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Before we get to the fun, I have an apology to make and an error to rectify! For the past few months I have referred to a group called Farmers for Freedom, a group devoted to laissez-faire capitalism and the de-institutionalizing of the Canadian Wheat Board. The problem? They are actually called Farmers for Justice. My apologies to those on the front lines of freedom. Must have been some kind of cranial vapor lock...

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I saw a recent report about a conference that took place near the end of August in British Columbia. The conference dealt mainly with government, why it was bad and corrupt. Organizers were a little disappointed with the turnout...of Canadians. Seems that most of the participants were Americans who came up for the nearly week long conference. The organizers put the low Canuck turnout to the fact that Canadians were generally meek and took what ever the government did to them.

Can it be? The nation that fought the wilderness to create Canada, spanned this great country with a railway, can we be meek? That may be part of the answer, but I think it has more to do with ambivalence, something that I find more distressing. We seem to be a people who simply don't care often what the government does because we just don't think anything can be done. That's something that conservatives have to work on before we can create real change.

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August was a right busy month for conservatives, or at least Republicans, in the United States. The nominating convention of the Republican Party proved to be a little more interesting than I thought it would be, and more disappointing some ways. Their continued opposition to abortion and the tolerance of conservatives who support the pro-choice position is sad, but we will be there one day.

A government big enough to give you everything is a government big enough to take every thing you own.
- Gerald Ford, August 12, 1996 (Republican National Convention)

Inspiring was Nancy Reagan's speech to the convention. While I disagree with some things that Ronald Reagan did while in office, he was one of the better presidents of the United States. Retired General Colin Powell's keynote speech was a brilliant call to all to join the conservative fold and I hope he is an inspiration to all youth everywhere. He was a man who started with not a lot of things in life except for a strong family. I may disagree with some of Powell's positions but I certainly honor the man for his service to his country. 

"We believe in the value of the individual. We appreciate the differences that make each person unique. We know they add to the richness of American life and they add to the strength of the Republican Party. But for all our differences, whether over choice or national defense, our party is united by this goal, electing Bob Dole the next president of the United States."

"And if we want to fully restore the American Dream, we must reclaim our neighborhoods from the nightmare of crime. Naturally, Democrats think Washington has all the answers..."

Gov. Christine Whitman (R-N.J.): August 13, 1996 - Republican National Convention

Other champs at the RNC were Rep. J.C. Watts (OK - 4th District), Rep. Susan Molinari (NY - 13th District), Heather Whitestone (Miss America 1995), Sen. John McCain (AZ) and especially Elizabeth Dole for a truly beautiful speech..

At any rate, Dole and Kemp are, for better or worse, the nominees for the Republican Party this fall. I believe they present an interesting duo who will give Clinton/Gore a good run. Consistency and integrity will win the day for Republicans and hopefully Dole/Kemp have these traits in abundent amounts. They will need it.

"'s time to wake up America. To President Clinton and his high-taxing, free-spending, promise-breaking, social security-taxing, health care-socializing, drug-coddling, power-grabbing, business-busting, lawsuit-loving, U.N.-following, FBI-abusing, IRS-increasing, $200 hair-cutting, gas-taxing, over-regulating, bureaucracy-trusting, class-baiting, privacy-violating, values-crushing, truth-dodging, medicare-forsaking, property rights-taking, job-destroying friends."
- Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Tx), August 13, 1996 (Republican National Convention)

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Back to Canada...Enter Stage Right will provide on going reports from the Farmers for Justice. I recently made contact with the group and have arranged regular reports. If you can't find out what's going on with the group in the media, feel free to make Enter Stage Right a regular stop! The Progressive Conservative Party held their Policy Convention in Winnipeg in late August. There will be no article about that. Policy Conventions are a waste of time since the policies rarely go on to be official planks. As well, the Tories made themselves masterfully look like a cheap copy of the Liberal Party. Why report that?

As always, if you are interested in writing for Enter Stage Right...please feel free! Send articles, letters to the editor, laudatory comments, complaints or notes of interest to the email link on the front cover. We look forward to hearing from you!

Take care!
Gord Gekko

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