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web posted September 11, 2006

Re: Outlawing morality, protecting perversion by Charles Bloomer (September 4, 2006)

I had to reread Charles Bloomer's editorial several times to make sure I didn't miss it. While rightly criticizing California for outlawing morality and protecting persversion he wrongly places the blame exclusively on Democrats. Absent was any mention of the fact that it was a Republican governor who signed the bill. The fault lies with so-called conservatives who decided that guaranteeing a win for the Republicans was more important than doing what was right, and they threw their support behind the muscle man.

Joe Liberty

Charles Bloomer responds:

To the best of my knowledge, the bills in question here have not been signed by the Governor.  He has recently signed another obnoxious bill that threatens religious freedoms a private colleges that receive state tuition aid.

Re: "Death of a President"

The new film Death of a President panders to an underclass which contemporary liberalism shelters but should abhor: the revanchist political left, with its marked intolerance toward opposing viewpoints and its too easy acceptance of the unworthy side of politics.

The film's portrayal of President Bush assassinated amidst a sea of hateful protesters is both offensive and self-evidently corrosive to democracy -- though political dissent long ago reached such sacrosanct status in Western society that such media fare is accommodated and even lauded by those who turn a blind eye to consequences. Leftist elements of the self-centered 1960s generation seem to resist the simple truth that mutual respect and compromise are de rigueur in any healthy democratic nation.

They would also reject out of hand comparison with the detractors of Abraham Lincoln, who began his presidential term being pelted in his railway car but ended it as a murdered icon. Yet, President Bush's resolve in confronting terrorism may well come to be seen by history in a similar light and his domestic opponents judged accordingly.

As they await history's verdicts the left shouldn't leave it to time and the Grim Reaper to accomplish their self-rescue from intolerance and vulgarity.

Ron Goodden



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