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web posted October 18, 2004

Re: Bring them on

Until President Bush, other members of congress and their rich and powerful elitist cronies start sending their Ivy League children into the military to fight the war in Iraq I'd rather not hear anymore rhetoric of how important that war is to our national security.

It has been verified that there were no weapons of mass destruction and there was not a connection between Saddam Hussein and 9/11. The smoke screen has cleared!

Some military analysts are now hinting that we purposely drew the foreign terrorists into Iraq so our soldiers could fight them in an already war ravaged country thereby reducing as much as possible continued terrorist attacks on civilians in our homeland. When President Bush said, "Bring them on", the terrorists took him up on the offer.

As unfortunate as it is we accept more readily American soldiers being killed and maimed fighting a war in a foreign country more than we accept noncombatant American civilians being murdered by the same enemy here at home.

We will eventually rebuild Iraq to our liking politically, economically and militarily. At the same time we will have gained a stronger foothold in a volatile but oil rich region. Iraq is going to owe us for a very long time. The hundreds of billions of dollars it's costing now will be offset by economic returns to us for years to come. Of course most of those returns will go to those rich and powerful elitists, the same ones who are now getting richer through the war effort and reconstruction.

Unfortunately, while the rich get richer, our middle class volunteer soldiers keep dying. Tragically, to some that is a totally acceptable trade off.

George S. Kulas
Sergeant Major
U.S. Army, Retired

web posted October 11, 2004

Re: Some thoughts on the first Bush-Kerry debate by Carol Devine-Molin (October 4, 2004)

Naturally I didn't expect more from this publication. Why should I? Journalism has long ago left its neutral stance and become either right or left. No, we're not electing the president of a debating squad. Duh. We are electing someone who we expect to earn the respect of the international community. "Command respect?" No. One does not command respect, but one can earn it. Problem is, President Bush can probably not earn it.

What do you mean by "only superpower"? Do you mean militarily? Economically? If so, you are certainly wrong. The Russians have about 12,500 or so nuclear weapons that can be re-targeted for the west, and Japan/China/Korea represent an enormous economic bloc that certainly challenges the American/European economic bloc. Your remarks are entirely passe, predictable, boring, and expected.

Billy B. Walker Jr.

web posted October 4, 2004

Re: Hollywood's message

There are many questions in life which may often come to a persons' mind, and one of those questions I find interesting is......why is it when a liberal president is in office, entertainment (movies, television, etc......) with a political "slant" is often "tame"; however, when a conservative sits in the high office, political movies and such tend to have violent overtones, up to and including messages advocating a revolutionary change in government and its' leadership?

So far this year, I have heard or read about a couple of different movies on political assassinations, and this kind of garbage is something the Secret Service needs to be looking into, so as to protect President Bush and his family.

Some may say that my opinions here are just "alarmist rhetoric", but it is a known fact that many of the so-called "Hollywood elite" despise the president; and with that in mind, why would any thinking American believe that those in our nation's "entertainment" business would not stoop to poison some already sick mind into committing an act of violence against our commander-in-chief? In failing to consider that possibility, one plays right into the hands of those leftist fools in show business, and leaves open the possibility for one of many tragic circumstances to occur when everyones' guard is down.

To put ones' "trust" in Hollywood is to fall into a most evil snare, with consequences of epic proportions; and with the instability of world politics and military situations, this is a move which is most unwise at this stage of history.

Don't fall for the same old celebrity leftist nonsense, scare tactics, and foolish rhetoric. Vote responsibly, and when you see something in any form of the media (including the news) and it seems highly improper or suspicious to you; then know when to say "No!" to those politically leftist idealogues, and then say a prayer for your president, that God will protect him and his family, as well as our nation.

William G. Smith
Lancaster, Pa.



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