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Journalists make mistakes. I know, I am one. It's personally embarrassing when something factually incorrect gets through the editing process because ultimately it is our credibility that people take swipes at. ABC's John Stossel is learning that the hard way. Back on February 4, 2000, ABC's 20/20 aired Stossel's "How Good is Organic Food," a segment which contained one sentence which angered many people.

"Our tests" on produce, Stossel said, "surprisingly found no pesticide residue on the conventional samples or the organic."

The problem? No such tests were ever performed. The scientists which performed testing for E. coli and pesticide residues did it only on chicken and not produce. Those same scientists then told the producer of Stossel's segment -- not Stossel himself -- that they had done tests on both.

Save John StosselIf making a mistake once was bad enough, on July 7, ABC re-aired the segment with no statement admitting that tests were not carried out on produce. That proved to be too much for groups like Environmental Working Group, one which has had its own problems with the truth, who have called for Stossel's resignation, a retraction of the program and other remedies.

We won't get into the issue of whether organic foods are more safe then their regular counterparts, you can read Michael Fumento's Investor's Business Daily piece for that. That's not even what Stossel's being attacked for either. Fumento put it best in that same piece when he said:

"But to critics, his real crime is treason. He was once just another crusading television reporter. Then one day he realized that fearmongering and business-bashing are great for ratings, but deceitful and just plain wrong. His real crime was to show that our self-styled saviors are actually self-serving shysters."

Given the state of journalism today, a person like Stossel is desperately needed. That's why you should visit Save John Stossel and learn about the jihad that he has had to suffer since the report first aired and the players behind the campaign. After that, learn more about the issues as a whole and why you have nothing to fear from eating regular food.

And sign the petition. We need to tell ABC that firing John Stossel would be a mistake.

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