We can't say Gore didn't warn us: Earth in the Balance reveals extreme views

By Paul M. Weyrich
web posted October 2, 2000

How many times have you heard the lament of the Germans that they didn't read Adolph Hitler's book Mein Kamph, or if they did read it, they didn't take it seriously? In it he laid out his plans for Germany for all to see. If the German elite had taken him seriously, no doubt he never would have been elected in the first place, or if elected he certainly would not have been permitted to proceed with his disastrous plans.

Earth in the BalanceI am reminded of that situation because Al Gore too has written a book, Earth in the Balance. And while Al Gore is no Hitler, in the book he does lay out his plans for America (such as doing away with the internal combustion engine).

I don't understand why George W. Bush doesn't just go from place to place quoting from the book. Michigan residents, with its thousands of auto workers, would be most interested in Gore's plans not only for the internal combustion engine, but for high gas taxes and other interesting propositions.

Gore is essentially a Malthusian at heart whose views are scary and totally at odds with what has always been an optimistic nation. He thinks that people are the problem and he wants to penalize all of us just for living. Voters would want to know this -- if only Bush would just quote from the book.

As former David Rockefeller Aide Owen Frisby pointed out at a recent gathering of conservatives, Bush ought to turn on his television and see what is happening in Europe. There, a massive revolt is forcing governments to repeal gas taxes. And in Great Britain, Tony Blair, thought to be unbeatable only a few weeks ago, is now coming unglued. The Conservative Party has passed the Labour Party for the first time in the polls in several years because the Conservatives are promising to repeal gas taxes and Blair says no way.

Al GoreThis Fall because of the high cost of energy, many Americans are going to face a real heating oil crisis. Already Al Gore has begun to blame the crisis on George W. Bush and his running mate Dick Cheney because of their connections with oil companies. Bush would do well to read Gore's book because in it he would have all the ammunition he needs to make the case that it is government policies that are responsible for energy shortages.

The Gore book, Earth in the Balance, is a blue print for what he would do to America if elected. I know that would be considered negative campaigning. But would it really be unfair to take a candidate's own words, in context, and read them to the people who would be most effected by proposed policies and then ask these same people if that is the sort of future they have in mind? If they like what they hear, then obviously Bush will have taken that chance and lost some votes.

My guess is that they won't like what they will hear. No one will be able to charge that the issue being discussed is distorted, so long as Bush quotes fairly and completely from what Gore has written.

Just like Hitler, Gore has been kind enough to spell out all of his plans in advance. Only this time will we take those plans seriously? Will we warn the people by quoting from the words of the man himself? Or will we too be lamenting years from now that we either didn't read the book or didn't take it seriously if we did. Come to think of it, one of the raps against George W. is that he supposedly doesn't read serious books. Well, here is his chance to prove to the media that once again they are dead wrong.

Paul Weyrich is president of the Free Congress Foundation.

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