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America's French Revolution I: The progressive aristocracy

By Michael Moriarty
web posted September 14, 2009

America's repeatedly defensive relationship with France is portrayed in Our Oldest Enemy by John J. Miller and Mark Molesky.  Though the book records the endless efforts of American administrations to combat France's efforts to invade and conquer the growing United States … well … in light of the "Progressive" hold upon contemporary American power and influence, one might conclude that France has finally "won the war", so to speak.

Why is that?

The "enlightened despots" that Voltaire spoke of in the 18th Century, the subsequent, intellectual elitists from Danton to Robespierre, those who created the indisputably horrifying revolution that ended up devouring its own leadership in order to replace it with a Napoleonic "Thugocracy"… apparently this cast of characters has reappeared within President Obama's advisory staff. They've resurrected themselves as, of all things, "Czars".

The allusion to a corrupt, pre-revolutionary, pre-Soviet Russia is not only the Obama Nation's veil to its Marxism, but also a nod to "necessary evils". This is the transitional stage of the Revolution or Obama's "Change", when the "moneyed aristocracy", like the car companies Obama is propping up and the media moguls he is bribing, are an obligatory ingredient to revolutionary success.  

The incredibly complex psyche of George Soros, the "Money Angel" of Obama's Presidential campaign? He is, if you can believe it, a billionaire socialist. Metaphorically, he is a one man version of the Rockefeller Plaza tribute to Communist and Fascist icons (see Glenn Beck's episode on the Rockefeller Center). This walking, contradiction-in-terms, the obvious love/hate relationship George Soros has with himself is a peek into the workings of what I call America's French Revolution and President Obama's idea of "Change".

Lincoln prophesied it best. He said America will never die by a foreign power. If it is destroyed it will be by suicide.

A Totalitarian Aristocracy is the only way to describe the … uh … "characters" graduating from Ivy League Colleges and installing themselves in the White House as the Progressives they've been described as.

They are either that or an increasingly well-organized herd of Leopolds and Loebs. For them, as for their sycophantic creations such as ACORN, the rules don't apply.

They are above traditional American law because they are the agents of "Change" … revolutionary change … profoundly un-Constitutional change.

Aristocracy in America is now, first and foremost, an intellectual adventure in Marxist dialectics. To put it more completely, the "ruling Class" in the United States just must have Far Left credentials earned at the higher halls of learning, whether on the East Coast of America or in Oxford, England, plus a Eurasian tour that would ideally include either the former Soviet or the present neo-Soviet Russia, and finally they would return home to call themselves Progressives.

The Obamas and the Clintons, President Clinton particularly, are the prime examples of such a Progressive, preparatory schooling for American high office.

Clinton's main sponsor was the Progressively veiled radical, Senator William J. Fulbright Jr. whose scholarship program to England I experienced personally … much to my regret.

The Kennedys, of course, pointed the way, but they had been guided by the examples of the Roosevelt's. Needless to say, on the other side of the aisle, the secretly Progressive Rockefeller family ran a similarly elitist's educational warm-up for Progressive power.

"Too smart for their own good" is how I would ultimately describe them and their fates, both as families and Progressive institutions. The French, ironically, have an even better way to describe them … but if any nation would know "enlightened despots", the Western exemplar of revolutionary butchery should.

Now that the Progressives are in the Congressional majority and behaving like the sore winners they are, this new version of the French Revolution, the Obama Nation, is assaulting, branding with derision the barricades of middle-class America, vilifying their Tea Parties, and America's own version of "aux barricades" … and do so with perfectly patrician contempt.

"Let them eat Cap and Trade!"

The Progressives are not manipulating the media as if they were formerly imprisoned revolutionaries but as they are now, the empowered elite, the intellectual aristocracy. Just another version of what they said they hated and vowed to tear down.

However, anyone with even an ounce of learning about the French Revolution knows that the permanent, eternal enemy of the French communes were not the aristocracy they wished to replace but the bourgeoisie, the middle-class, the Tea Partiers, the 9/12'ers which the likes of Robespierre and now the Progressives hold and have always held in contempt.

American Progressives are a one hundred year-old elite that now have an African American leader to unequivocally disprove the earlier labeling of the Democrats as Dixiecrats. Senator Fulbright, the Arkansas segregationist, has magically transformed … or rather "Changed" into former Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, "our first black President".

Our First black President, Bill Clinton … and his wife Hillary … only went to Yale. Our Second black President, Barack Obama, went to Harvard. That's the pecking order among American "enlightened despots".

Hmmm … oh, well, thank God for Thomas Sowell and a growing number of other conservative and independent African-Americans.

As Glenn Beck might say, "Common sense is color-blind!" ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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