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Why hate Bush?

By Keith D. Cummings
web posted September 20, 2004

The Left has a visceral hatred for the President of the United States. Many reasons for this attitude have been proposed, from a general sense of anger over the 2000 election debacle in Florida to Mr. Bush's unabashed Christianity to the war in Iraq. Of course, the 2000 election is part of it. In spite of nearly infinite recounts in Florida, all of which point to Bush's win, the Left refuses to admit that Al Gore was rejected by the American people; including the people of his native Tennessee.

The Left is overly sophisticated, believing that anyone who believes in a higher power is somehow pedestrian and unworthy of a position of power. The fear that the humanistic Left feel toward people's religious conviction is centered, in part, in an internal sense of guilt for their own personal weakness.

The largest reason, though, is not one that is closely examined by the pundits on the right. The reason that the left so hate George W. Bush is that he isn't someone else. No, not that he isn't Al Gore; the Left hates George Bush because he isn't Bill Clinton.

George W. Bush

Bill Clinton

I knew Bill Clinton and he was no George W. Bush

When he took office in 1993, Bill Clinton promised the American people that he would preside over "the most ethical Administration in American history." Beginning with Whitewater and continuing through the death of Vince Foster, the billing records, the Travel Office firings, the Monica Lewinsky affair and finally impeachment, Bill Clinton actually presided over one of the most corrupt and offensive administrations since at least Warren Harding, if not since the inception of the Union.

When he took office in 2001, George W. Bush promised a "new tone" in Washington. To that end, he has refused to even put ink in his veto pen and he has given Democrats from Ted Kennedy to Russ Feingold just about everything they have asked for. Working first with Trent Lott then with Bill Frist, Bush has refused to play political hardball with Democrats in the Senate and has allowed Daschle and company to block his judicial appointments.

Bush has put some of the most impressive, intelligent and racially diverse men and women in his cabinet. From the hard hitters like Condoleezza Rice to the measured Colin Powell to the moronic Norman Minetta, Bush has reached across political affiliations and ethnic lines to form an administration that is more diverse than even the Clinton team. Still, the Left despise him.

The only thing the Left has been able to grasp onto from Bush is the "scandal" that Bush lied about WMDs in Iraq. Of course, the Left ignores that Clinton said the same things about Iraq from 1993 to 2001 and even said in a 2003 interview in Belgium that he was shocked that the US found no WMDs when the regime fell in Baghdad. Although the Left refused to hold Clinton to answer for any of the thousands of lies he told while in office, they're outraged that Bush lied about WMDs.

Of course, most thinking members of the left, from John Kerry to Terry McAuliffe know that Bush never lied. They know that Bush has acted in the manner that he thought was best. Instead of "honestly disagreeing with policy" as Bush once suggested, the Left has done everything in their power to propagate the fiction of Bush's lies about Iraq and WMDs. For the Left, what's right for the country or the world isn't as important as retaining power. Together, they will fabricate, obfuscate and vacillate if they think it will return them to control.

This election is about more than the retention of power; it's about the future of the western world. That may sound hyperbolic, and maybe it is, but I don't think so. John Kerry and his supporters on the Left will continue to blame America first. They will refuse to accept that there are evil people in the world who wish us ill. They will fail to act even when faced with a clear and present danger against this country. They will pander to terrorists and terrorist regimes, wondering what we've done wrong to offend our enemies. George W. Bush won't, and that's the real reason that the Left hates him.

Keith D. Cummings is the author of Opening Bell, a political / financial thriller. His website can be found at http://www.keith-cummings.com.

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