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Anyone who bills their web site as Site of the Sentient had better live up to it before surfers hit the back button to wherever they came from. Kaz's writing manages to establish that Site of the Sentient is indeed that...sentient.

Kaz's site boasts a pretty interesting group of articles, ones that touch on subjects like being a moderate, labour laws, the U.S. trade deficit, voting, and education. The later uses a Grade 8 final exam from 1895 to point out the difference in the quality of education just over a century ago. Take the test yourself and see whether you would have passed!

The site even allows you the opportunity to vote on the articles to tell Kaz whether you find them entertaining and informative.

Site of the Sentient also features a section for less serious nonpolitical material and a smaller section on Javascript (Jscript if you prefer). I do have to admit that I found the site a bit busy in design. I prefer a more elegant look to web sites, but if they all looked like they way I like, there would hardly be innovation on the web, would there?

Overall though, Site of the Sentient does what it promises very well. Become more sentient with Kaz!

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