Glasnost-Perestroika Part II: Who's on First?

By Steve Montgomery
web posted August 2, 1999

Lou Costello just didn't get it. When Bud Abbott was asked by Lou who the baseball players were -- Abbott gave Costello the correct response. But because the players on the baseball team had such "odd" names he became confused and psychologically disoriented. Confusion resulted because the two held different understandings. Likewise in our relations with the "New Russia" we have to be careful we understand their "mindset" if we wish to avoid confusion or deception.

I learned in my youth the consequences of deception. While still a teenager, I witnessed several friends fall prey to their overly trusting natures and the machinations of cleverly designed Ponzi schemes where they lost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Remarkably, even as the schemes were exposed, evidence was documented, testimonies borne, and convictions ordered, several of the victims continued to maintain that ill will was never the intent.

It is probably our trusting human nature or the desire to follow scriptural admonition not to judge, that causes us to reject the thought that "nice men" are capable of evil deeds. We forget that the admonition not to judge contains the proviso that if we "must judge, judge righteous judgment." Sometimes we are required to judge, and if we judge poorly, it can cost us dearly, not just in money, but in loss of life and liberty as well.

How well have we judged the character and intent of the "new" Russia for instance? Have we carefully examined all the evidence and considered all the testimonies of those who have borne witness that things haven't really changed in Russia, that our continued aid to them is placing our
liberties in jeopardy?

One voice which has consistently raised a hue and cry is that of former KGB agent Anatoliy Golitsysn who tried in vain, from the 1960's, clear up to the present, to alert the West that the upcoming Soviet "tactical Shift," which included a preplanned dismemberment of the Old Soviet Empire (1), was coming from a different mindset than ours--a plan deeply rooted in Marxist-Leninist ideology. He ought to know--he was there -- in the planning stages and once shared their thinking.

This dismemberment, which he testified was decided upon as far back as 1957, would not be a retreat or falling away from communism, as it was designed to appear and as so many believe, but actually would be setting the stage for the most aggressive, dangerous, and advanced stage of communism yet presented to the West.

Because of this danger we need to be asking the correct questions--if we are to judge righteously. As far as who was on first base when the Soviet Union collapsed.

Yevgenia Albats, in her book, "A State Within A State" documents that not only was Perestroika KGB inspired but that KGB agents, but since the "fall" of the old Soviet Union, have managed to worm their way into the strategically important top positions in the "new" Russia, where they now orchestrate policy behind the scenes (2).

Incredibly, rather than a decrease in the number of KGB agents (now renamed the FSB), under freedom lover Boris Yeltsin, their numbers have mushroomed considerably.

They now occupy "key posts in the Kremlin and the government, the arms industry and the media" (3) and have "continued . . . to penetrate Western Societies with a vast spy network" (4).

Russian spying and intelligence operations against the US and the West, have alarmingly escalated, over and above pre-demise levels, as have recruitment, training and placement of intelligence operatives. These include both long-term espionage and intelligence officers known as "illegals" or "sleepers" who blend into western society and wait for years until they are needed. And then there are the "legal" spies who work under cover of diplomatic immunity (5).

Yet, in spite of these revelations and because of their mindset the rest of the world believes that the Soviet Union is dead, buried and never to be resurrected, and her military but a shambles of her former self. But the leaders of the "New Russia" have a different worldview. Their reality is different. They view the world through Marxist-Leninist dialectical eyeglasses. To the Russians "the real perestroika concerns the restructuring of the Western mind--a radically rewiring of the thought processes, worldview and perception of reality" (6) so that Russia is no longer deemed an enemy, that they are just like us.

Sometimes we get lucky and catch glimpses of their true nature. Just a few weeks ago and for the second time in six months the FBI nabbed and deported an SVR (Russian Foreign Intelligence Service) officer working his craft at the United Nations (7). Additionally, Russian electronic spy ships were sent to the Balkan region to gather US and NATO intelligence during the US led invasion (8). Or when last week, in a test of our defenses and for the first time in over a decade, two TU95 Bear Bombers came within striking distance of the United States and had to be escorted by four F15 fighters (9).

For the most part though we believe Russia's feigned weakness while the reality is the Russian military is upgrading and modernizing. Despite propaganda to the contrary their latest Naval, Army and Air Force weaponry is considered world class and "well situated for the 21st century (10). Their latest multipurpose warship, the Admiral Chabenko, for one example, is comparable to or exceeds the finest similar ships of the US Navy.

But Deception continues to be the order of the day. J. R. Nyquist noting that "Russia's deceptiveness especially during Yeltsin's presidency is well documented" and that they are well "ahead of America in lethal biological and chemical weapons (11). Further Russia currently has over 7000 strategic nuclear weapons and an unknown quantity of tactical nuclear weapons while we are dismantling ours and abandoning our missile defenses.

While pretending weakness in their own military, Russia continues to be major arms exporters throughout the world. They currently export arms to over 60 countries such as the $100 Million Dollar deal they signed with Saddam Hussein to modernize and bolster his air defenses or the continued support they give to Afgani Rebels. Russian sales of SU and MIG aircraft alone has recently exceeded several billion US dollars (12).

Because of our belief that the Russians are just like us we are amazingly allowing our elected officials to finance, with loans guaranteed by the US taxpayer, the rope, to be used for our future hanging. In 1998, for instance, we loaned millions of dollars to Rosvoorouzhenie, a State controlled arms exporter. Much of this money loaned flows into research and development where they are not adverse to using "unorthodox" (13) means of weapons testing. Such "unorthodox" means as the "Lazing" (fired on by Lasers) which one US Naval Intelligence Officer and his Canadian pilot suffered while conducting surveillance near a Russian "Merchant Ship," the "Kapitan Man," not too long ago--both suffering irreparable eye damage.

Fifteen years ago, former KGB agent, Anatoliy Golitsyn tried in vain to warn the gullible and trusting west of the true nature and worldview of these KGB con-men getting ready to implement their "grand deception." A deception He warned that would have consequences for evil greater than that of the Great October Revolution of 1917. Behind the smiling faces of Gorbachev, Yeltsin and others a different mindset was at work. These smiling faces were actually "zealous revolutionaries" committed to a "long range policy" of Marxist-Leninist ideology (14).

Without realizing it, we are engaged in a war in which these committed ideologues consider themselves as the eventual and inevitable victors. To win this war, Lenin taught that his disciples should be masters of deception and be willing to resort to "any trick, ruse or illegal method" (15). Lenin further taught that his followers to be masters of and firmly committed to Dialectics--or the ability to appear to be heading in a different direction than the intended goal. Dialectics, the soul of

Marxism, according to Stalin, is the mindset which has the ability to neutralize the opposition and render them helpless.

Because of America's mindset that day of neutralization and helplessness is fast approaching. It is past time that we not only ask, "Who is on first?" but that we examine the unchanging ideology of their leaders. Failure to do so will result in the same confusion and psychological disorientation as that suffered by Lou Costello--only with far worse consequences.

Next week this series continues with Glasnost-Perestroika: Marxist-Leninist Holy War

Steven Montgomery is a freelance journalist and resides in Southern Utah. Steve can be contacted at

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