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web posted September 1996

What is this page? Every month I hope to have updates on the activities on the Farmers for Justice, a group I have frequently written about. I've arranged to have regular reports from the group so that as many people as possible know the struggle that these farmers are undergoing to simply ply their livelihood without government interference.

Box 16, Group 620 SS6, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2C 2Z3

To obtain Dual Marketing by defending farmers legal rights

I. Who Is Canadian Farmers For Justice?
* Farmers For Justice is a network of farmers across western Canada who feel strongly that farmers have the individual right to choose how they market their grain. The goal of the network is to obtain dual marketing in wheat and barley trading.
* CFFJ believes monopolies are illegal and cannot be enforced in court. By working together, we can win in court.
* CFFJ believes that Ottawa's control of grain marketing has cost each farmer tens, even hundreds, of thousands of dollars. This monopolistic control has hindered the economic development of Western Canada.

II. Accomplishments thus far
* A National Fax Network is in place. Newspaper clippings, Press releases, and other information is circulated to supporters, contributors, and the media.
* Dave Sawatzky of Gladstone, Manitoba was acquitted.
* A Leaked Canadian Wheat Board memo outlining secret meetings with the Pools prior to Grain Marketing Panel hearings was uncovered and circulated.
* The profile of the issue has been raised substantially across the nation by arranged events, meetings, and work with the media.
* Farmers For Justice are working with and helping to defend over 100 farmers now charged with exporting their own grain.
* CFFJ has proven in court that the Canadian Wheat Board has two identities in law: a corporation and a board or commission. In other words, it is the regulator of itself. This is not legally possible.
* CFFJ has influenced Goodale's Grain Panel so that they included some movement towards dual marketing in their report.

III. Future Objectives
* Farmers For Justice will continue to push for free grain markets in Western Canada, keeping in mind those farmers that want to continue to use the Canadian Wheat Board.
* CFFJ may coordinate an advertising campaign to tell all Canadians our story.
* CFFJ will defend what will likely be more and more farmers defying their alleged monopoly.
* In addition, CFFJ will initiate a Constitutional Application which will show that the Canadian Wheat Board is a violation of the Constitution of Canada, in which all provincial governments are allowed to intervene.

Why is Andy McMechan in jail?

Andy McMechan is in jail because he believes that his grain and tractor are his and not the property of the government of Canada. After being arrested, he was informed that he could only leave jail if he turned over his tractor. Andy refused to give up his tractor because he needs it for field work and haying at this time of year. McMechan is such a danger to this country that he placed in the maximum security wing in a correctional institute along with two murderers and an armed robber. His trial will start on August 28. Along with McMechan, 100 farmers have been charged by the government for exporting grain illegally to the United States.

So why is important if a group of farmers has the freedom to sell grain outside of the Canadian Wheat Board? A free society is characterized by a free market. Simply, political freedom is the mirror of economic freedom -- one cannot exist without the other. These farmers have the right to market their produce to whom ever they wish and at whatever price they can get. As said in this magazine many times, the government does not have a right to use their monopoly of force to coerce farmers into being a part of the Canadian Wheat Board. The leftist National Farmers Union does not speak for all farmers. Even if these free-trading farmers are a minority, the majority does not have the right to decide with whom and how these people can trade with.

This issue affects us all. This is a government which is imprisoning people for attempting to act freely, the only country in the free world. If you value the concept of freedom than support the Farmers for Justice. You can reach them at the address at the top of this page. Also, write Agriculture Minister Ralph Goodale and tell him what you think of his and his government's actions concerning these political prisoners.

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