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Bellocution lessons: Pt. 3 – You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile

By Alisa Craddock
web posted October 15, 2007

We come now to Part 3 of our exploration of the revealing seventh chapter of Hilaire Belloc's 1938 book, The Great Heresies.  In the first part we looked at anti-Catholicism as it has trammeled, unchallenged, over Catholic truth, Catholic virtue, and Catholic Rights.  The purpose, as Belloc tells us, of the Modernist era, which he identifies as antichrist, is a final advance against the Church, and all, not just some, of her teachings.  In Part 2, The Death of Reason, we looked at the perverse sort of "reason" that has supplanted the wholesome, tried, and proven reason of traditional moral beliefs, and how this promises an era of barbarity and cruelty.  In Part 3, I'd like to examine more closely the exact "nature of the beast", if you'll pardon the pun, and how it thinks and behaves.  (The indented words are taken from Belloc's book.) 

"[Modernism] is not troubled by apparent contradictions within its own body so long as the general alliance is one for the ending of all that by which we have hitherto lived"…

A recent glaring example of this contradiction in reason is the apparent willingness of the liberal left to treat Islam as a "peaceful" religion, extolling its achievements, even (in California) having children pretend to be Muslims for a time in a class project, despite that religion's reputation for oppressing women (a claim which those same liberals loudly—and falsely—make about the Catholic Church), killing homosexuals, killing or enslaving those of other faiths, and this in contradiction to their own (tiresome) drumbeat about separation of church and state, which apparently only applies to Christianity.  In addition, there is the contradiction between the false accusations of the Christian Right as being the "American Taliban", violent, bigoted, furious, while simultaneously downplaying the actual violence perpetrated by the fanatics of Islam, not to mention the fanatics of anti-Christianism (such as the pro-abortion crowd).  They seize also the opportunity to demonize the Church for the Crusades, for which I personally, as a woman, am profoundly grateful.  I‘m glad I don't have to wear a burka and be a non-person.  I don't want to be a slave.  We should all be grateful that Christianity fought back the Muslim advance into Christian lands, or else we'd all be subject to Sharia Law and, should we foolishly dare to do what the left want us Catholics to do—blaspheme and renounce our religion--we'd find ourselves the target of a fatwa.  (See Chapter 4 of this same book for Belloc's discourse on Mohammedism).  This is the religion whose fanatical adherents lock little girls in burning school rooms because their heads aren't covered. This is the religion that has a man arrested for being alone with a woman who is not his wife because he discovers his neighbor is sick and calls for an ambulance.  Yet, we are oh, so solicitous toward the adherents of this dark religion while demonizing the true Prince of Peace and His disciples.  It is glaringly obvious that any weapon will do in the war against the Church, even a weapon as dangerous and likely to backfire as a celebration (in the name of diversity) of Islam.  But any club will do in the effort to bludgeon Christianity to death, I guess.  And, of course, that is because it is Christianity that stands in the way of their secular, "progressive" utopian dream:

The better dupes, the less vicious converts to the enemy, talk vaguely of a "readjustment, a new world, a new order"; but they do not begin by telling us, as in common reason they should, upon what principles this new order is to be raised.  They do not define the end they have in view.

There's that "thing" again, the New World Order, foretold by Belloc 70 yeas ago.  And it is increasingly obvious what end they have in view now, isn't it.  Out with the old (Christian order), in with the New (secular humanist, atheist, socialist monstrosity, apparently of human design, but spiritually and philosophically Christian civilization's mirror opposite).  And though they don't spell it out, we can discern a few things about it, can't we?  It's collectivist for one.  I have been called a collectivist from time to time by people who do not understand the difference between Christian self-sacrifice and collectivism.  You know how I'm always talking about "mirror opposites"?  About God's laws and the devil's version of them—tolerance instead of charity? Quality of life instead of dignity of life, etc?  Well this is another one of them:  Collectivism (I'm referring here to "social collectivism") is the devil's version of Christian self-sacrifice.  Social Collectivism, according to the Humanities Web, is "The doctrine that human individuals live only for the benefit of the state or society, from which all rights are derived." Now, that is clearly not what I stand for, or what Catholicism stands for.  Right living serves the well-being of the community and the state, because it creates a culture that is wholesome, but that is not the same thing as the state erasing your individuality.  I believe that the act of giving charity creates a moral contract between the giver and the receiver.  When the state takes it from you involuntarily and gives it to another as an "entitlement", there is no moral contract.  There is only the injustice of having the fruits of your labor given to one who didn't work for it, but who has been conditioned to believe he is entitled to it.  Further, I do not believe rights come from the state, nor that we live for the benefit of the state or community.  But actions by us which collectively create a community that is unwholesome for individuals and families, that destroy the soul and cause people to live in fear, is just plain suicide. 

