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After the Tea Parties, what's next?

By Henry lamb
web posted September 21, 2009

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." --Greek philosopher Plato (c. 428-348 B.C.)

America is witnessing an awakening unlike any seen since the king tried to ram his agenda down the throat of unwilling colonials.  Americans said "no!" Then, "Hell no!"  And next, the king had to go.

A modern king-in-his-own-eyes now commands an army of liberal lemmings who are trying to ram their power-grabbing agenda down the throat of unwilling Americans.  On April 15, nation-wide Tea Parties said "no!" Then, on September 12, Tea Parties in Washington, and across the nation, said "Hell no!"

 And next, the king and his liberal lemmings must go.

American colonials knew that it would take more than Tea Parties to rid the nation of the king and his agenda.  They worked without the benefit of a bully-pulpit, and organized their volunteers into troops of soldiers determined to claim the independence they declared, and earn the freedom they craved. 

Contemporary Americans know that it will take more than Tea Parties to rid Washington of the king-in-his-own-eyes and his liberal lemming army.  For every American visible at a Tea Party there are another 50 unseen Americans organizing into troops of soldiers determined to defend the U.S. Constitution and reclaim the freedom won by the nation's founders.

The king-in-his-own-eyes, and his liberal lemmings, are in denial.  They see the Tea Parties as nothing more than crude expressions from the unwashed masses, who couldn't possibly know what is best for the nation. 

News flash for the king: the revolution is underway!

Patriots are organizing in every state, in every county, in every precinct, to translate the energy seen at the Tea Parties into concrete plans of action.  Neighbors are being nudged out of complacency to attend local meetings to learn about the voting records of incumbents, and alternatives to the king's agenda.

Candidates who declare their support for the Constitution and pledge their vote to defend principles of less government, less taxation, and more free-market prosperity are coming forward and finding supporters.  

Candidates are being measured by their Constitutional backbone; not by their party affiliation.

Arising from the crowds at all the Tea Parties is the awareness that the federal government has forgotten all about the limitations of power the Constitution imposes upon it.  Americans want these limitations reinstated and respected. 

A Congressman who votes for the king's government-run health care, or the king's "Cap and Trade" scheme, trashes the Constitution – and his oath to defend it – because not one Congressman can point to an enumerated power in the Constitution that authorizes either program.

A President rises to become a king-in-his-own-eyes – and trashes the Constitution - when he appoints dozens of czars, expressly to avoid the Constitutional requirement that executive underlings be approved by the Senate, 

These examples are simply the most recent in a long train of abuses rained down upon a patient electorate, by both political parties, under several administrations.  Through Tea Parties across the nation, Americans are saying enough is enough.

A revolution is underway; get on-board, or get out of the way.

Recruiters for the revolutionary army are not concerned about party affiliation.  They are looking for candidates who will first pledge to defend the Constitution.  Lip-service will not do; Congressional incumbents must co-sponsor, and pledge to vote for the Enumerated Powers Act (HR450), legislation that will require every Congressman who introduces legislation to cite specific Constitutional authority for the legislation.

Incumbents and aspiring candidates will have to publicly pledge to embrace a set of Constitutional principles at local town meetings in every state – before Election Day.  These meetings are being planned right now.  Candidates are being groomed right now.  Campaign funds are being gathered right now.  Incumbents – even the powerful Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid – are beginning to feel the pressure of a not-so-silent majority of Americans hell-bent on reclaiming their freedom from a tyrannical government.

Ordinary people, who have never been involved, are seeking out local organizations through which their voices and their efforts can be amplified.  They are reading the bills that their representatives fail to read. They are arming themselves with knowledge, courage, and the determination to demand answers from incumbents, and evict those incumbents who have failed to live up to their oath.   

America's colonials did not win their freedom in a single battle.  Nor will contemporary Americans reclaim their freedom in a single election.  The elections in 2010 will be the first of many battles that must be won at the ballot box over the next several years.   America's governments – at every level – must be repopulated with patriots who honor and respect the U.S. Constitution, as the first qualification of office.   When elected, their task will be to stop the growth of federal power, and then begin to return to the states, and to the people, the freedom, power, and prosperity the Constitution provides. ESR

Henry Lamb is the author of "The Rise of Global Governance,"  Chairman of Sovereignty International , and founder of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) and Freedom21, Inc.


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