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The 50 Million Round March

Unexpectedly, the presidential election in the United States has actually given gun owners a breather. Neither Al Gore nor George W. Bush seems interested in bringing the subject up and there have been no new oppressive proposals called for.

50 Million Round MarchOf course, there have also been no calls by either man to leave gun owners alone.

That's what the 50 Million Round March is for. As the web site's mission statement says, "The mission of the '50 Million Round March' is to send an unequivocal, annual message to our elected representatives and to those who would infringe on our unalienable right to self defense as enumerated by the 2nd amendment ... DON'T TREAD ON ME!"

With millions of gun owners in the United States, you would think annual marches aren't needed to demonstrate to legislators that infringing upon the Constitution would be a bad idea, but it is 2000 and it is the era of the pressure group. Right now gun owners aren't marching in big numbers to defend their rights and the media isn't telling the whole story.

That leaves it up to you. The web site, which admittedly does need a more elegant look, provides you with the tools to register your opinion. Is it too much trouble for you to send one letter to a legislator defending the rights granted to you by the Founding Fathers of your nation or do you want to finish watching that television program? It's up to you. The web site is there if you want to do the right thing.

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