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Integrity, integrity, integrity

By Kerry L. Marsala
web posted October 18, 2004

According to the New International Webster's Dictionary the definition of integrity is: n. strict compliance to an ethical standard; the state of being whole or sound. Now let's define ethical: adj. morally right. Putting this definition together one could say- Integrity enforces rules and is absolute in conforming to a moral standard; standing firm on truth and not windsurfing.

John Kerry's mother couldn't have spoken these words of "integrity, integrity, integrity" any more prophetically to her son as she lay dying in her hospital bed a couple of years ago. Was John Kerry's mother telling her son something he doesn’t hold true to his heart and soul? John Kerry's mother felt the need to repeat a message of adherence to a higher calling of moral standards and then standing strong and true in them- unwavering marching forward with a banner of "integrity, integrity, integrity."

As a senator of twenty years, Kerry's flip-flopping and windsurfing I am sure has left the meaning of integrity deeply saddened. Kerry is in lockstep with one of the most liberal officials in our government, Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, voting with Sen. Kennedy 93 per cent of the time.

The nonpartisan National Journal Scored Kerry’s Votes Most Liberal In Senate For 2003. Kerry scored a Senate-high 97 per cent liberal rating for 2003, beating out Sens. Barbara Boxer (91), Hillary Clinton (89), Ted Kennedy (88), and Tom Daschle (80). (National Journal Website, "How They Measured Up," 2/27/04)

John Kerry as our presidential hopeful claims he's for the middle class, yet his record on raising taxes shows him to be otherwise. As Senator - John Kerry has voted at least 350 times for higher taxes. Under former President Clinton - John Kerry voted for the biggest tax increase In American history. Presidential Nominee John Kerry voted against President Bush’s historic 2001 and 2003 tax cuts. John Kerry has voted against the Balanced Budget Amendment at least five times and lastly John (integrity) Kerry has voted against major tax relief at least 29 times. John Kerry calls for fiscal responsibility but his record shows in 1993 he voted for the largest tax hike in history.

John KerryKerry's windsurfing on our taxes is not what the middle class needs. In September 2001, Kerry stated on (NBC's Meet The Press, 8/2/01) that we shouldn't raise taxes in an economic downturn. Kerry is quoted as saying, "The first priority is the economy of our nation. And when you have a downturn in the economy, the last thing you do is raise taxes or cut spending. We shouldn’t do either. We need to maintain a course that hopefully will stimulate the economy. . . . No, we should not raise taxes, but we have to put everything on the table to take a look at why we have this structural problem today. . . you don’t want to raise taxes."

Then in April 2002, Sen. Kerry stated he wanted a larger tax cut and was- "Not in favor of" a repeal. CNN’s Tucker Carlson of Crossfire, 4/16/02 asked Kerry, "Senator Kerry, . . . [many Democrats] get a lot of political mileage out of criticizing [President Bush’s tax cut], but nobody has the courage to say repeal it. Are you for repealing it?" John Kerry replied, "It’s not a question of courage. . . . And it’s not an issue right now. We passed appropriately a tax cut as a stimulus, some $40 billion. Many of us thought it should have even maybe been a little bit larger this last year . . . . The next tax cut doesn’t take effect until 2004. If we can grow the economy enough between now and then, if we have sensible policies in place and make good choices, who knows what our choices will be. So it’s simply not a ripe issue right now. And I’m not in favor of turning around today and repealing it."

Then in December 2002, Kerry flip-flopped on NBC’s Meet The Press, 12/1/02. Tim Russert asked Kerry, "Senator . . . should we freeze or roll back the Bush tax cut?" Kerry stated, "Well, I wouldn’t take away from people who’ve already been given their tax cut . . . . What I would not do is give any new Bush tax cuts. . . ." Russert asked, "So the tax cut that’s scheduled to be implemented in the coming years . . . ." Kerry replied, "No new tax cut under the Bush plan. . . . It doesn’t make economic sense." Russert then holds Kerry's flip-flops to the fire, "Now, this is a change, because let me show you what you said in September of 2001 when I asked you the very same question."

How can any of us trust a man who now wants to take our money back and spend it the way he sees fit in his socialistic governmental plan? How is this right for the middle class? Where is the integrity?

How does John Kerry's integrity hold up for the married middle class? John Kerry first stated that he would fight to keep tax relief for married couples. Kerry said, "Howard Dean and Gephardt are going to put the marriage penalty back in place. So if you get married in America, we’re going to charge you more taxes. I do not want to do that." (Fox News’ "Special Report," 10/23/03). Then on MSNBC's News Live 7/31/03 Kerry is quoted as saying, "We fought hard to get rid of the marriage penalty." But, in 1998, Kerry voted against eliminating marriage penalty relief for married taxpayers with combined incomes less than $50,000 per year, saving taxpayers $46 Billion over 10 years. (S. 1415, CQ Vote #154: Rejected 48-50: R 5-49; D 43-1, 6/10/98, Kerry Voted Yea) Where is the integrity we ask again John Kerry?

