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Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library

As commentators will often do, many are comparing the current president -- George W. Bush -- with a past president -- Ronald W. Reagan. "Nothing since Reagan has been as good in presidential oratory," said Andrew Sullivan of Bush's speech of September 20. High praise indeed when you consider some of the stirring addresses Reagan made.

Of course, if you don't remember Reagan, or you have allowed his memory to recede, a reference to the Great Communicator might not mean much to you. A 21-year old, old enough to vote, may not even have been alive when Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter for the presidency.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and LibraryFor those people the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library will provide a good introduction to one of America's most popular and effectual presidents and his First Lady, Nancy Reagan. Along with the eight years he served as president, the entire scope of Reagan's life is captured -- from his career in Hollywood to his multiple terms as Governor of California. Photos document his life from his childhood to his last day in office and a selection of his speeches, including his 1964 "A Time For Choosing" on behalf of Barry Goldwater which vaulted Reagan into the leading voice for conservatism in America, illustrate why he was known for his oratorical abilities.

One significant weakness of the web site -- and one should remember that it exists to represent the Reagan Foundation and Library on the Internet, not replace its real world counterpart -- is that its treatment of Reagan isn't as deep as a researcher into the man might like. The Reagan legacy -- which has both its positive and negative aspects -- is one worthy of an in-depth and exhaustive exposition and the web site would better serve those interested in learning more about Reagan.

If you visit the web site, make sure to visit the gift shop. One of those Reagan signature ties would good look with your blazer



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