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All that is wrong with America -- front and center at DNC!

By John W. Lillpop
web posted September 10, 2012

So, what is wrong with America, you ask?

The answer to that query was delivered (unequivocally!) to America and the world from Charlotte, NC, where the dissolution of a major political party was telecast live for the entire world to witness.

The 10 most poignant moments of this debacle are remembered as follows:

( ) A party so desperate for credibility that it found it necessary to turn to a perjurer, impeached former president, and serial abuser of women to make the case for re-electing the party nominee;

( ) Complete denial from all attendees about the $16T national deficit, out of control spending and general unsteady state of the Union;

( ) An in-over-his-head Convention Chairman picked for the job because of his race (Hispanic), who made a mockery of the voting and platform- approval procedures;

( ) Six-thousand out of touch delegates who thrice booed God and or Israel in response to directions from the clueless Convention Chair;

( ) A gaggle of truth-adverse party "officials" who actually tried to convince the world that Americans are "better off," despite all evidence to the contrary;

( ) A Vice-president whose only contribution was to provide comedic relief;

( ) Sandra Fluke, emblematic of a new generation of entitlement addicts who expect taxpayers, already in debt to the tune of $16T, to be financially responsible for her contraception and abortion needs;

( ) An illegal invader allowed to address the convention to pitch why he and two million of his comrades/illegals should be welcomed, rather than arrested and immediately deported;

( ) A party so ill-equipped to handle fiscal sanity that it created a fifteen-million dollar deficit for the convention;

( ) A desperately exhausted, out of ideas President who should be thinking of moving back to Illinois in January, instead of nursing foolish dreams of another term.

There it is—all of America's weaknesses, dumbing downs, and moral decadence rolled up into one evil ball known as the DNC.

Can't wait for 2016 to do this all over! ESR

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