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The real enemy

By Bruce Walker
web posted October 8, 2012

The Left has long posed as the foe of wealth and status and the hero of the poor and despised.  In the 2012 presidential campaign, the Left has tried to portray Mitt Romney as the candidate of wealth, the pawn of the "Establishment" which governs America with indifference to the lives of ordinary people.

The "Establishment," of course, is Leftism.  It has been Leftism for a long time.  How long?  Forty-seven years ago, Maurice Stanton Evans wrote a book, The Liberal Establishment, with the subtitle, Who Runs America…and How, which details wonderfully the ways in which entrenched power throughout government and society was firmly in the hands of the Left. 

The list of flacks for Leftism is drearily familiar:  academia, public school systems, the entertainment industry, professional organizations, nonprofit foundations of vast wealth, the bureaucracies dependent upon social grievance and mind-numbing regulations (which includes not only federal and state bureaucrats but "experts" in private industry who would have spent their careers mastering the arcane arts of regulatory compliance) and, of course, the media. 

It is this establishment which is our true enemy.  Although it is vital to defeat Obama, capture the Senate and hold the House, the hand puppets who are nominal candidates of the Democrat Party are not the real enemy.  Obama, Biden, Reid and Pelosi are profoundly ignorant and shallow people.  They have no new ideas, no special insights, no real understanding.  . 

Does that sound extreme?  Listen to Nancy Pelosi here or Obama's stupid statements here or the incredible inanity of Biden or the bumbling, fumbling Wasserman-Schultz.  It is not so much that these are bad people or liars:  they are profoundly insipid politicians who have no intellect, no eloquence, and no charm.  The political leaders of the Left owe their power and prestige exclusively to the vast Leftist establishment.

The media has long been recognized by conservatives as the real foe.  The offenses of television news fifty years ago was actually more egregious than today, but there was virtually no way for conservatives to expose this bigoted hatred of traditional American values.  Moreover, the notional "competitors" in the news organizations of CBS, ABC and NBC never ever exposed the bias of their rivals.   What the Left had then was a cartel – not an economic cartel but an ideological cartel. 

When Vanderbilt University began to record network news broadcasts for academic research purposes in the early 1970s, CBS actually sued to stop the university from recording its news programs in the future and to turn over all the videotapes of past news programs.  The abuses of the truth seemed to have no bounds.  The 1972 "documentary" on national defense by ABC News a few weeks before the November elections began by telling viewers that six out of every ten tax dollars went to national defense (the figure, which any grade school student could have researched, was only 38%) and that the B-52 was a supersonic bomber (it was not, and that was a crucial fact in the Pentagon's argument for a supersonic bomber.)

Surveys and polls today routinely reflect what any conservative knew forty years ago:  the media is not fair or accurate and Republicans, much more than Democrats, see it that way;  that the media is increasingly biased and that it is working to help Obama;  that by an overwhelming plurality, Americans see the media as "too liberal" rather than "too conservative;" and very recently, that distrust in the media is at an all time high

All of these polls show that conservatives and Republicans have much less faith in the media than liberals and Democrats, but that latest Gallup Poll shows another vital fact:  Independents have almost as little faith (31%) in the media as Republicans have (26%.)   Democrats are wildly out of synch with the rest of America:  58% of Democrats trust the media, and Democrat trust in the media has actually grown in the last year. 

It is high time that Republicans campaigned against the real enemy, which is the Leftist establishment and, particularly, in this election season against the Leftist media.  Sock puppets like Obama, Reid and Pelosi are utterly inconsequential:  vote one such Leftist nebbish out and another equally pathetic nonentity will take his place. 

What should Romney and other Republicans do?  How about explicitly campaigning against the corrupt Leftist Establishment, calling it out by name, and making it clear that empty suits like Obama, Reid and Pelosi are nothing more than the front men for a truly sinister Left which cannot stand the light of day.  How would the media handle a Republican campaign that made these malefactors of great wealth the very focus of the campaign and the source of our failure as a nation?  It would work and, in fact, nothing else ever will. ESR

Bruce Walker is the author of book Poor Lenin's Almanac: Perverse Leftists Proverbs for Modern Life and a contributing editor to Enter Stage Right.



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