left’s endless grievances.  Consequently, there are now 57 genders to choose from, and socialism, history’s most murderous and failed economic system, is all the rage.  George Orwell could have never made this stuff up.
Without a doubt, 1968 was a rough year, but at that time most adults were still old-school rational.  How does one not achingly long for that?  And they couldn’t even have imagined the damage the left would do over the next half century.  Another few years of the left getting away with its insanity and America could end up looking like something from the pages of the scariest dystopian novel you’ve ever read – or worse, since, again, no novelist could make this stuff up. ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2018 Greg Strange.




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