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web posted October 19, 20089

Re: Lying about bias by Bruce Walker (October 12, 2009)

In regards to Bruce Walker's article on media bias I would like to say that he has a point. The media does go about this sham of objectivity when they are advancing an agenda and it isn't right. If you are going to advance a leftish position lets at least be honest about it. However he makes one glaring omission in his piece. He conveniently forgets about Fox News. I live in Canada and when I travel to America and watch Fox I am just a little bit insulted by Fox's slogan "Fair and Balanced". Fox has such a blatantly conservative (keep in mind I say conservative not Republican) slant that to insist that they are fair and balance is to do the same thing as CBS and MSNBC. In fact Canadian conservatives often joke that the national broadcaster the CBC, which is in the tank for the Liberal Party of Canada, is just as fair and balanced as Fox. Not that there is anything wrong with an explicitly conservative network but still. If you are going to go after media bias on the left can we at least apply the rules fairly to both sides and call out the Fox as well. Fox may be " fair", whatever that means but they certainly are not balanced. They advance a conservative agenda and hide behind the veneer of balance and fairness to mask this. If we expect MSNBC, CBS, and ABC to be honest about their bias we should be honest about ours as well.

Kevin C. Day



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