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Can Chrétien be Canada's answer to DeGaulle?

By Michael Moriarty
web posted October 15, 2001

Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien

Canada's vulnerability to terrorist attack is due to the same kind of appeasement policies that led to World War II. The Liberals subscribe to the notion that communists and socialists share a common economic philosophy and can therefore be dealt with peacefully. This overlooks the fact that a Lenin, Stalin, Mao or wannabe Ho Chi Minh like Osama bin Laden will always put the Revolution back on an ideologically purer track.

Not even Black October -- that infamous outbreak of communist homicide in Montreal -- was enough to alert the Liberal Party to the coming danger. Communists were still not only welcome in Canada, but protected. A Red Chinese infiltrator of Canadian Free China organizations was not extradited, despite the fact that his purpose and credentials were indisputably revealed at trial. Finance Minister Paul Martin was criticized for sitting down with a known front for a Tamil Tiger fundraising organization. The Government of Canada (usually Liberal) often defends its appeasement policies with typically zealous and deluded paeans to that sacred cow of multiculturalism.

Now the International Communist Party is all over Canada like a pitbull on a poodle. The communists are proving that the end of the Cold War was really intended to evolve into a domestic Vietnam.

The liberal press continues to dismiss the communist invasion as either lunatic-fringe terrorism or the inevitable fruit of global economic disparities. The latter posture always strikes me as more Leninist than Marxist. If zero-tolerance for economic disparity is the goal, "any means to an end" must be the formula.

President George W. Bush's failure to mention Canada as a trusted ally in his September 20 speech to Congress was no accident. Self-deluded leaders such as Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, who so calmly aided and abetted America's enemies, are not the most welcome friends in the Bush foxhole.

North American communist unions, organizations and universities are now proclaiming publicly their allegiance to Islamic Jihad. If you view bin Laden as more Maoist than Muslim, all the pieces fall into place. The terrorists were able to pull off their attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon with amazing precision through the help of key member-states of the United Nations, whose spies live and work in Manhattan.

To their utter bewilderment, Canadian law enforcement agencies must now act as peacekeepers in a burgeoning civil war. With no clear orders as to which side to take, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and local police forces will witness outbreaks of violence which are veiled as legitimate protests or racial strife when, indeed, they are all part of a proven communist strategy to bring about the Marxist domination of Canada.

Chrétien must now save his country from tyranny. French president Charles DeGaulle's seemingly arrogant claim of "après moi, le déluge" has come to pass. The "flood" was a communist one and France has virtually fallen into it.

If Chrétien were committed to a post-deluvian policy of "après moi, la démocracie," there might be some hope. His Liberal Party's hegemony is now being revealed as part of the problem. If one party successfully entrenches a socialist state that resists change, you no longer have democracy but a de-facto dictatorship. If brief intervals of conservative rule result in more taxes, the situation appears almost terminally hopeless.

Chrétien's efforts to draw a line in the sand between himself and the likes of Fidel Castro will not be enough to save Canada from tyranny. The Liberal party shelters revolutionaries who are quite eager to create an even more intrusive one-party state. Chrétien must fight these implacable hard-liners and thwart their ambitions. What gives democracy hope is the Prime Minister's frequent conversations with Alberta's Conservative Premier Ralph Klein. It might also help if Chrétien were to listen to his finance minister's advice on cutting taxes.

Yet, facing the inevitable outbreak of violence here, Chrétien must be unequivocally clear about police procedure, when it comes to indictments. Assailants or defendants with known communist credentials must be rounded up.

Our intellectual and leadership cadres must see terrorism for what it is -- a communist-inspired act of war. Nothing has changed in the 42 years since Soviet boss Nikita Kruschev bragged that Communism would bury the Great American Way of Life.

One major step that must be made is prioritizing the so-called War on Drugs. Viet Cong and Latin American communists are selling drugs to Canadian children -- not as a business but as an act of war. I've watched videotapes of communist leaders bragging about what they are doing to our children.

Terrorism must be seen for what it really is, as a communist act of war, swamping North America under Red China-inspired aggression.

The strategy of Chinese strongmen - president Jiang Zemin and premier Zhu Rongji -- is proving to be an unmatched success story in the annals of evil. Their unstated proclamation is: "We will poison you to death!"

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe winning actor, best known for his role as Assistant District Attorney Ben Stone on Law and Order. Moriarty's current project is Taken, Steven Spielberg's mini-series on alien abductions, now shooting in Vancouver. Moriarty is also building a new political party in Canada -- The Realists.

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