Many middle class Americans are small business owners. Where is John Kerry's integrity to support the American entrepreneurial spirit and create more jobs? Sen. Kerry voted against exempting small businesses and family farms from Clinton income tax increase. (S. Con. Res. 18, CQ Vote #79: Motion Agreed To 54-45: R 0-43; D 54-2, 3/25/93, Kerry Voted Yea), but three months later Sen. Kerry voted in favor of proposal to exclude small businesses from the increased income tax. (S. 1134, CQ Vote #171: Motion Rejected 56-42: R 43-0; D 13-42, 6/24/93, Kerry Voted Yea)

John Kerry claimed he fought to exempt small businesses from income tax increases. Kerry stated, "I worked to amend the reconciliation bill so that it would … exempt small businesses who are classified as subchapter S corporations from the increased individual income tax." (Sen. John Kerry, Congressional Record, 6/29/93, p. S 8268)

John Kerry do you understand what your stance on raising the taxes on those who make more than 200,000 a year is going to have on the small business owner? Perhaps you don't need the integrity to stand for those who own small businesses and their desire to grow their industry to create more jobs for the American people- you don't have to- you married up.

Integrity when it comes to health care is something not only small businesses owners need to be concerned over, but an issue all American's who don’t want government sanctioned health care ever.

In 2001, Sen. Kerry voted against the amendment that would provide seventy billion for tax credits for small business to purchase health insurance. (H. Con. Res. 83, CQ Vote #83: Rejected 49-51: R 48-2; D 1-49, 4/5/01, Kerry Voted Nay)

Now, Presidential Nominee John Kerry promises refundable tax credits to the small business owner for health coverage. Kerry is quoted, "Refundable tax credits for up to 50 percent of the cost of coverage will be offered to small businesses and their employees to make health care more affordable." ("John Kerry’s Plan To Make Health Care Affordable To Every American," John Kerry For President Website, www.johnkerry.com, Accessed 1/21/04). Well when Sen. Kerry wasn't running for the office that demands integrity he was against the small business owner. Has he now seen the light or is this just another piecrust promise…easily made- and easily broken? Can the small business owner really rely on Kerry to keep his word or will it blow another direction again?

As John Kerry touts health care for all under his governmental program lets examine how his integrity has held up over the years on health care for the masses.

In 1993, Kerry expressed doubts that federal employees health benefits system worked well. "Hillary Rodham Clinton today offered a fresh description of one of the most confusing elements of the Administration health care plan, the health insurance purchasing alliances, saying they would let all Americans choose coverage in the way members of Congress do. … Senator John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts, said he was not sure that the Federal program worked all that well." (Adam Clymer, "Hillary Clinton Says Health Plan Will Be Familiar," The New York Times, 12/8/93).

In the Boston Globe 12/19/93, Ana Puga reported on the "Lawmakers Talk Health Care" article stated that Sen. Kerry expressed his personal dissatisfaction with his coverage through the Federal program. "Earlier this month, when Hillary Rodham Clinton came to Boston and vowed that average Americans would get as good coverage as that enjoyed by their senators and representatives, Sen. John F. Kerry told Clinton that he thought the country could do better. The Massachusetts Democrat said he was thinking, among other recent disasters, of his $500 dental bill for treatment of an abscessed tooth. ‘Because it was done in the dentist’s office, rather than the hospital, they didn’t cover it. So they were urging me to go spend twice as much in a hospital,’ said Kerry, who is covered by BACE, the Beneficial Association of Capitol Employees."

Now, on the crusade trail, Kerry is passionate about the health care he receives as Senator. Kerry stated, "As a U.S. Senator, I could get the best health care in the world. Most people aren’t so lucky, and we need to change that. That’s why my plan gives every American access to the same kind of health care that members of Congress give themselves. … Because your family’s health care is just as important as any politicians’ in Washington." (Sen. John Kerry, "Affordable Health Care For All Americans," Remarks At Mercy Medical, Cedar Rapids, IA, 12/14/03)

John Kerry claimed in 1994 that the Democrats push health care too much (Boston Herald 11/30/94). In his final moments towards the election homestretch Kerry has now turned his empty campaign promises of healthcare into- "my passion." John Kerry now claims that health care is his "passion." Sen. Kerry says expanding coverage is "my passion." (USA Today 6/2/03).

Gee, just a few weeks ago I thought John Kerry's passion was just about "I served in Vietnam." What happened?

These windsurfing flip-flops are but a glimpse into a man who hasn't an ounce of integrity. The public at large will never know of John Kerry's unstable stances on double taxation dividends, 50-cent tax gas increase, litmus tests for judicial nominees, welfare reform, stock option expensing, flip flopping on $10,000 donations limits to his PAC, ballistic missile defense, strategic petroleum reserve, funding for our troops in Iraq and his latest view on the war on terror.

Kerry's lack of integrity wants us to turn back the clock to the days prior to 9/11 where terror was nothing more than a nuisance. Comparing this war against evil murderers who kill innocents in the name of Allah to a nuisance like prostitution is a slap in the face to all who've been murdered or died for the cause of liberty.

The main stream media isn’t going to divulge the true character of those who belong to the far-left group of John Kerry, they haven't any integrity either. It's up to us as individual American's to search for truth, study the candidates and compare their integrity side by side. We can be blind and believe the lies or we can take a stand as a nation and demand "integrity, integrity, integrity."

John Kerry by definition never listened to the wise words of his dear dying mother.

Kerry L. Marsala is a freelance journalist who is terrible at being patient enough to check punctuation and grammar. She writes for Opinion Editorials; The Rant; Canada Free Press; Independent Newspapers; EV Tribune; ACU Foundation; Canadian Free Press; Sarah's Seed Woman's Journal; A. M. Siriano; Men's News Daily; Lady Liberty; NZ Herald; Citizen Newspaper; amgoodnews.com; Americonservative; TAC; PHX News; The Right Guys; Conservababes; The Alberta Weekly; Conservative Battle Line; Focus Magazine; Insight Online; GOPUSA; and The Truth Magazine.

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