So you see, collectivism is just another form of enslavement of the will (as with all of Satan's "virtues").  Christians choose by assent of the will to be subject to God in love, to be proactive, to be thoughtful and prudent, to be moral and just, to give, to live, and sometimes to die for others.  Remember Mr. Spock's dying words in Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan?  "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one."  The need to save the ship and protect its crew outweighed the need of Spock's friends and family, or even his own desire to live. He made a choice.  That is self-sacrifice by an assent of the will.  He sacrificed his life so that others might live.  Our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan confront that challenge every day.  

Collectivism involves no assent of the will, but is imposed upon us, and those who impose it upon us are not themselves subject to it.  It does not serve the needs of the many, but of the machine.  The state, or the Corporation.  You do not have a choice.  It erases individuality and individual judgment, individual conscience, individual assent.  Remember the Borg?  This was extreme collectivism.  The secret, if you remember, to undoing the might of the Borg was to sever the link between them—to turn them into individuals, to give them back free will where they could reassert their humanity, expressed first and foremost in the resurrection of their conscience.  The conscience is the most important aspect of our humanity, and when it is suppressed or allowed to become fallow, it becomes fertile ground for the introduction of diabolical ideas.   Does that not describe what Belloc suggests in the following statement? :

Communism (which is only one manifestation, and probably a passing one, of this Modern Attack) professes to be directed towards a certain good, to wit, the abolition of poverty. But it does not tell you why this should be a good; it does not admit that its scheme is also to destroy other things which are also by the common consent of mankind good; the family, property (which is the guarantee of individual freedom and individual dignity), humour, mercy, and every form of what we consider right living.

If the future planned for us is not exactly Communist, it is certainly some evolution of it, and certainly no less sinister.  The NWO has all the worst elements of communism, and all the worst of capitalism, and none of the things which we "by common consent" regard as "good".  Its policies destroy family life, aim to control all property, particularly land and resources, and the oceans, to redefine mercy (as Hitler did).  And humor?  Only to mock that which we find most sacred, but there is no humor in it.  It has no humor.  It takes itself too seriously for that.  Finally, we see in the anti-life agenda and the gay agenda, and in the dismantling of Christian social teaching, the destruction of "every form of what we consider right living."  I am amazed and disturbed that we have so far had our consciences and our reason corrupted so successfully that we can be persuaded that those who embrace clearly aberrant (sterile) sex with members of their own sex, who wallow in the most grotesque debauchery, are "normal" and that those who are repelled by it are sick:  Homophobia and heterosexism, it is called..  What an absurd idea. Untainted reason and an intact conscience rebel against the imposition of such a ridiculous notion.  But the new "religion" has as its priests so-called "scientists" whose pontifications are regarded as sacrosanct, and to resist their "dogmatic pronouncements" is just "insane".  The effort to stigmatize those with "rigid" religious or moral views as mentally ill is already underway with now two studies by prominent universities coming to the same conclusion.  Conservatives are sickos.  What a surprise…

Would it surprise you to learn that this already happened in the post Vatican II seminaries of the 1970s when many young men who had been brought up in traditional Catholic teaching seeking to be priests were mandatorily sent for counseling because they were too "rigid" (unwilling to compromise on God's laws), if they were allowed into the seminaries at all.  Many of the seminaries had been taken over by "progressives"—that is, communists and homosexuals trying to create a "new church".  Persecution of faithful men abounded while a gay subculture emerged known as the "Lavender Mafia" that proceeded to dismantle the moral teaching of the church.  Witness the results.  Those who wish to denounce the church for its failures or its hierarchical structure should examine the similarities between Catholic government and ours.  Because the same thing that attacked the Church is attacking our country.  The Church never fell because she retains the truth at her core.   But her truth is truth for all.  If, in our zeal to shed her authority over us, we lose sight of the truth, will we not fall? 

