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Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory again

By Dr. Robert Owens
web posted October 26, 2009

Never since the mid 1970s when the Water Gate Congress insisted on abandoning our South Vietnamese allies after the war had been won have I seen defeat snatched from the jaws of victory in such a bold and decisive manner. 

As I survey the scene in America today I'm beginning to wonder if we would be in any worse shape if we'd lost the Cold War.  From sea to shining sea Americans watch as the once greatest industrial nation on earth board up our factories and ship our manufacturing capacity to other countries.  It seems like every other day the last investigative journalist in America, Glenn Beck is exposing one more Marxist in President Obama's inner circle.  That big lovable fuzz-ball Rush Limbaugh is judged a racist based on manufactured quotes and lies repeated by the President's trained peacock and the rest of the establishment media while America watches accusations of racism used to squash any criticism of Barak H*@%$*n Obama.  Freedom of speech dissolves as we learn it's profiling for some to mention the man's middle name while at the same time school children are taught to memorize songs using his middle name extolling his Nobel sized accomplishments mmm mmm mmm. 

Like Iran we're nearing critical mass. With uninformed voters not knowing know who they're voting for and uninformed politicians not knowing what they're voting for does anyone wonder why America's in trouble?  It was bad when our elected representatives voted for bills they haven't read now under the inspired leadership of San Francisco Nancy Pelosi and Dingy Harry Reid they're voting for bills they haven't written yet.  In their infinite wisdom they've figured out how to score a bill evaluating its impact on our budget before the official language meets the paper, now that's economy of effort.

At least according to the corporations once known as the Mainstream Media the Great Recession is finally over.  And at least according to Never-had-a-real-job-in-his life Joe Biden the stimulus is working better than expected.  After diligent searching I've finally located those shovel-ready jobs the perpetually re-elected dangled in front of our eyes so we wouldn't pass-out when they coughed up 787 billion of our dollars so that unemployment wouldn't get over 8%.  After driving past two miles of orange cones and seeing nothing but perfectly good road and a few guys using shovels as partners to dance the Chitown Hustle I came upon one of those $2000 "Putting America to Work" signs that informed me the whole thing was a snow job and the only shovel-ready thing about it was the politicians ready to shovel the billions to their pet interest groups to buy votes. 

People who once had good paying jobs are selling lotto tickets at the Quick-i-Mart to people who still believe that's their only hope for change.  By the time the dust settles how many of us will be standing in front of our boarded-up economy asking, "Brother Can You Spare Some Change?"  The President says he is looking at any way possible to create jobs.  How about setting America free and getting out of the way?  Does anyone doubt that if the Federal Government declared an income tax holiday and let everyone keep their gross for a year they wouldn't spend it?  Does anyone doubt if corporate taxes were cut and capital gains lowered people wouldn't invest in expansion? Does any doubt that if we were allowed to choose any insurance company we wanted and there was real tort reform medical insurance rates wouldn't go down? 

This isn't rocket science it's political science and economics two arcane pseudo-sciences that just about anyone who takes the time to read can understand.  Free people in a free economy will outperform any collectivist regime ever devised no matter how many songs praising the Dear Leader the school children learn to sing.  Remember the Cold War?  The Communists with their bureaucratically strangled centrally-planned command economy said they would bury us while their workers joked, "They pretend to pay us so we pretend to work."  Instead our capitalistic system of individual freedom and personal opportunity buried them.  We won the war and declared a peace-dividend we wasted playing policeman of the world nation-building for people who hate us.  Today, with our economy on the ropes mired in wars we refuse to win, with our industry exported or government-owned people ask "Who won what?"  The Soviets also said our own grandchildren would raise the red flag from the White House.   They may not have raised a flag but the place is now filled with Marxist advisors and a media-made messiah president who listens to them.  Who won Communism or Capitalism?  In America today that may be a difference without a distinction a place where honesty forces us to say if there's no difference there's no difference. ESR

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, Religion, and Leadership for Southside Virginia Community CollegeContact Dr. Owens. © 2009 Robert R. Owens http://robertrowens.com/ Dr. Owens is available for speaking engagements.




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