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Bringing war to the enemy

by Bruce Walker
web posted September 17, 2001

How should America and the free democracies of this world respond to the barbarians who have thrown aside all pretense of any legitimate dialogue, and instead begun a full scale war on us? While many pundits talk about how this is a "new kind of war" and we have an enemy "that we cannot identify" and other mouthings of people with minds of much and spines of jell-O, we know very much who our enemies are.

When the Nazis sent bombers over London, did the British people pledge to "bring to justice" the crews of those bombers or the Luftwaffe commanders? When Soviet agents penetrated the American government and stole a decades worth of scientific research and military information, the only purpose of which was to better bully or more easily destroy our nation, did we try to stop these men or those groups?

No. Our enemy in the Second World War was Nazism, Germany, and all those nation which allied themselves with its intentions. Our enemy in the Cold War was Communism, Russia, and all those nations and persons who allied themselves with its victory. America was, in the terms of Soviet intelligence training "the main enemy." Nothing has changed.

A Palestinian guerrilla fires from his rifle, as children dance around him at Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp near the port city Sidon in south Lebanon on September 11. Palestinians in Lebanon met news of attacks on American targets on Tuesday with jubilant gunfire, dancing and cheering, saying Israel's chief backer deserved such a punishment
A Palestinian guerrilla fires from his rifle, as children dance around him at Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp near the port city Sidon in south Lebanon on September 11
Palestinian children holding flowers, candles and signs take part in a candlelight vigil in front of the United States Consulate in east Jerusalem on September 14. Hundreds of Palestinians, both Christian and Muslim, prayed for peace in the region and in the whole world expressing their support to the victims of the terrorist attacks in U.S.
Palestinian children holding flowers, candles and signs take part in a candlelight vigil in front of the United States Consulate in east Jerusalem on September 14. Hundreds of Palestinians, both Christian and Muslim, prayed for peace in the region and in the whole world expressing their support to the victims of the terrorist attacks in U.S.

Who is our enemy? Not who, but what. Those who have shown through the decades that they hate our prosperity, our freedom, our tolerance, and our appeal to those oppressed peoples of the world is our enemy. See the little Moslem children rejoicing in the streets of radical communities at the death of innocent Americans? Think Hitler Youth.

Words and lies alone are not war? Think Joseph Goebbels. Remember that the very Islamic nations which have preached that Israel must be destroyed and that America is the Great Satan are those who during the most desperate days of our war against Hitler and Nazism, rose up on the side of the Nazis in Vichy French Syria and British occupied Iraq, as well as giving aid and comfort to the Axis in any way possible. These were not forced out of the enemies of freedom: they gave support quite willingly.

Too long we have thought of these evil men like some Europeans thought of Hitler: some funny man with odd and unstylish facial hair. No. These are men who think that Hitler and Stalin were right. I recall working with Iranian students in my college days. Nice, polite, bright almost to the man. But manners are not morals. Heydrich, the author of the Final Solution, had real charm.

These people who worked side by side with me thought Stalin was misunderstood. They thought that Hitler did not go far enough with the Jews. They thought America - though, of course, not me personally! - was the Great Satan. These is a generation that has grown up thinking that hating "America" is just fine. There was a generation in the first half of the Twentieth Century that thought hating Jews was just fine.

This hatred of America, like the vile Anti-Semitism of seventy years ago, was not based upon any truth or any justice, but rather upon envy and the lust for scapegoats. Well, the people of Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Libya, and other lands brimming with state sponsored hatred of America are not miserable and angry because of anything America has done. We Americans have usually been the first to bring in food and medical care when some calamity strikes their cities. We have been the first to do all we can to bring peace to regions with endemic warfare. These peoples do not hate us for our wickedness, but for our goodness.

What must we do to these peoples? We must do exactly what we did with Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan in the Second World War, and then we the Soviet Union in our Cold War victory: we must crush their spirit, because their spirit is evil.

Until now, they have chosen the time and the place to attack us. Now we must choose the time and the place to attack them. Hitler's first defeats were indirect. British land and naval forces in North Africa crushed the Italian Fascists in Libya. There is a Moslem Fascist in Libya now. He seized power several decades ago from a pro-American king by coup. It is a quick and easy thing to conquer is sparsely populated coastal nation, and to install a government entirely friendly to America.

Perhaps we might even occupy the nation for awhile and begin the formal process of de-nazification. Introduce concepts like religious toleration, personal liberty, press and news services, schools that do not indoctrinate. Make it clear that Libya will become a pluralistic nation with churches and synagogues built (in calculated defiance of Islamic law) and people liberated from the yoke of Islamic fundamentalism. Our enemies will feel that sting.

