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Here come the Dems - again!

By Henry Lamb
web posted October 1, 2007

With all the disappointment experienced during the Bush years, it is easy to understand why people are again looking to Democrats to set the nation on the right course.   What is the right course?  According to many Democrats and Republicans alike, the "right" course is anything other than what President Bush and the congressional Republicans want.

But is it?   Some Washington watchers remember the Clinton era, which ended another 12 years of Republican rule from the White House.  The Clinton administration was filled with lobbyists and executives from environmental, and social justice organizations.  Leaders of the Sierra Club, the Wilderness Society, the World Resources Institute, the World Wildlife Fund, the Audubon Society, and the Natural Resources Defense Council, the League of Conservation Voters, and similar organizations, virtually staffed all  the agencies of the federal government.

Al Gore personally went to Kyoto, Japan and agreed to the Kyoto Protocol which did not include China, India, and 130 other nations, despite a Senate Resolution which explicitly prohibited U.S. participation in such an agreement.

The last Democratic regime arranged for Carlsbad Caverns to be designated as a World Heritage Site without even consulting the local County Commissioners.  The last Democratic regime designated the 1.8-million acre Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, without informing Congress or the Governor of Utah,  expressly to prevent the recovery of the largest reserve of low-sulfur coal in America by the Andalex Coal Mine.  It may have been a coincidence that the Riyadi family, one of the Clinton's largest funders, controlled a competing reserve of low-sulfur coal in Indonesia.

The last Democratic regime arranged for UNESCO to declare Yellowstone National Park to be a World Heritage Site "in danger," which served as an excuse to impose an 18-million acre buffer zone around the 2.3-million acre park, and  shut down Crowne Butte Mines, on private property three miles away from Yellowstone.

The Dems created the President's Council on Sustainable Development, which, for the entire Democratic tenure in the White House, served as a portal through which the  U.N.'s Agenda 21 was incorporated into public policy through  "rule making" procedures. 

The long train of abuses to the principles of freedom, gleefully imposed by the last Democratic regime, has been pushed from memory by the constant stream of propaganda published by the likes of MoveOn.org, and other well-funded extremist groups.

Here come the Dems - again!

They are not waiting for the next presidential election, they are already locking up land again. Bills currently before Congress hope to designate as much as ten million acres of new "wilderness" areas.  The last Democratic regime added 23-million acres, bringing the total wilderness areas to 107-million acres.  This is a far cry from the original 9-million acres designated in 1964, expressly to preserve wilderness so future generations could see what our founders had to conquer.  How much wilderness is needed?   Wilderness designation takes away, forever,  land and resources from the people who are supposed to own it.

Listen to the Democrats talk about socialized medicine.  The last Democratic regime produced "Hillary Care," which, fortunately, was defeated.  The new wave of  Democrats are sure to enact some form of socialized medicine that will eventually fail - and bankrupt the nation.

It was a Democratic regime that constrained our military in Vietnam, and eventually succeeded in raising the white flag in defeat, against a rag-tag bunch of communists who could not have prevailed had Democrats had the gumption to allow our military to fight to win.  This same "white-flag," Democratic mentality has been spewing like a geyser since the U.S. first stepped foot into Afghanistan.

Democrats cannot  resist a U.N. treaty, or a tax increase.  They seem to be engineered to think that every perceived  problem needs a government program.  If there are too few problems, Democrats don't hesitate to think one up in order to construct another government program.  There are not enough gun-control laws to satisfy Democrats, but far too much enforcement of the laws we have.  Education is not the responsibility of parents, in the collective mind of the Democrats, it is the responsibility of government. 

In recent years, too many Republicans in Washington have acted like Democrats, promoting U.N. treaties that erode sovereignty, and refusing to enforce immigration laws.  It's not too late to remember what Republicans once considered to be important: individual freedom, private property rights, national sovereignty, and free markets.  There are candidates who still hold these values to be virtuous.  These candidates may not wear the Republican label, and they are most unlikely to be Democrats, but they are out there.  Unless the American voters find them, and elect them, the country is in for another lengthy Democratic regime. ESR

Henry Lamb is the executive vice president of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO), and chairman of Sovereignty International.


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