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Pelosi's histrionic insurrection inquisition

By Mark Alexander
web posted August 9, 2021

Inquisition, n. An ecclesiastical tribunal for the suppression of heresy. A powerful office set up to root out and punish heresy, infamous for the severity of its persecution and punishment.

Seven months ago, hundreds of unruly protesters, some of whom were accurately characterized as rioters, trespassed into the U.S. Capitol building. Their intent was to disrupt the election certification proceedings of Joe Biden and his sidekick, Kamala Harris. Disgracefully, some Capitol and DC police suffered mostly minor injuries during the confrontation.

Democrats have steadfastly refused to move on from this regrettable event, which is their best weapon for perpetuating their condemnation of Donald Trump and anyone who ever supported his policies.

It was a disgraceful and sordid affair, though far less violent than any of the 574 riots by leftist Demo-constituent Black Lives Matter and antifa mobs that besieged our nation for the six months prior to the "Capitol insurrection." There were almost 50 murders directly associated with those violent riots, including several police officers — and billions of dollars in damages.

Of the estimated 800 protesters who entered the Capitol building, about 550 have been charged and 27 have pled guilty. They should have been charged — as should every rioter across the nation.

Despite the Demo rhetoric, none of the DC rioters have been charged with "insurrection," or anything of the sort. Yet many are still languishing in jail.

By way of contrast, regarding all the aforementioned burn, loot, and murder mobs across the nation, Democrat governors and mayors issued police stand-down orders so they faced limited resistance. Of the rioters who were actually arrested ... remember these headlines:

In Minnesota, the epicenter of those riots: "Most Charges Against George Floyd Protesters Dropped."

In New York: "Charges Against Hundreds of NYC Rioters, Looters Have Been Dropped."

In Oregon: "Portland Drops Charges for 90% Arrested During Recent Riots."

Apparently, those Demo governors and mayors have the same "catch and release" policy the Biden administration practices with the more than one million immigrants who have crossed our southern border in the last six months.

And in Washington, DC: "Nearly All Rioters Freed from Jail in D.C., Most Avoid Felony Riot Charges."

Not only did DC release the SJRs (social justice rioters) last year, but recall the violent rioting thugs in our nation's Capitol protesting Donald Trump's inauguration in 2017 — of the more than 200 felony indictments, all charges were dropped.

Democrats are very politically selective in regard to the crimes they want to prosecute. Their message: When our constituents riot inside or outside the Beltway, no problem. When Trump constituents riot, "INSURRECTION"!

On January 6th, unfortunately, there was one death — a Capitol Police officer shot and killed an unarmed 110-pound Air Force veteran, Ashli Babbitt.

For months, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer insisted that protesters had murdered Officer Brian Sicknick, but that was a BIG lie.

Pelosi and Schumer desecrated Sicknick's death by using it as political fodder for what they hoped would be a "9/11-type" commission, ostensibly to investigate the "insurrection." Senate Republicans wisely blocked the formation of that theatrical charade, but a month later Pelosi established a House select committee to investigate, saying, "The timeline will be as long as it takes for them ... to do the investigation of the causes of this ... the white supremacy, the anti-Semitism, the Islamophobia, all of the rest of it." Ah, yes, all those "white supremacists" as opposed to all the "black supremacists" the Demos coddle.

Of course, the high priestess of the inquisition would be the "devout Catholic" herself. And Pelosi handpicked her inquisitors: Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) to lead the clown show, and she included two Republicans, Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Adam Kinzinger, both of whom loathe Trump and voted to impeach him over the "insurrection."

Pelosi launched her theatrical production last week, with claims of a "coup d'état," though it was most assuredly not that. As political analyst David Harsanyi notes: "It wasn't the 'worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.' Nor did it veer anywhere near the vicinity of being as dangerous as 9/11. Nor was it a 'coup' or an 'insurrection.' It wasn't a putsch. Nor did it, as Rep. Bennie Thompson claimed, come 'dangerously close to succeeding' in upending 'American democracy.' That's all a myth."

The irony of the coup d'état claim is rich — given the fact there were actually twoDemo/deep state coup attempts to take Trump down.

Nor were they "terrorists," as noted by former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy in his indictment of the inflammatory language used by committee witnesses.

In fact, New York Times opinion writer Christopher Caldwell best described the events that day as "a political protest that got out of control," in his rebuke of how Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley characterized Trump and the protesters.

I still think the most fitting description for the vast majority of those who entered the Capitol building on January 6th was my original assertion: They were "jackasses."

