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Mass shooting causes: Trump's rhetoric or leftist nihilism

By Greg Strange
web posted August 12, 2019

Once again America has found itself reeling from mass shootings, this time two in a matter of hours.

(Wait a minute, hold everything.  It must be stipulated right up front that we aren’t going to count the multiple shootings and murders that occur with numbing regularity in Chicago, Baltimore and virtually every other large, Democrat-controlled urban center with significant minority populations, okay?  Those are off limits for discussion – other than to blame it all on the legacy of slavery and/or white supremacy.  And now, back to the regular portion of this column.)

The first mass shooting was in El Paso, Texas, and the second in Dayton, Ohio.  The one in El Paso, which was politically motivated as evidenced by the surviving shooter’s manifesto, is the one that will inspire the left to lose what’s left of its collective mind.  You won’t hear much about the other one in Dayton, though, because – guess why?  The shooter, who was killed, was clearly a Democrat and a big fan of Elizabeth Warren.
(Mainstream media:  Whoops!  Can’t easily blame that one on Trump, can we?  But neither can we allow our beautiful Native American presidential candidate to take any heat for what is just an unfortunate coincidence.  So let’s focus on El Paso where the shooter was clearly a Trump-loving white nationalist.  Now, repeat the following one million times: “The massacre of Latinos in El Paso was inspired by Trump’s racist rhetoric.”)

The El Paso shooter, according to his manifesto, was worried that the United States was going to be overrun by Latin Americans due to a lack of enforcement of our national sovereignty.  Despite the fact that this shooter is lower than pond scum and deserves the ultimate penalty, it just so happens that what he said is an actual, legitimate concern, given the facts on the ground.  Those facts are: 1) most Latin Americans seem to want out of the failed states of Latin America and into the United States; and 2) the Democrat Party has dropped any pretense of caring about national sovereignty and is unambiguously pushing for open borders (which just happens to create an endless stream of new Democrat voters).

In fact, so blatant is the Democrats’ desire to replace Americans with Latinos that if they were able to issue, without blowback, a public message to Latin America, it would sound something like this:

Come one, come all, you beautiful people of color from south of the border!  Please infuse our toxic white civilization with your beautiful diversity!  And don’t worry, we wouldn’t even think of asking you to assimilate because that would assume our cultural superiority and we all know that no culture is any better or any worse than any other culture – except  our despicably racist American culture, for which we profusely apologize and beg your forgiveness.

By the way, a quick check of Democrat presidential candidates and leftist media outlets shows that they are still on message:  “The massacre of Latinos in El Paso was inspired by Trump’s racist rhetoric.  The massacre of Latinos in El Paso was inspired by Trump’s racist rhetoric.  The massacre of Latinos in El Paso . . .”

But is there any possibility that the El Paso shooter could have been motivated by something other than Trump’s so-called racist rhetoric?  Is it at least theoretically possible that he was motivated, instead, by the aforementioned facts on the ground, especially the part about the Democrats wanting open borders, which would inevitably lead to the destruction of America as we know it?  Is that not something that might outrage an alienated or mentally disturbed individual and motivate him to go on a shooting spree?

Every day, the news is full of Democrats fawning all over illegal aliens, providing sanctuary in countless cities and even entire states, and slandering patriotic Americans who disagree by endlessly calling them racists, white nationalists and xenophobes.  Wouldn’t that be just as, if not more, likely than Trump’s so-called racist rhetoric to seriously anger a deranged individual who sees his country literally being given away and doesn’t know any way to deal with it other than lashing out with a weapon?

The answer is obviously, yes, that is just as likely to have been the motivating factor for the mass shooting.  But don’t expect to hear such analysis from the mainstream media.  Instead . . .  “The massacre of Latinos in El Paso was inspired by Trump’s racist rhetoric.  The massacre of Latinos in El Paso was inspired by Trump’s racist rhetoric.  The massacre of Latinos in El Paso . . .”

Since we’re on the subject of Texas and mass killings (as we carefully avoid any discussion of the Elizabeth Warren-loving mass murderer in Dayton), can we go ahead and talk a little about Billy Chemirmir?  But who in the world is Billy Chemirmir?  Well, here’s a hint: he’s someone that the mainstream media don’t want you to know about.  And that’s because – are you ready for this? – he is an accused illegal alien serial killer of elderly women who overstayed his visa, was never deported and was even able to obtain a green card.  Also, he’s a person of color from the country of Kenya.  So now you understand why the mainstream media are not about to bring any undue attention to this.  (“The massacre of Latinos in El Paso was inspired by Trump’s racist rhetoric.  The massacre of Latinos in El Paso . . .”)

Chemirmir is accused of murdering nineteen elderly women, mainly by smothering them with pillows.  He is currently being held in the Dallas County jail while investigators review – and you may want to be sitting down for this – about 750 unattended deaths of elderly women for possible links to this guy.  That’s right, you’re eyes are not deceiving you.  That’s seven hundred and fifty!  He could be the king of all serial killers, hands down!

One suspects that if he were, say, a pasty white Norwegian immigrant, the media would be far more inclined to inform Americans of this unspeakable murder spree which could have easily been avoided by deportation.  But since he is an illegal alien of color – well, you can understand that if the news got out it might cause an unwarranted outbreak of xenophobia and white nationalism, particularly amongst unstable, gun-toting Trump supporters.  (On a side note, it might also, along with actual Justice Department statistics, negate Rep. Ilhan Omar’s statement that white males are the most dangerous people in America.)

Look, we all understand the mainstream media’s ideological bent and its concomitant dishonesty.  Everything it asserts should be viewed with extreme skepticism unless and until proven.  So, forget about “the massacre of Latinos in El Paso was inspired by Trump’s racist rhetoric.”  That’s nothing but white noise.  In reality, it’s not hard to figure out why there are so many mass shootings in America these days and it has nothing to do with the presence of guns or white nationalism or Trump’s “racist rhetoric” or any of the other reasons given by the left and its sycophantic media.

It’s all about the methodical destruction over the last fifty years or more by the left of the foundational elements of the country and most of what used to give people’s lives meaning.  Those things are: Judeo-Christian religion and values; intact, two-parent families; love of country and the Founding Fathers; gratitude for undeniable blessings; a culture that appreciated beauty rather than vulgarity and ugliness; schools and institutions that reinforced all these things.

The left has torn it all to pieces.  God, family, patriotism.  They even have to try and destroy the irrefutable biology of male/female with their transgender madness.  The inexorable result has been spiritual, intellectual and moral devastation.  This is why there are so many more alienated and lost souls who seek to violently lash out at society.

You would think that the left, which has replaced religion with psychology and psychiatry (in addition to politics), would have some understanding of the most basic elements of human psychology, but they seem to have no clue.  We are all paying the price for the left’s nihilism, and make no mistake, the mass shootings will continue and even likely increase.  The only solution is to defeat the left utterly and completely.  At the moment, though, given the total fecklessness of the Republican Party and the degraded nature of our citizenry, nothing seems more unlikely. ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2019 Greg Strange.




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