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Virginia Foxx: RINO poster girl

By Dr. Lester Jackson
web posted October 23, 2017

I was very pleased when President Trump signed his first executive order to dismantle ObamaCare in the face of the Republican Congress having broken its repeatedly made promise and pretense to do the same. However, I was utterly repulsed by an aspect of what happened at that event. Therefore, I am taking time from completing my forthcoming book* to comment on what I consider to be the despicable obscenity of RINO Virginia Foxx worming her way (15:52) to be next to Mr. Trump. Foxy weasel Foxx obviously hoped to benefit from the public opposition to the very ObamaCare monstrosity that she fought to make a reality. She managed to get her picture, standing next to the president, all over the news (e.g., here and here). Do not doubt for one second that she will use these pictures to somehow claim credit for President Trump’s ObamaCare dismantling.

What Foxx did was especially outrageous for this reason: Whereas President Obama repeatedly and routinely abused power he did not have, Foxx was a major player in the cabal of RINOs who refused to exercise the power they did have.

Repeatedly, it has been said that, as a businessman rather than a politician, Mr. Trump is naïve in the ways of the “swamp.” Whether that is or is not true, Ms. Foxx’s attempt to fool the public into believing that she opposed what she actively supported, is a graphic example of manipulative swamp deception. In fact, Ms. Foxx outspokenly opposed the opposition to ObamaCare.

Foxx personifies why I consider the Republican Party to be far worse than the Democrat Party. Over the years, many have come to expect nothing but a kick in the teeth from the latter. But true representative self-government cannot exist if voters have no choice. The purpose of elections is to give voters an authentic choice. It is the duty of the Republican Party, as the only feasible alternative to the Democrats, to provide that choice.

In fact, voters have only a choice between corrupt liars. As conservatives are now painfully aware, Republicans ran – and won – election after election on the promise to repeal ObamaCare. And they repeatedly voted to repeal it when they knew such votes were for show only. As a party, they staged countless sham votes on legislation intended only to fool their voters in to believing they would undo what they had no intention of undoing. The dramatic election of 2016, followed by the inaction of 2017 has demonstrated once and for all what corrupt charlatans the Republicans are.

Many have been surprised; I was not. For I was sick to my stomach, more than six years ago, when I happened upon a House Rules Committee hearing on C-Span. I knew then and there that Republicans, given a House majority in 2010 precisely on their promise to stop ObamaCare, merely had lied to get elected.

Up front and center was Virginia Foxx, an Obama ally and ObamaCare enabler (despite her false claim that she considered it an “abomination”) about whom, in 2015, I wrote the following:

Another little noticed yet major use of Rules to deceive conservatives occurred February 15, 2011. The Rules Committee held a painful-to-watch hearing that prevented a House vote on Rep. Steve King’s amendment to defund Obama-Boehner Care. Rep. Virginia Foxx claims to be an Obama Care opponent and cites as evidence (0:26) her utterly meaningless show-votes to repeal it.

From the January 2011 onset of RINO House control until March 21, 2014, Republicans “voted 54 times to undo, revamp or tweak” Obama Care. Yes, this gave them a chance to show that they were “doing something.”  The key word is “show.” When it came to doing something meaningful, such as cutting off funds, they were AWOL. There cannot be a better example of political frauds using roll call votes to deceive voters!

In any event, when actual Obama ally Foxx, revealing or feigning ignorance of basic high school civics, triumphantly asked (1:38) King what the Senate would do to his amendment, he patiently explained: “there is not a dime that can be spent by the federal government unless the House concurs” (2:01). On what was truly significant, [whether to grant] King a Rule permitting a vote to defund Obama Care, the professed opponents opposed the true opponent. As directed by Boehner, all eight Rules Committee Republicans not only voted against King’s proposed rule to defund Obama Care, but they also unctuously lectured him while disingenuously praising his courage. Also, in addition to Foxx, Tim Scott, a favorite of many conservatives, voted against King. Scott was later elevated to the Senate.

It was thus obvious more than six years ago that Republicans were poseurs who were really Democrats at heart. My full discussion of how Republican frauds, such as Foxx, subvert representative government can be found here. ESR

* I hope to have my Equal Justice for Victims available on Amazon.com by the end of next week.

Lester Jackson, Ph.D., is a former college Political Science teacher, who has written about the Supreme Court, crime, capital punishment and American politics. He has detailed the suffering inflicted upon homicide victims and their survivors. His recent articles are collected herehere and here. He is currently completing a book explaining why capital punishment has been eviscerated and what can be done about it.  Copyright © 2017 Lester Jackson, Ph.D.f





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