We may take it then that…what will perhaps prove the final advance against the Church… is fundamentally materialist…

It advances like a juggernaut, possessing the diabolical rationality of a machine, lacking a human face or human feelings.  It appears unstoppable.  Like the Borg.  Mindless consumerism.  "We are the Borg.  You will be assimilated.  Resistance is futile."  Everyone must be brought into the hive mind.  If someone is no longer useful or not worth assimilating or reassimilating, or able to be assimilated, that one is discarded, except for its useful parts (the technology only.  The biological component is discarded).  And the Borg ignore unassimilated individuals walking among them, until they perceive them as a threat.  The same could perhaps be said of those who resist the NWO.   

In our New World Order, everything is commodified, even the people.  Employees are "human capital" or "human resources" –sounds like something to use.  And so it is.  With transnational corporations controlling the world governments, having as their agenda primarily the cultivation of new markets (consumers) and controlling more and more of the world's wealth, the human factor is being "retooled" to serve this Brave New World, this hive of human debasement.  And like the Borg, this idea of perfection has no soul, nor does it exist for the betterment of its drones, but for the smooth functioning of the hive. 

The rejection of truth cannot rationally be justified, and so it revels in mockery.  That is the only way it can fight when the tapestry of lies begins to unravel. It attacks the truth and demonizes the one who speaks it.  Scriptures tell us to beware those who call evil, virtue, and virtue, evil.  Those who reject truth reject also virtue and goodness.  Belloc tells us: 

[T]here is…a certain indissoluble Trinity of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.  You cannot deny or attack one of these three without at the same time denying or attacking both the others…[T]here is coming not only a contempt for beauty but a hatred of it; and immediately upon the heels of this there appears a contempt and hatred for virtue.

This we see in the disgusting and malicious remarks about Mother Teresa, (who even Bill Clinton wouldn't argue with, such was the level of respect she commanded in life) about John Paul II, and, worst of all, upon the dignity, virtue, and purity of Our Lord, and His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is the very embodiment of human purity and virtue.  Yet, it has become quite fashionable in Hollywood, on college campuses, in feminist circles, and in gay and lesbian activism to spew contempt, not only at religion, but at virtue itself, and at God, who is Truth, beauty and goodness.  Images of Our Lady are defiled, Christ is depicted as a homosexual or a womanizer, Mother Teresa is said to be a greedy, moneygrubber, getting a perverse sexual pleasure from her ministrations to the poorest of the poor, and recharacterizing her "dark night of the soul" to suggest she might have been an atheist.  Now the liars are saying John Paul II had his feeding tube removed.  Why make up such perverse lies?

Through the years, I have seen many artists' depictions of hell or demons, showing both torment and lasciviousness, but I had never perceived the accuracy of them until I observed in the present era this hideous voluptuousness that the spirits of the damned rub our noses in to mock our love and our dignity.  They abjure Truth, they reject virtue (because virtue is the proof of God's Truth), while elevating obscenity and promiscuity as the new "virtue", the new sacrament.  Beauty (especially inner beauty—purity and lovliness) makes them insane with envy, so beauty is mocked and rejected as well.  It is unfathomable how anyone could embrace such foul debasement of human dignity.  But this has become our culture.  The artists depictions of demons are reflected in the tattooed, pierced bodies of the youth culture, and in sordid behavior that goes beyond rebellion to the very depths of depravity.  It is shoved in our faces inescapably each time we turn on the television, drive down the highway, turn on our computers, (especially if we are unfortunate enough to stumble onto a cleverly disguised porno site that won't let you escape unless you literally turn off your computer), our children are even morally assaulted when they go to school.  They, too, will be assimilatedResistance is futile.

