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The Holocaust

By Michael Moriarty
web posted October 8, 2018

I’m off to Europe for almost a month!

I hope and trust that ESR will keep this announcement up for the entire time I am gone.

That is until I get back to Canada!

I only have a portable computer with me and it doesn’t have all the thingamajingies that my desktop has.

Why am I going to Europe?

There’s a documentary I’ve been invited to participate in.

It’s about the miniseries Holocaust.

I’m keen to participate.

James Woods and Meryl Streep
James Woods and Meryl Streep in Holocaust

I haven’t really thought in depth about that experience for over forty years!

The producers contacted me a month ago and, my God, everything about the filming of Holocaust has begun to come back!

I’ve rerun the series now for three more times, having only seen it once when it was aired.


I’m certain, though it’s a bold claim, that Holocaust will be around forever!


I doubt if there’ll ever be a more accessible report on the worst nightmare that will, I trust, have ever happened to the human race.

What I’ll have to add to the conversations remains to be seen.

I haven’t been on camera in a long, long time.

Yes, I have opening-night-jitters!

Even if I feel good about my performance, one must await “THE FINAL CUT”.

That, of course, can always be disappointing.

We won’t have the slightest possibility of knowing the results until it’s released in January of next year.

When it will reach the North American continent and Canada, God only knows.

The German director and, yes, leader of this renewed interest in Holocaust, is Alice Agneskirchner.

A decidedly serious creator of documentaries, one of which has already asked a few deep questions about Germany and the Jewish family’s place in it now.

Michael Moriarty in Holocaust
Michael Moriarty in Holocaust

I have a whole set of new opinions about the mini-series, Holocaust.


My 17-year friendship with Elie Wiesel.

While I don’t hold what has been his very low opinion of the 9 ½ hours of film – I actually think Holocaust a classic and that it will live forever – I do share Elie’s inevitable resentment over the drama’s preference for “those who fought” over the 6 million dead victims, those following Nazi orders while, at the same time, praying to God for a savior.

Their obedience, I think, is how I would have responded to the homicidal insanity of Germany’s Third Reich!

Of course, one never knows what one would do until such a tragedy happens.

The director of NBC’S Holocaust, while it was being filmed, claimed he would never submit to the Nazis but be one of “those who fought!”


How can anyone really know what one might do when told, “If you don’t behave and follow our orders, we will take your parents, your wives and husbands, your children and your friends; and, after torturing them, we will burn them alive!”

I’d behave!

You can bet your life I’d behave.

Even if it eventually cost me my own life.


I’d be “buying time” for myself and my loved ones.

Miracles can and do happen! ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.




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