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An Ecstatic Loneliness: Chapter Nine

By Michael Moriarty
web posted October 15, 2012

While a London-style fog engulfs our little village in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, I forge on with this unfolding mystery of An Ecstatic Loneliness.

What is mysterious about it? For one, I have no idea how my life will end! Well … it will rise to greater ecstasy! I'm certain of that!!

How, why or what my life has left to achieve in order to bring it to completion? What is left within me to still be seen, read or heard?

Haven't a clue except for my dreams.

Despite Sigmund Freud, all dreams and aspirations remain a mystery. They drive the human race forward but the depth of their reality can never be determined at the moment in which these dreams arise.

Winston ChurchillI'm gazing at a cover photo of my hero, Sir Winston Churchill. His arms are outstretched in a generously inclusive moment during one of his speeches. I am rather certain that were I ever to have met him he would have dismissed me quite swiftly, written me off as an "actor".

His soul, however, now that it explores the entire Universe with his usual abandon? Now that Churchill knows his "Voice" needs as many living messengers as are humanly possible and I, Michael Moriarty, despite my Irish rebelliousness, seem to have a most warmly loving appreciation of that Great Knight's eternal purpose in Life?

"On!" said another great English Knight, Sir Tyrone Guthrie.

"On! Don't go back!!"

Meanwhile, "The Dreams" never stop!!!

Did Churchill ever know retreat?

In his Wilderness Years.

An inner retreat that introduced him to The Black Dog.

The Black Dog of Depression!

What has this to do with An Ecstatic Loneliness?

My certainty that Churchill knew even more ecstasies than he ever encountered as depression. He held a Shakespearean range of emotions that would easily be labeled by the Lilliputian minds of psychiatry as "manic-depression".

For me it is simply the struggle between God and the Devil. The second in which such Negativity in its serpentine manner invades my soul? I say a prayer of thanks to God for everything, absolutely everything!

That includes the Devil's ubiquitous presence. Nothing drives the Devil and his Negativities and plots out of one's soul faster than a prayer of thanks to God Almighty. Thanks for everything, including the presence of Evil.

Such surrender to God's will, which includes the existence of the Devil, utterly emasculates Evil!

"Thy will, not mine," said Christ to His Almighty Father.

Why, on the other hand, do I place such importance upon Sir Winston Churchill? Neville Chamberlain and Marshall Pétain are the reasons.

For my former employer NBC to continue with its parent company, General Electric, and their appeasement policies with the likes of Barack Hussein Obama?! It is even more like a collaborating Pétain than the naïve likes of Chamberlain!

Instead of a change of White House administrations, I chose to change countries.


Not only would America give Bill Clinton's Janet Reno a second 4 year term as Attorney General, things would even get worse for America under the sleight-of-hands defense for George Bush Jr. and his Bush family reinvasion of Iraq.

The Bush Jr. administration gave no reason for me to believe that the bipartisan support for George Bush Sr.'s notion of a New World Order would change. Indeed, the son was taking orders from the father.

"Go back to Iraq and finish the job I started, Junior! Destroy Hussein in any way you can!!"

What gave Junior the grounds, the mind-boggling, imagination-stretching justification for renewing a war with Iraq that had already ended?


Proofs tying Saddam Hussein to the Twin Towers tragedy are increasingly weak. A more troubling fact is Osama bin Laden's familial connection to the United Arab Emirates and their own desire to see Hussein eliminated. George Bush Jr. had no justifiable cause for war in Iraq without the uproar in the wake of the Twin Towers' utter and complete destruction on 9/11. However, connecting Hussein to Osama bin Laden is far more difficult than connecting Hussein as a target for the Bush Family's best friends in the Arab world.

Saying Hussein was a terrorist like Osama was and therefore, according the Bush Family Logic, they both plotted 9/11 together?

That is like saying Governor George Wallace of Alabama was actually James Earl Ray. They may have had many of the same… uh… proclivities… but one can't be accused of the crimes belonging to the other. Infuriatingly empty logic mysteriously allowed the Bushes and America to avoid catching and killing Osama bin Laden for almost ten years!

VE day was celebrated on May 7th, 1945, over six years after war was declared against Germany on September 3rd, 1939.

It took only five and a quarter years to hunt down Adolf Hitler!! It takes ten years for America to find Osama bin Laden?!

It only took America roughly four years to defeat all of Nazi Germany. George Bush Jr. can't find bin Laden in seven years and it takes Obama another three years to track him down and shoot him?!

This is beyond suspicious.

It takes America over twice the length of time it took for the United States to defeat Hitler in order to track down Osama bin Laden and assassinate him?!

I don't think so.

Over 300 million suckers vote in America and it took two, duly elected Presidents to carry them on the suicide train they are still sitting in?!


And people wonder why I'm still a resident of Canada.

I was kicked out of the America I once knew and loved in the same way the Obama Administration sent the Oval Office bust of Churchill back to the British Embassy.

Churchill is irrelevant to the meaning of the United States?!?!

With the Magna Carta and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms I feel safer and on much more solid ground within the British Commonwealth than in my former homeland of America.

With Obama's "fundamental transformation of the United States of America" and the treasonous distortions he's already inflicted upon the American Constitution and the Declaration of Independence?

Now that all Americans are no longer insured "equality" upon "creation" and, as the American Supreme Court ruled, only allowed to live post-second-trimester of gestation … if they are lucky?

Now that the greatest bastion of individual freedom in the history of the world, the United States of America, possibly faces four more years of the Obama Nation?

Thank God for Canada!!

With my bottomless gratitude to Canada duly noted, this Chapter Nine of my memoir, An Ecstatic Loneliness, has two major events in my life inspiring it: the 2012 Olympics and my new History of World War III. With those two apparent opposites in mind, I see my struggle to leave Law and Order as not only inevitable but divinely inspired.


Amidst an emergency, action first, meditations later!

It is a well-known fact that most heroic or, at least, courageous acts occur even before the actor himself or herself has had time to "think about it".

Now in the roughly fifteen years that have followed my decision to leave the United States, I've had more than enough time to ponder the … yes … the divine logic that supports my choice to be an ex-patriot.

Now, at 71 years of age, I find myself the luckiest of human beings!


I've confirmed my belief that all of life is perfect!

Yes, despite Voltaire and the comic burlesque within his bitter satire, Candide, the perfection of Leonard Bernstein's final ode, Make Our Garden Grow, makes the previous and silly operetta a perfect inspiration to Bernstein's genius. In short, Voltaire was as much in need of Bernstein as Bernstein was in need of Voltaire.

Bernstein, in this, his 70th birthday celebration, sitting in the audience, is a bit overwhelmed by the culmination of his own life. Yes, despite Voltaire's message of Life's "Imperfections", the ecstasies shared during our existences make the dramas, comedies and tragedies of life a trilogy of perfection!!

No, the ecstasies of life come at just the right time and frequently arrive when you've despaired of their ever happening.

Please listen to the entire rendition of Make Our Garden Grow. The chorus' moment without accompaniment, it's an a capella eruption!

Nakedly human voices without instrumental accompaniment exploding in ecstasy.

Voltaire and Bernstein might, perhaps, say it is an explosion in defiance of God's Horrifyingly Imperfect Universe!

I don't agree.

For me Make Our Garden Grow is a divine cry of gratitude!

Gratitude for what?

For the Garden God gave us! ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.







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