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web posted September 1998

The editorial is usually reserved for excoriating or celebrating something or someone outside of Enter Stage Right, but this month I'll wrap my own ego around it and bang on about this humble little effort you are reading.

As you may have seen I added, among other things, a users survey to this site at the beginning of August. My intention was to gauge the level of satisfaction that you may -- or may not -- have with I and others do here month after month.

For the most parts, the comments that I've received have been complimentary, leading me to believe I'm preaching to the choir. There's nothing wrong with that as a congregation needs to be fortified occasionally, though it could lead to some one-sided conversations when I add a user comment forum...there's nothing wrong with our opponents challenging us after all.

Along with the compliments has come a call that has added a few more gray hairs to my sub-30 years of age head though. A lot of you are saying that you want ESR to be updated more often then just once a month. Like the song goes, however, "You can't always get what you want..."

As it stands this e-journal is about 25-30 pages of text, roughly a little smaller than a regular magazine when advertising is removed. It takes a lot of work to dig up that material, about eight to ten articles a month, five pages of news tidbits of interest and all of the other regular features, especially since the budget for this effort is nothing.

Put simply, content costs money…usually a lot of money. To attract more writers to contribute more articles so that this is updated more frequently would cost me some serious money. Just recently, I lost a great article because I simply couldn't afford to pay a dime for it.

ESR already sucks a huge amount of my time and effort in simply digging up material that I don't have to pay for, and those authors who allow the printing of their work here have my gratitude.

That said, I have no intention of asking people to pay to read ESR. If ESR was updated substantially every day and had enough readers, then I'd be tempted to charge some low fee, but I have neither Slate's writers nor its readership so I'll put that out of my mind.

So what's the solution? Right now there is none. For the foreseeable future I'm sticking to the once a month update plan. If I win the lottery, stumble on a pool of writers willing to regularly contribute material, or conservative billionaire Richard Sciafe starts funding me I'll gladly move to a biweekly or weekly format, but since I don't see that happening, don't expect it either.

You can help us though! Submit your own work! It doesn't have to be some philosophical treatise on an esoteric topic. Tell us what's happening in your part of the world from a conservative's perspective. In the midst of an election and your working hard for your candidate? Write about it! Something going on in your city which would be of interest to conservatives around the world? Send it in! Saw a great article somewhere you think other ESR readers would enjoy? Tell me and I'll see if I can get it for this e-journal. Have some great story ideas? Tell me!

And in partial response, this month's Enter Stage Right is the largest stop bugging me and start writing!

Thanks for reading,

Gord Gekko

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

No more redesigns...ever

I think I said that nine months ago, but this time it is the truth. The new look for the cover was prompted by comments from Joel from Real Mensch and Fabian from work. I plan on leaving the sub pages as they are. Why did I do it? Apparently I'm not busy enough.

New for you!

Over the past month I've added:

  • Politically Correct by Jim Huber. A new weekly cartoon for your entertainment. It lives up to its name. It's conservative and therefore correct...politically...Find it on the cartoons page!
  • Search Enter Stage Right. Found something on one of this month's pages but don't know where it is now? Use our search ESR engine on our search page. It's a simple search, but hopefully it'll give you the result you were looking for!

And coming in the next few months:

  • Forums. Within the next few months some forums will be set up for you to engage your fellow conservatives and liberals in debate. Combat: written word style!
  • Opinion polls

We're winners apparently

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