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I do not have a lot of time to waste. If I need to find information contained on a web site, or need something that web site offers, give it to me now. Save your fancy -- and sometimes confusing -- navigational "aids", your Flash splash pages, menu button rollovers, and Java banners...just give me the information.

Just a lot of Talk is one of those sites that gives me what I need immediately. It doesn't pretend to be a conservative portal site, it just accomplishes what it sets out to do, and in this site's case it tells the surfer where they can find their favourite conservative talk radio or television host on the web.

Finding Rush Limbaugh on RealAudio is easy, but how about Stan Major, Neal Boortz or Matt Drudge? They and many other hosts and programs are listed on this site, when and where on the web they can be heard or seen, what software you'll need (generally RealAudio) and where you can download them.

At Just a lot of Talk you can see lists categorized by weekday, weekend, station, and by host name. Can't connect and listen? The site also offers a help page to solve your problem. Simple and well done.

A clean design and well laid out information makes Just a lot of Talk one of those rare sites on the web. It gives you what you want and doesn't waste your time doing it, and for that it's well worth a Site of the Month nod.

And now you can waste your time at work listening to all of these talking heads...

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