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The ultimate child molestation: Murder

By Michael Moriarty
web posted October 16, 2006

Charles Roberts
Charles Carl Roberts IV, his wife Marie and daughter Abigail

Charles Roberts, milkman, husband and father, psychotic assassin of five young girls in an Amish elementary school in Pennsylvania, possible pedophiliac, certainly an admitted fantasy-keeper of child molestation, he guns down the utterly innocent in the most peaceful and presumptively one of the safest schools in America - and then turns his weapon on himself - - leaving us all … horrified!

Yes, until this first week of October, he was a virtual nobody!

Was it for fame?

No, the crime is too ghoulish for such a pathetic fantasy.

Forensic psychologists are poring over his life and psychiatric records for clues as to what might have triggered such insanity; it seems to defy even the norm for child molesters … why?!

His friends and neighbors describe him as a model everything, with no hint or clue as to what had been brewing inside him. He had delivered milk to the families of his victims.

So, in an effort to enter his mind, one might say he was staring at an irrepressible urge that would eventually have him arrested, tried and convicted, sentenced to prison where he would most certainly be first terrorized and then possibly executed sadistically by his fellow inmates. What would such an act as he committed upon children, what would multiple homicides appease within him?

Repeatedly the press and commentators describe him as "Angry at God!!"

Hmmm … it certainly was an object lesson for someone or something - but for whom?

We, who are left to ponder such an obscenity, are fully aware that it is us for whom the act was committed. Mr. Roberts knew where and how huge his "audience" would be - yes, the entire united states, not to mention the rest of the world which would most certainly read about it and remember columbine high school and that massacre of children by children.

What does it mean?! That is our repeated question … for everything in life has its meaning.

Hitler's Nazi germany has left an indelible memory of man's inhumanity to man. Stalin's purge broke records but few wish to know the gory details. However, after the recent biography of mao zedong will have been widely read and known in depth, everybody will know that the record of Hitler's and Stalin's evil was surpassed by a single man who took the communist formula - that abominable game without any rules called dialectical materialism - into regions and diabolical achievements that can never be repeated, because the conditions under which he rose to power will never be duplicated. Mao's sadism, terrorism, torture and the deliberate starvation of millions of his own people - it can never be equaled, at least, not as shamelessly!!

However, an atrocity unleashed upon children?!

He is angry at God? He is lashing out at a Creator who would put human beings into such a self-loathing torture chamber, a scylla and charybdis of forbidden desires and an inevitably sadistic sentence for appeasing such lusts? Death at the merciless hands of his fellow inmates.

And executing five young girls will - what? Show god a thing or two?

Murder is, indeed, the ultimate molestation of children!

Capital punishment by suicide is the just sentence! Or, at least, that is what Mr. Roberts thought.

What is Mr. Roberts trying to tell us?

A number of public figures, me included, have been sexually molested in their lives and moved on to, in some cases, remarkable achievements and careers. Oprah Winfrey is the most famous of such admitted victims of sexual assault as a child. If you add in Roseanne and a female preacher named Rev. Meyer, and place them among the list of "molested," you might build a case for child molestation as the reason for "over-achievement."

"Whatever," as my neighboring canadians say, the molested child is still alive to live out his or her destiny as most of us do - always scarred by something to a greater or lesser extent; forever, in some way, "the walking wounded."

The supposedly molested children of waco, texas did not have such an opportunity after the clinton administration's assault upon what senator hillary clinton has called a "perverse religion".

Eighty dead men, women and children and the autobiographies of mr. And Mrs. Clinton later, we find out that attorney general janet reno did, indeed, talk with her president, asking him for permission to storm the enclave – as a "rescue mission" for reputedly molested children. She had categorically denied it before the waco investigating committee. Her testimony had been breathtaking in its "near psychosis", as the new york times described portions of it.

Five dead children in amish country pennsylvania … eighty dead men women and children in waco, texas. One was clearly cold-blooded murder, and the other -

Oh, Janet Reno wept. Both the clintons confessed to the disastrous mistake of assaulting the compound at all. Regarding the supposed demands by the fbi to attack, the subsequent director of the FBI, Louis Freeh, said, "the FBI get paid to wait," and former president clinton makes it very clear in his autobiography that his patience with a previous and profoundly similar situation in Arkansas, when he was governor, paid off, with no lives lost.

Who, then, really demanded the hit on Waco?

The FBI? They have no right to order or demand anything from either the president or the attorney general. Besides, there is no record that any member of the FBI was present at the meeting between Attorney General Reno and President Clinton.

President Clinton ordered it? He eventually "okayed it" but hardly requested it.

And who really hired Janet Reno in the first place? And who is more than willing to call the Koresh cult a "perverse religion?"

The first lady, Hillary Clinton.

I was molested at eleven years of age in a drive-in movie theater. Thank God Hillary and Janet weren't around. There would have been no car left … let alone two very pathetic human beings.

Is Mr. Roberts evil? Or is he one of the most pathetic human beings in American history … as pathetic as the instigator, the perpetrators and the perjurious apologists for the Waco assault?

There is child molestation and then, of course, there is murder.

Perhaps, that is the object lesson Mr. Roberts was delivering us in that school room.

"You don't like child molestation?! Try this for child molestation?!!"

Then he shot himself.

At least he knew the price for infanticide … it's a little greater than crying and then lying about a mistake.

Well, if he hadn't committed that atrocity, he might well have entered an abortion clinic with bombs strapped to his own body and, well, you know the rest.

It would have been the same object lesson.

A friend of mine, Jim Kouri, now my campaign manager for the Realists Party and my presidential candidacy, reminded me of a last line spoken by ben stone, the character I played in the television series law and order. After successfully convicting an abortion clinic bomber, I am with robinette, my associate, and I simply remind him that the bombing never would have happened if it hadn't been for Roe v. Wade.

I do know that Roe v. Wade never would have happened without Planned Parenthood and Planned Parenthood never would have happened without Margaret Sanger, and Margaret Sanger would never have haunted American history if she hadn't first and foremost been a disciple of Sir Francis Galton and his diabolical vision of eugenics and the super human race.

As I say in the title, the "ultimate child molestation is murder". And what purpose would that serve? The eventual creation of a new world order of utter indifference to the american's "inalienable right to life when created," not gestated, in which a new super human race can be created by the scientists … and not left up to the whims of our father almighty and mother nature.

Obviously Mr. Roberts is telling us that the punishment for infanticide is death! It used to be that way … until the progressive liberals showed up … and stormed Waco, Texas. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Mary Christmas and Force of Impact. Moriarty is also running for President of the United States in 2008 as a candidate for the Realists Party. To find out more about Moriarty's presidential campaign, contact rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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