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America's Achilles Heel: Careerism

By Michael Moriarty
web posted September 24, 2012

Is intelligence these days determined more by what one doesn't say rather then by what one does say?

"It takes a smart man to know how not to say anything!"

Why is the Free World, the United States in particular, in the fix she's in at the moment?

Silence. Or jibber-jabber that amounts to silence.

What I had thought were good men are just shutting their mouths.

Progressive Intelligence is learning what not to say. Progressive Intelligence now controls all of higher education, the Mainstream Media and Hollywood.

Political Correctness is Progressive Intelligence and Progressive Intelligence is Progressively Marxist.

"If you can't criticize traditional American values

then at least

just shut your mouth!"

What actually drives The Great American Silence?

Careerism. Protecting one's career. Holding onto one's "share" of the American audience. Careerism could very well have been born in America.

However, the Marxists like to say, particularly during the 2012 Olympics, that careerism showed its ugliest face during the Industrial Revolution.

"Charles Dickens' exposés

on the horrors of Victorian child labor

 prove that!"

Oh, well… one could say that the first careerist was Adam when he agreed to wear the fig leaf.

"I just want to stay alive!"

Well… what constitutes Life for some people is hardly what defines it for others.

For myself, Life means maximum freedom under the law of The Golden Rule.

For myself, at least, the Golden Rule must now read:

"Don't do unto gestating infants

what you wouldn't want done

to your own gestating infancy."

Well, that law left America when the Roe v. Wade Decision arrived in 1973.

We'll just have to write a thousand more laws to replace The Golden Rule and let the government be the final judge of everything, including that old cliché: "… the inalienable right to life."


The Dark Cloud of Progressively Marxist Informers.

"Do you know what so-and-so

said the other day?!"

Please read my article on the film The Lives of Others or, if you can, just rent or buy the film itself. You won't regret it. The Lives of Others informs you profoundly about the price of Marxism.

Under Marxism, you never leave the classroom.


And President/Professor Barack Hussein Obama is Principal of the 24 Hour-a-Day Reorientation Program, or, as he prefers to call it: "A Teachable Moment."

Under Marxism, you never leave school. There's always someone who knows more about it than you do… "so listen up!"

Please see The Lives of Others!

Only then will you see the actual depth of contempt that the Obama Nation holds for you, the traditional American. You'll also see the dizzyingly ruthless heights which these "enlightened despots" wallow in and from which they look down on you.

In their minds, they are the future… and you are the past!

On the other hand, I, writing against them, feel as though I am nothing more than The Present.

Living in the present moment is the first lesson for all young acting students.

If young players cannot live in the present moment freely, they can't possibly learn how to tell a story about most human beings who are forever living in and haunted by the past, or hatching plots for the future.

Karl Marx is metaphysically more than just a thing of the past.

Karl Marx wants to own Mankind's entire future.

Hundred of millions starved and/or executed by Marxist governments are proof positive that Marx brought nothing more than Death and Tyranny. The two have lived hand-in-hand since Man organized anything larger than a family.

Not merely death to the entire Judeo-Christian Civilization but Death and nothing more reliable for the human race than Death. Deliberately homicidal policies under the rubric of "redistribution of wealth." Emotional, spiritual and ultimately physical Death from an increasingly virulent Marxism.

While Marx feeds death to the free human beings he despises, Marxism begins feeding on its own kind, not the least of which are all the aborted human beings deprived of life by the Progressively Marxist New World Order.

And Marxists are determined to make Karl Marx the Only Possible Future.

The Black Hole of Marxism.

As I recently concluded, we have been in the thick of a World War III ever since 9/11 and the fall of New York City's Twin Towers.

How could Americans, of all people, have stayed so silent for the last 11 years?


The "winds are blowing Left"… so we "tack to the Left!"

"We won't have a career

if we don't tack to the Left

or at least

shut up!"

The big American industrialists who helped Adolf Hitler build his Nazi Germany, even unto the Second World War?

The same American soul, such as General Electric and its submission to Barack Hussein Obama's special "perks" or General Motors' bail-out with billions of tax dollars from Obama while operating 11 plants in Red China?

It's "business as usual." It's American Careerism.

I performed the classic careerist in television's mini-series, Holocaust.

Moriarty in Holocaust
Just a lawyer looking for a permanently powerful job!

The United Nations is now filled to the choking point with international careerists who don't mind giving total veto power to Red China and Neo-Soviet Russia.

What does the United Nations share with Holocaust's character, Erik Dorf?


The entire idea of the United Nations was to end the possibility for insanities such as Adolf Hitler's Third Reich or Joseph Stalin's ravenously greedy Soviet Union from ever happening.

What now hides behind Radical Islam's anti-Semitic assaults upon Israel?

What actually protects the anti-Semitism of Iran and Syria?

The major voting powers of the United Nations: Red China and Neo-Soviet Russia.

There are careerists and then there are the movements that exploit careerists: Hitler's Nazi Germany, Stalin's Soviet Union, Mao's Red China and then, of course, their progeny: Radical Islam's Arab Spring, Communist China's Politburo and Vladimir Putin's Neo-Soviet Russia.

My farewell episode in Law and Order, where I, as Ben Stone, say goodbye to the New York District Attorney's office… and, metaphorically, I, as Michael Moriarty, say goodbye to American Careerism?

Moriarty in Law and Order
My last scene for
Law and Order

It wasn't without a price!

Here's the most transformative tab for leaving my homeland: a complete surrender to my entire family's alcoholism and embarrassing moments such as you can experience in the highlighted link.

This "self-inflicted Alamo "of mine was over 13 years ago. I've been eight years sober since.

I had wanted to appear on this Canadian comedian's show with my adoptive son, a born entertainer named Floyd "Flex" Fridel. Floyd's a rhyming, rapping black comedian and I point to him in the audience at the same time I'm embracing Mike Bullard. I'm not a comedian and I don't want to go toe-to-toe with a professional comic who won't let an equally funny friend of mine on to entertain the audience. We're not there for anything but entertainment.

Mike Bullard and his producers wouldn't let my black son on with me.

After, however, my having endured The Jay Leno Show when he was replacing Johnny Carson years ago?

After having experienced a major American talk show host comedian twice?!

And I was sober then!!

"Never again!," I thought.

I didn't want to go on a television talk show ever again… but… at the time of Mike Bullard's invitation… I'm thinking of moving entirely to Canada… and… well…

Given my increasingly drunken efforts to make Canada my home, this lack of Bullard hospitality was doubly lethal for an Irish alcoholic like myself.

As you can see, I am lamely hunting for Floyd in the audience.

You are never not an alcoholic.

What sobered me up?

Memories like this on The Mike Bullard Show!!

That's what makes an alcoholic sober for life!!!!

Without such reminders, he never stays sober.

One thing is for sure, however: my appearance on The Mike Bullard Show is not the behavior of a careerist.

A suicidal drunk perhaps?


A soul-less careerist?


In other words, I'd rather have endured the fallout and embarrassment from alcoholism than the eternal damage that has been done in the world by infinitely ambitious careerists.

I'd rather be a drunk Noah of the Arc than a sober Erik Dorf.

In short, there is no such thing as an alcoholic careerist.

Few have been more sober as careerists than Adolf Hitler. He rarely (if ever) partook of the grape. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.







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