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Syria on the Security Council

By Phillip J. Hubbell
web posted October 15, 2001

The United States is fighting a war. We are sending into harms way, our soldiers, risking their lives to rid the world of terrorism. President Bush has told us that we will not rest until victory is achieved over this particular scourge. Ours is a righteous endeavor. So what does the United Nations do? They vote to install Syria on the Security Council. This is the same United Nations that removed the US from the Human Rights Commission and installed the Sudan. Can someone tell me why the United States is a member of this organization? Can someone tell me why the United States allows this organization to take up space on our soil? It seems to me that those buildings could be used to replace recently lost New York office space and the dues money we spend propping up this eyesore could be used to help rebuild the World Trade Center or go to the families damaged by the terrorist attacks.

The United Nations has long been a cesspool of anti-Americanism. Every country in the General Assembly gets an equal vote. So tiny countries, with their petty dictators, socialist governments and jealous, periodically starving, populations look for ways to take shots at the free people of the United States. Somehow it is our fault that the third world is mired in poverty even though they refuse to embrace the kind of free market capitalism that gives us our prosperity. Anyone with the best interests of the United States in mind ought to be able to see through the motives of the recent votes in the U.N.

The Democrat Party in the US continues to be the main cheerleader for our continuing membership the UN and the Republican Party reluctantly funds this horror because the left has won the rhetoric war. The mantra of the left is that support for the UN is our duty to the community of nations (regardless of a given policy's affect on the United States or our principles.) The Republican politicians, long on good political ideas, short on political courage, have allowed this outfit to sit out on the shore of the East River like some enemy beachhead, looking for ways to degrade the host country.

With the bombing of the World Trade Center and the War on Terrorism well underway, I think the time has come for both the Democrats and the Republicans to mend this particular fence and rid the world of this bastion of anti-Americanism. If they are unwilling to rid the world, let's at least rid New York of it.

When the United Nations voted to remove the United States from the Human Rights Commission and replaced us with Sudan I thought something might be done then. Currently sitting on the HRC along with Sudan are those bastions of Human Rights, Libya, China and Cuba. This is kind of like putting Holland in charge of the War on Drugs, Afghanistan in charge of the Museum of Art, or France in charge of cultural exchange.

Last time I looked Syria was a supporter of Middle Eastern Terrorist groups. Did Hezbollah stop being a terrorist group sometime in the last week? I don't recall the transition ceremony. Despite Colin Powell's insistence on having Syrian support in the coalition against terrorism, they aren't the good guys. This is the U.N.'s way of telling the United States that the majority of countries do not support our actions in Afghanistan. Most of the Middle Eastern "allies" voted to put Syria on the Security Council.

I guess I don't mind if a grouping of nations wants to get together and bash the United States. I really shouldn't care if they want to create a farce like the Commission on Human Rights and man it with the world's worst offenders. I suppose they can even put evil countries on the Security Council. But, I do mind that they have the nerve to act this way on American soil, with American tax dollars and with American soldiers engaged in trying to stamp out what these countries represent. The United Nations is a farce. It is just a place for America bashing and I think we have taken all the bashing we need to take this year. They should find another country to bilk. Move the whole thing over to North Africa someplace or perhaps Baghdad.

Phillip J. Hubbell is the author of Write Winger: Solutions for the Politically Oblique, which is available from

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