Two standout remarks on the opening day of Pelosi's tribunal's inquisition set the tone of what's to come in this theatrical drama...

In his opening remarks, Bennie Thompson said, "While our institutions endured, and while Joe Biden is the legitimately elected president of the United States ... a violent mob was pointed toward the Capitol and told to win a trial by combat."

Actually, no they weren't.

Liz Cheney insisted: "We must know what happened here at the Capitol. We must also know what happened every minute of that day in the White House — every phone call, every conversation, every meeting leading up to, during, and after the attack." Short of those answers, she claimed, "We will face the threat of more violence in the months to come, and another January 6th every four years."

Actually, no we won't.

That being said, those rioting outliers who battled with DC and USCP officers deserve nothing but our strongest condemnation. The impact on those officers, many of whom, like Brian Sicknick, were Trump supporters, has taken a heavy toll. That toll may be connected to the four police suicides in DC since the Capitol riot.

Law enforcement officers have the highest suicide rate of any occupational group. The USCP are, basically, well-trained security guards, and totally unprepared for the events of January 6th, or the intense focus on their "failures" that day. That, combined with all the Demo-defund hatred directed at police in the last year, and stress of low manpower because so many officers have quit, has made the last year the worst on record for cops.

As for why the USCP and DC Police were unprepared, Rep. Jim Banks (R-IA), one of the Republicans whom Pelosi barred from the committee, declared: "Due to the rules of the United States Capitol, the power structure of the Capitol, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, has more control and authority and responsibility over the leadership of the Capitol Police than anyone else in the United States Capitol. So she doesn't want us to ask these questions because at the end of the day, she is ultimately responsible for the breakdown of security at the Capitol that happened on January 6."

At best, this lack of preparedness, despite the warnings, constitutes "willful negligence," and at worst, it's a strategy to maximize the political fallout. Everything Pelosi has done to politicize the protest since implies the latter. One objective of that strategy may be to bait more violence.

For the record, the Capitol Police budget is $460 million — more than twice the size of the entire budget of the Atlanta PD and $100 million more than that of the Detroit PD. Of the law enforcement presence in DC, seasoned journalist Brit Hume noted: "I grew up in Washington and lived there most of my life and it is the most policed city in the United States with more different police forces active. I mean, you have the DC Police, you have the Capitol Police, and that's a very large force when it's deployed in, you know with everybody out. You've got the Park Police, which is no small force either. You've got the FBI. You've got the Uniformed Services Division of the Secret Service. You've got the Aqueduct Police. I mean, you've got the U.S. Mint Police, it goes on and on and on, and the total budget for it has got to be absolutely staggering."

Hume added: "It doesn't surprise me that the Capitol Police budget would be so large. What's surprising is that so few of them were there ready and fully prepared to meet the onslaught that came in the aftermath of the Trump rally when those people went streaming down to Capitol Hill, and there's a lot to be investigated here. ... Why it was that they were so unprepared and undermanned, under-armed, and so forth to deal with that because had they been properly deployed, I think, we could all agree that these people would not have gotten into the Capitol and what happened would not have happened."

Indeed, there are three questions that need to be answered but won't be: Why did Pelosi fail to ensure the Capitol had adequate protection given all of the advance warning? Why did Pelosi lie about the death of Officer Brian Sicknick? Why does Pelosi continue to conceal the identity of the shooting officer and other circumstances of Ashli Babbitt's death?

In his studied assessment of the inquisition, legal analyst John Hinderaker declared: "I don't believe the Democrats are fooling anyone. The current 'investigation' is a joke, and I think everyone understands that. The New York Times et al. may pontificate about the 'insurrection,' but the whole thing is a farce."

Finally, just before Pelosi's inquisition opened, a Rasmussen Reports survey found that less than half the country supports her investigation. However, 66% of Americans want investigations of the BLM and antifa riots. As the survey revealed: "Majorities of every racial group and political affiliation support a congressional investigation of last year's protests. ... 67% of whites, 64% of blacks, 66% of Hispanics and 62% of other minorities think Congress should investigate the 2020 riots in U.S. cities. 75% of Republicans, 60% of Democrats and 63% of voters not affiliated with either major party say Congress should investigate last year's violent protests."

Meanwhile, the most dangerous person in DC the day of the Capitol riot, an actual terrorist, has not been arrested. The FBI and BATFE are offering a $100,000 reward for information to convict the person who left pipe bombs outside both the Republican and Democratic National Committee headquarters the night before the protest. ESR

Mark Alexander is the executive editor of the Patriot Post.




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