Well, give it what name you like…we know the "thing" well enough. It is not the revolt of the oppressed; it is not the rising of the proletariat against capitalist injustice and cruelty; it is something from without, some evil spirit taking advantage of men's distress and of their anger against unjust conditions…

We see how the plight of blacks in this country led to the introduction of socialist policies, the "Good Society" of Lyndon Johnson, that has had the effect of destroying black family life and has trained a generation of "oppressed" groups of every variety to claim injustice and victimhood.  The list of the oppressed gets longer and longer, the complaints become more contrived and more childish, and real justice is perverted into a never ending struggle for a utopian equality that is impossible without dehumanizing everyone, creating a cookie cutter conformity, a mindless borg-like hive of drones. Then there is no justice at all.  Ironically, it was radical individualism that brought all this about, for when the authority of God was suddenly limited by the "reason" of men, men became God.  Or more precisely, men usurped the throne of God. 

Now that thing is at our gates. Ultimately, of course, it is the fruit of the original break-up of Christendom at the Reformation. It began in the denial of a central authority, it has ended by telling man that he is sufficient to himself, and it has set up everywhere great idols to be worshipped as gods.

And what are our gods?  Money.  Sex.  Science.  Our bodies.  Our selves.  The denial of divine law makes us subject to laws written by men who serve neither God nor man, but seek merely to control and use their brethren if he is usable, and to dispose of him, if he is not.

[I]t appears also… in the races and nations where mere force is set in the place of God. These also set up idols to which hideous human sacrifice is paid. By these also justice and the right order of things are denied.

This was most exemplified in the imposition of communist rule on free nations, where hundreds of millions were killed who were not "assimilated", or who spoke imprudently, even to the point of punishing with long prison sentences those who inadvertently showed disrespect, such as those who accidentally covered a picture of a communist leader.  Forced idolatry, enforced with the zeal and irrationality of a Salem witch hunt.  Do we not see this mindset creeping up on us? 

This new paganism, this worship of self, even has a pagan sacrifice, and it is human sacrifice, as surely as the children sacrificed to Moloch:  Our unborn babies.  Hideous human sacrifice. Abortion, euthanasia, genocide.  And for those allowed to live, the destruction of their souls. 

The Modern Attack on the Catholic Church… has so far progressed that it has already produced social, intellectual and moral forms which combined give it the savour of a religion.

The religion is called secular humanism.  It is the religion of radical individualism, with each man his own god.  But like all philosophies not grounded in the fullness of truth, it has been hijacked by those who seek to enslave humanity.  Secular humanism sounds very appealing on paper to those who are looking for a way out of the obligations of a world under the authority of God and a conscience formed according to his law, but like Communism, the utopian vision presented by the Secular Humanists doesn't reflect the reality, for it does not nourish the soul, and a dead soul is a slave.  The miracle of faith cannot be explained to those who have not received it, but its fruits are the kind that endure, and are held in contrast to the fruits of hatred, such as communism and Nazism.

The Catholic Church is frequently decried for having in centuries past used force, including torture, to silence people from blaspheming.  It was wrong, of course, but the numbers have been greatly exaggerated by the Church's enemies to hundreds of millions (there were not a hundred million people in all of Europe at that time.  Did the Church kill them all?)  In truth, something between 2500 and 4000 people where executed by the Church (those killed by the governments of Catholic countries are not included) in the several hundred years the inquisition existed--nothing in comparison to the hundreds of millions that have been killed by the radical secular governments of the last century.  The Church learned the lesson centuries ago that modern secular institutions still have not learned.  Perhaps she understood far better than anyone back then the danger of such ideas, even if she didn't know how to stop them.  For we are everywhere seeing the horrors of the inquisition reappear, and in greater numbers, in all of secular society.  The biggest argument against separation of Church and state (or separation at least of God and state) is that the state has one philosophy and the people have another.  The state that does not recognize the authority of God and his law must set itself against the people who are inclined toward faith and "right living" according to divine law.  One philosophy must prevail, and the secular state is determined that it shall be theirs.  In a benevolent society, the government would follow the higher authority of God in writing its laws.  Our own Founding Fathers recognized this as the make or break factor in the success of our Republic, but our leaders have abandoned divine providence in favor of a man-made utopian scheme that hates all that we Christians love.  It is Antichrist.  And the persecution has just begun.  ESR

Alisa Craddock is a columnist and activist in the culture war, a convert to Catholicism, and describes herself as a Christian Libertarian.  She may be contacted at alisa.craddock at hushmail.com.


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