The next target we should choose is Sudan. The government there has been engaging in a vile holocaust against black Christians in that nation. Conquering Sudan would take several days, but not much more than that. Then we should make the persecuted black in the south of Sudan militarily strong. And we should bring to American television the true scope of the holocaust in that land, so that whatever "moral high ground" that our enemies believe they enjoy is gone forever in the minds of the free world.

We should, again, raise funds to construct churches and synagogues conspicuously in Khartoum, and control all instruments of public communication and instruction so that the closed minds of intolerance are forced to confront the evil. Perhaps, like in Nazi Germany, we should force white Muslims to view and then to help clean up the mess they made. Hammer over and over again that what they have been taught is evil, and it is the precise source of all misery that they will be suffering.

The American installed governments of Libya and Sudan should also grant military bases in perpetuity to the United States in those places which will allow us to act decisively in the Middle East. As with our NATO stockpiles and bases, never again should America or its democratic allies have to "ask" permission to use ports, bases, or storage facilities.

Next we, with Israel, should overrun Lebanon and firmly install a stoutly pro-American government of Maronite Christians (which were traditionally about half the population of Lebanon) and truly moderate Moslems. Unquestioned loyalty to America, its allies, and the principles for which they stand must be absolutely insured. If we must built a wall to keep our Syrians, then we will. If we must take the disgruntled Muslims, and deport them or place them in camps, then we must.

Each of these three new nations should constitutionally separate religion and government, and each should formally recognize the State of Israel, as well as enter into agreements of friendship and alliance. Those who hate us want a wedge between Israel and America. Well, most conservatives like me have "issues" with Israel, but we will handle those with those in Israel who are too liberal like civilized men, and no thugs will tell us what to do.

Although there are many calls for an invasion of Afghanistan, and maybe Iraq and Iran, let us first attack them indirectly. Let them see that their venom has cost their cause forever Libya, Sudan, and Lebanon. Then we should turn directly towards that nation which houses the home of Islamic fundamentalism: Arabia.

The Saudi rulers are not good people, though they have (for quite self-interested reasons) been friendly to us. Conquest of Arabia would be ridiculously easy for us, and it would produce two sea changes in world politics.

First, Saudi Arabia can produce enough oil to flood the markets with cheap oil and very quickly drain many nations - Indonesia, Russia, Iran, Iraq, among others - of a very important source of money and political leverage. America would suddenly have control of most of the world's oil surplus, with all the advantages that would give us.

Second, the Arabian peninsula holds the sacred cities of Mecca and Medina. If American troops occupied those cities, then we would suddenly have a wide range of options in how to respond to Islamic terrorism. Our first reaction, of course, should be to respect Islamic tradition of keeping infidels out of holy places and allowing pilgrims access to Mecca. But we should make it very clear from the beginning that respect for Islam will be directly based upon respect for peace, freedom, tolerance, and decency.

So should be also occupy Arabia itself? Probably not, but we should publicly discuss the matter. We should force concessions out of the Saudi family that insures that the oil fields will be safe and that we have bases in Arabia. We should not speak any longer of our "mutual self-interest" but rather what we will do in our own interest, whether they like it or not.

It is wrong - dangerously wrong - to think that Muslims are our enemies, but it is even more dangerously wrong to ignore the Holocaust-deniers, the America-haters, the Christian-persecutors, the Islamic-Marxism that has taken root in the hearts of millions of Moslems. Our response must be to show the world, and especially those who feel (as the Japanese did in 1941) that we may indeed be fat, craven plutocrats. We must show that the evil men are leading whole nations and whole regions into the same path that Hitler and his European Axis allies led Europe sixty years ago.

Speaker Gingrich pointed out that Germany, Italy, and Japan are now happy, free, and prosperous lands. While some of us conservatives could certainly nit-pick German Social Democrats or Japanese dreams of economy hegemony or racial superiority, such complaints are just that: nit-picking. We will be safe only when every nation has true religious toleration, personal freedom, and a rough democracy (parents have this "thing" about sending their children off to slaughter).

Now is the time to begin, or rather the time for this good President to finish what his father and Ronald Reagan began. We have the muscle and the machines. Right now, we have the will. He must lead with absolute resolution to the only end that will make us truly safe again. ESR

Bruce Walker is a senior writer with Enter Stage Right. He is also a frequent contributor to The Pragmatist and The Common Conservative.

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