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Stiff Right Jab: Bush's "America First" foreign policy

By Steve Montgomery and Steve Farrell
web posted September 10, 2001

There's good news, and not so good news. First the good news. When it comes to foreign policy, unlike his predecessor President William Jefferson Clinton, President George W. Bush stands up like a man and declares America first. That is good news and amen. For speaking like a man on that issue, and for that matter an American man, Mr. Bush has deservedly received hallelujah praise from the conservative right, and hellfire and damnation from the malevolent left.

Now for the bad news. Bush's definition of America first, does not transliterate from Third Way middle-speak into plain old American English, as a daring defense of the US Constitution and US Sovereignty. It is more like a lordly, bossy reminder of whose interests must always come first when it comes to the world - those of America's global/socialist elites.

Does Bush care about American Sovereignty under the US Constitution? We think not. A quick, revealing look.

First, a quick background. Karl Marx proclaimed that his much ballyhooed, one world socialist government, would be achieved by selling the world on the idea of Internationalism. (1) Lenin expanded on this theme by declaring that "the aim of socialism is . . . to abolish the present division of mankind into small states and end all national isolation; not only to bring the nations closer together, but to merge them. . ." (2) Joseph Stalin continued this theme of internationalism by arguing that national loyalties won't easily be swayed by a frontal global governmental assault and proffered a solution - accompany global efforts with a regional approach.
In his 1912, essay, "Marxism and the National Question," Stalin wrote, "regional autonomy [was to be] an essential element in the solution of the national problem." (3)

The 1936 official program of the Communist International was on the same page when it announced:

"The world dictatorship can be established only when the victory of socialism has been achieved in certain countries or groups of countries, when the newly established proletarian republics enter into a federative union with the already existing proletarian republics . . . [and] when these federations of republics have finally grown into a World [Socialist] Union . . .uniting the whole of mankind under the hegemony of the international proletariat organized as a state." (4)

What's so great about the regional approach? Simply, when conservatives put the heat on against the United Nations as appearing to be every bit as pro-socialist as its pro-Communist founders were, a "conservative" President can take the dialectical approach - criticize the UN and thus gain conservative support - even while he strengthens regional alliances. Alliances designed, for surface appeal, to protect national interests. But, in fact, any permanent entangling alliance, especially an economic one, creates a precedent, step by step, of surrendering national constitutions, loyalties, legal and moral concepts, economic and military independence, to the whole - and in this wild world, a whole dominated by thugs and moral idiots.

The first successful implementation of the regional approach is the now fifty year old plot to unite Europe under one socialist head. It began under the Marshall Plan, which orchestrated a simple beginning to interdependence and "free" trade in Europe, and which, a half century later, blossomed into a situation where we have one currency, one central bank, one trade plan, one interdependent military force (NATO) - that is, one government with an entranced preference for hard to the left socialism. When Khrushchev said "we will never have to fire a shot," he meant it. Like over-ripe fruit, Europe has fallen into the socialist lap. Russian complaints about the spread of NATO, therefore, makes good, closed door, dialectical humor.

The second regional plan of significance was the 1994 three nation permanent "trade" alliance of NAFTA, replete with international governmental organizations, NGO lawmaking powers, and thousands of regulations, and enforcement mechanisms which effect American sovereignty. Passed at the same time, was the far more pretentious GATT Treaty which created the WTO and its tens of thousands of pages of international regulations. You may thank, more than anyone else, Republican Icon and CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) member, Newt Gingrich, for these sovereignty grabs. Clinton was grateful. Buchanan, a true America first patriot, was not.

The EU, NATO, NAFTA, and the WTO, are all regional alliances which swear allegiance in their preambles to "the principles and purposes of the United Nations."

So then, how does Bush's America First plan fit into this? Bush fiercely loves the regional approach, and is working furiously to take regionalism to the next level.

Bush led the way at the Summit of the America's in Quebec, last April, to expand NAFTA's "free" trade zone, to include all of North and South America. That is, in real terms, to move forward toward an American version of the European Union, as a subsidiary organization of the United Nations, subject to its principles and purposes - and the goal is to do it by 2005. (5)

The ploy is free trade, the broader agenda, as revealed by Bush's left swinging Secretary of State, Colin Powell, includes such open ended goals as "set[ting] a common agenda of how our democracies can safeguard human rights . . . to promote good governance on all levels . . . [to] make life better and our neighborhood safer . . [to promote] skills and education . . .[to] improv[e] the environment, [fight] drugs and [stop] disease." (6)

Or if you are not catching on - to create an international government of the America's, which will permit leaders, jealous and antagonistic to the Constitution and peoples of the United States, to use an undemocratic, unelected government to take us down the path to a one world socialist order.

Yes, that's the bad news, Bush's White House policy of America First is really the Pratt House's policy of Americas First.

An afterthought. The Bush administration has identified fast track authority as the key to Implementing this stealth step toward a government of the Americas. (7) Ron Paul's (R.-Texas) HR 1146, American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2001, is our best bet to derail Bush. Write your congressmen and invite him to become a co-sponsor.

History You May Have Missed

Shifting gears, but maybe not, we revisit Washington Irving's, George Washington: A Biography, with this insight from General Washington as to the purposes of the revolution and the Constitution which followed; he stated the goal as "national independence and sovereignty." (8) Lest we forget!

Constitutional Corner

Today's constitutional debate, that is, the one which occurred on July 26, 1787, attends to the topic at hand.

1. Doctor Franklin reminds us: "In free governments the rulers are the servants, and the people are their superiors and sovereigns," therefore, he reminded, government must be through representatives elected by and accountable to the people. (9)

2. Brought to floor was a resolution that reminds us that those who hold office in the "Executive, the Judiciary, and . . . both branches of the Legislature of the United States," must hold "citizenship in the United States." (10)

3. And finally, Congress should have control over foreign commerce. (11)

Bush's budding government of the America's will be, just as it is at the UN, and with NAFTA, a governmental body run by unelected bureaucrats, many not being citizens of the United States, who will possess authority which usurps the role of that body of men and women, closest to the people - Congress - and all of this, in defiance of the principles of representation our Founders passed down to us. Thank you Mr. Bush. ESR

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