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We may not look as fancy as Slate but we don't exactly have Bill's money! And we don't have their mainstream media liberal attitude either!

This edition marks a change in the production of this on-line journal. Enter Stage Right is no longer being produced on a Macintosh. A combination of an old, slow computer and inadequate software made it unfeasible to continue to produce this on my old Mac. As of this issue, Enter Stage Right is now being produced on a 486DX-66 running Windows 95 and Microsoft FrontPage. Kudos to Microsoft for FrontPage. It is a great piece of software.

However, you didn't tune in this month to find out what computers I own. You're here to read stuff about conservatism and you're at the right site!

While I was at university (Laurentian University) my major was psychology. Four years later I recovered from that foolish mistake. During those four years I was pummeled with leftist theorists and theories, with few exceptions. I used to sit in class and know what they were telling me was wrong. One of those ideas was socialization -- leftist style. This month Steve Sailer looks at that and other issues in Kid TV: A Guide for the Perplexed.

Free plug! free plug! Sailer also wrote National Review's cover story on the Olympics and racial differences. It will appear in the August 12th edition (out on July 29th). Cover stories are generally available on NR's site so look for Sailer's story there if you can't get a copy on the newstand.

As well, in this month's issue we also have stories about my conversion to the cause of conservatism, the divisions in the movement, racism in the 'conservative' movement, as well as our regular feature, the Earth is Flat Award.

Take the time to send some email! And enjoy the latest issue!

Gord Gekko

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