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Dear Dr. Progressive

web posted October 15, 2001

Confused and liberal? Send your questions to the good doctor at jglazov@home.com

Dear Dr. Progressive,

As a proponent of free speech, I burned my fair share of American flags, including at a recent peace rally against the imperialist American bombing of Afghanistan. Yet every time someone displays that symbol of racism and oppression, and is rightly told by government authorities to take it down, lest they offend someone, perhaps of Middle Eastern descent, they claim their rights to free speech are being denied.

Dr. Progressive, I'm confused. How can these oppressors claim to value the same things I -- an enlightened Socialist-- do, when in fact they want to push offensive messages into the public square? Don't they understand that their mean-spirited ideas are offensive to minorities and that flag represents those values? How can they hide their vile beliefs behind the free speech that I and my friends in the ACLU fought for?

I don't know what to do. Maybe I should just set myself on fire at the next protest instead.

Just sign my name,

FREE SPEECH in Colorado

Dear Free Speech in Colorado,

I don't know why you bother writing to me. You need a psychiatrist.

Dear Dr. Progressive,

It is so hard being a Leftist these days. I try to tell everyone that the U.S. deserves what it got on Sept. 11, but the majority of people don't want to listen. Those terrorists have made it difficult for us Leftists.

Bush has a 90 per cent approval rating. What do I do?


Dear Tom,

Get a life. And I mean that.

Jamie Glazov holds a Ph.D. in History with a specialty in Soviet studies. He is the author of 15 Tips on How to Be a Good Leftist.

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