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Another liberal fairy tale

By Nathan Tabor
web posted October 23, 2006

The nation of Norway has now given us the first museum exhibition that claims that the birds, the bees, and other animals may be homosexuals.

The Oslo Natural History Museum exhibit is just one more example of propaganda invading the scientific world. Based on its assessment of same-sex attraction in the animal kingdom, the museum draws the conclusion that homosexuality cannot be considered "unnatural."

The exhibit's project leader, Geir Soeli, was quoted as saying, "The sexual urge is strong in all animals…It's a part of life, it's fun to have sex," Soeli made this statement in trying to explain the bizarre conclusion that homosexuality is rampant among animals.

In one exhibit, two stuffed female swans are depicted on a nest—a clear effort to promote the "Heather Has Two Mommies" school of thought. Meanwhile, a photograph shows a male giraffe mounting another giraffe—supposedly in expectation of sex.

There would seem to be a clear political reason for this kind of exhibition. In some countries, laws are on the books which call homosexuality a "crime against nature." One Reuters report conceded that researchers haven't paid much attention to animal homosexuality. The Reuters report concludes the disinterest might be the result of "distaste, lack of interest or fear or ridicule."

But perhaps the real reason for the disinterest is because it doesn't pass the laugh test. If homosexuality were truly strong in the animal kingdom, there would be no animals left, since they would be unable and unwilling to reproduce. As the Reuters report points out, homosexuality would seem to be a genetic dead-end.

Soeli claims that bonobos, a type of chimpanzee, are all bisexuals. This is significant, because those who believe in evolution rather than in intelligent design can then make the case that we humans must all have bisexual tendencies too, since, in their view, we're all descended from apes.

For years, homosexual activists have tried to make the case that there's a special homosexual gene hiding in the gene pool. Yet, that simply doesn't explain why one human twin might pursue a homosexual lifestyle and another would not.

The trouble with museum exhibits like this one is that they try to sell children on the idea that homosexual sex is not an aberration—a claim that can lead to justification of same sex marriage. With liberals such as these running scientific exhibits and some schools, we can fully expect a version of the beloved storybook The Three Little Pigs to give rise to The Three Gay Pigs.

It's the natural progression, after all. ESR

Nathan Tabor is the founder and owner of The Conservative Voice. He writes a weekly column, regularly appears on radio, and his book on the evils of the United Nations, The Beast on the East River, has just been published by Thomas Nelson. Nathan received his BA in psychology from St. Andrews Presbyterian College and his MA in public policy from Regent University.


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