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Is "PC" dead?

By Gary Aldrich
web posted October 15, 2001

President Bush has set the nation on a course starkly different from the previous Clinton Administration's approach of investigating and indicting terrorist perpetrators. Most agree today that Clinton's response was a deadly failure, but many involved in the protection of national security knew it was a disastrous course before it became U.S. policy. Those who objected to the Clintonista's new world order tactics were immediately scorned.

In addition to shadowing terrorists, hundreds of Clinton Administration FBI agents fanned out all over the country to find "violent conspiracies" among abortion clinic protesters, and they infiltrated the meetings of flannel-shirted militia types deemed to be the real threat to Bill and Hillary Clinton's political agenda. Janet Reno had FBI agents checking moving dirt piles to nail environmental criminals, and deadbeat dads were looking over their shoulders for the "G" men who they knew could not be far behind.

How many FBI agents were tasked to interview church-goers, while real terrorists were conducting slave auctions, or rounding up Christians and killing them by the thousands? While their co-conspirators poured into our country and roamed freely, in other countries they murdered innocent civilians, some of them our citizens and hid behind religious belief. They willingly became human bombs, but we were expected to address insanity with a FBI business card and a subpoena for a grand jury appearance. When will somebody in Congress ask the big question: How many FBI agent man-hours were wasted on frivolous, politically correct nonsense while Osama Bin Laden was getting ready to kill thousands within our borders?

These were murderous, crazed lunatics, but somebody in the Clinton Administration apparently saw terrorists in a different light. After all, didn't they pardon Puerto Rican terrorists? Murder, bombing, and torture isn't so bad, I guess, when the terrorists are promoting a movement seen in harmony with your own political beliefs. After all, isn't everything - including terrorists - relative?

The public execution of a woman by the Taliban in November 1999
The public execution of a woman by the Taliban in November 1999

What is it about a religion that proscribes mutilation of a woman's genitals and the stoning of a woman suspected of adultery that bothers squeamish people like me? The fact that women are literally treated like cattle, and can be beaten in public and killed in private is unacceptable. This cannot be passed off as simply a cultural or religious difference. Why didn't we conclude that angry, hostile, violent behavior could someday be turned upon us?

These terrorists said they would attack us, they did attack us, and we had no protections in place to stop them. Two decades of law enforcement taught me that criminal violence has no logic - its just violence. Terrorism is political- criminal violence, a tool excused by the Left who finds terrorism useful when honesty fails them. Terrorism is a brutal attempt to seize power when verbal persuasion is not working. In other words, when lies are not enough, you blow people up.

While Bill Clinton and his crowd expended enormous energy demonizing law abiding U.S. citizens for wanting to own guns - a guaranteed right in the U.S. Constitution - religious extremists were arming themselves with the latest military armaments and technology. While Bill Clinton wagged a finger at us for our anger at his frivolity in our Oval Office, on our time, terrorists were plotting, bombing, killing our citizens and striking our military installations and equipment.

Bombers turned into butterflies were the politically correct vision for the man from Hope who "loathed the military." Many of the Cold-warriors that didn't buy into his hookah pipe-dream were harassed into early retirement.

However, there were plenty of people who were in perfect lockstep with Clinton. Some of these same people appear on TV today and tell us what we should do next. If they had a clue about what to do, why didn't they do it when they had the chance, and the power? And, why should we listen to them now?

When Bill Clinton assumed command, his first concern was making the U.S. military safe - for gays and lesbians. Attacks against U.S. interests began in early 1993 with the deaths of U.S. soldiers in Somalia. Today, Osama Bin Laden's henchmen brag that they shot down U.S. helicopters, and they slit the throats of three U.S. servicemen, before dragging them naked through the streets of Somalia. What did Clinton do? He bombed an aspirin factory and some sand dunes, which amount to symbolic gesturing. Hardened terrorists were apparently not impressed with Clinton's "pop" gun approach - they were only encouraged, inasmuch as they were still alive! It's the terrorists, stupid!

Republicans in the White House may be bad for welfare programs, but nobody - I repeat nobody can ever make the case that a Republican president has ever been soft on national defense. Democrats are infamous for the creation of crisis and false choices. They have led us to believe that if you have a strong military and maintain a strong intelligence capability, that somehow you cannot inoculate children, or rid neighborhoods of toxic waste. Now we face real biological terror, and you can't get much more toxic than the site which used to be the World Trade Center.

Did "political correctness" die along with our collective naiveté on September 11? Try speaking these words:

"Tighten up the U.S. borders! Arrest or detain any illegal immigrants who may have had a part, or knowledge about the terrible event on September 11th. Bomb any country that encourages attacks against the US, and kill their leaders. Rebuild the U.S. military. Report suspicious activity. Take a careful look at those who are joining you on your next airplane ride then plan violent acts against any who attempt to take over the flight. And carry your wonderful cell phone at all times - even in your SUV - dial 911 when you see something that alarms you. Pay attention to what's really important - alertness may save your life, or the life of your neighbor."

Are you at odds with anything you just read aloud? Maybe PC is dead. After thirty long years of wandering in a hazy Woodstock wilderness its just possible that we've become a nation managed by adults. The liberal P.C. crowd has suddenly lost all credibility. Good riddance to the New-Left, "flower power" and all the other nonsense that have now made America a dangerous place to live.

Gary Aldrich is the president and founder of the Patrick Henry Center, nonprofit, non-partisan educational and charitable foundation. He is also the author of the bestseller, Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House.

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