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The liberal editorial of the year

By Michael Moriarty
web posted September 6, 2004

William Thorsell, CEO of the Royal Ontario Museum, after dismissing the Olympics as boring and inferring that its participants are unworthy of history – one asks oneself where in history Mr. Thorsell would like to find himselftakes upon the Republican Party of the United States with a worthy enough assessment of its self-image, that of a lion.

However, I realize by the end of his editorial that despite his respectful estimation of American conservative convictions and the Republican Party's leonine commitment to hunting down terrorists and protecting what's left of Judeo-Christian values, Mr. Thorsell wins my Olympic Gold Medal for Liberal Editorial of The Year.

Being a conservative myself, the honor is dubious and, like other Olympic Awards, according to Mr. Thorsell, will not go down in history. Jesse Owens' victory in the 1936 Olympics certainly had its page in the World War II Almanac but, oh well, there really couldn't have been anything similar going on in Athens. The increasingly rabid anti-Americanism displayed, the Olympic Committee's decision to put the next Olympics in Beijing, as profoundly a totalitarian city as Berlin ever was in the 1930's, the long highlighting of Beijing's ballet company, broadcast worldwide by the major networks who have refused to broadcast the Republican Convention on live transmission….none of this is the stuff of history. Or is it simply the Liberal's desire to not give away what's really going on beneath Marxist entertainment.

Mr. Thorsell's liberal whitewash should win him, if not a Nobel Prize -- which is really the Marxist's Academy Award -- a novelty award for the first liberal to realize that calling a frightening message, like the recent Olympic festivities -- a declaration tantamount to "Communists Own the Olympics" --- dismissing it as boring and unworthy of further attention is to my intelligence-gathering almost a first. It is the Liberal's growing arsenal of politely sounding offensive weapons that impress me most. After demonizing anything remotely reactionary as "moronic," to quote Prime Minister Chretien's communications director, a liberal proselytizer, such as Mr. Thorsell, will share a secret smile with his readers as they realize his real label on Bush America is not lion but the "barbarians" themselves. At least, Ossama Bin Laden, to quote the gentleman, has the "courage of his convictions."

It's left up to the reader to guess but never know whether or not Mr. Thorsell was really labeling Americans the worst of the "barbarians" or simply lions who have the courage of their worst instincts.

He deftly buries the real message beneath references to the Roman Empire. Oddly enough Mr. Thorsell is employed by what was once, formally and otherwise, recognized as one of the largest and most long-lived empires in modern history. This is another ploy of the Marxist spin-doctors. Label America either as a collapsing rerun of ancient history or infer barbarian origins to its entire claims upon leadership. Why these neo-historians wish to avoid discussing the sins of Stalin and Mao and refuse to remind us of the promises of a Soviet dictator that he was going to put the free world on the "ash heap of history" and do so while banging his shoe upon a table of the so-called United Nations is fairly obvious. Liberals are really fence-sitting careerists who play both sides to assure themselves that whichever side wins they cannot be accounted as enemies of either ruling empire, whether a Free World Republic or a Worldwide Socialist Federation.

We all know that the Chinese Communist delivery is quieter and musically more politically correct than the Soviets were but lets not delude ourselves, the message is the same. "We of the People's Revolution will bury you….and do so with the help of Islamic fundamentalists!"

That some Liberals bend over backward to make sure they haven't offended any part of Islam, throwing in the occasional compliment on the "courage of their convictions" is quintessential Liberalese. Like any good lawyer they leave their options open.

The Enlightenment Era of France was rife with diploma-toting careerists hunting their place in what became the French Revolution, a bloody nightmare that culminated in the Napoleonic Wars. The 18 Century phenomenon didn't even need the likes of Karl Marx. Revolution was the future, the end-all and be-all of evolution itself. Voltaire, one of the few giants of the period, labeled these opportunists "enlightened despots" who wielded their intellects and lexicons like keys to the kingdom. The author of Candide, the world's greatest satire of radical chic, far surpassing Tom Wolfe's efforts, described these literati as "enlightened despots." Their degrees and publishing efforts were, to their own minds, veritable scepters of authority in the court of Descartes.

The socialist "utopia" is hardly different from the fashionable dream of "the best of all possible worlds."

Voltaire knew that no good could come from either the rabid vengefulness of the poor when married to the clever exploitation of that rage by the liberal elite. The first monster to rise up was Maximilien Robespierre, the Stalin of his age, and then, of course, France threw her heart and soul into the arms of an Italian bully who perhaps was the major inspiration to Benito Mussolini.

And who made that all possible?

The enlightened despots.

When you realize that apologies for the likes of Osama bin Laden and the butcher Abu Musab al-Zarqawi are now endemic to the free world's universities and often openly in the press, you know the guillotine will be resurrected and the purists of the revolution will start cutting each other's heads off.

For knowing all this, for seeing it, as Winston Churchill saw Hitler on the horizon, Voltaire was exiled. He was then exiled from Germany for many of the same reasons. Finally, France begged him to come home. He did, but, I'm sure, as he was paraded and feted down the Champs Elysee he looked out at his compatriots and said to himself, "They haven't changed a bit."

Judging from history, and even Mr. Thorsell would have to agree with me on this, even some people who know history are destined to repeat it.

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Taken, and the recent TV-movie The 4400. In May, Moriarty won a Leo Award (celebrating excellence in British Columbia film) for best supporting actor for his role in the TV-movie Mob Princess.

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