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The end that wasn't: The parallel between COVID-19 mRNA vaccines and Mary Mallon (aka Typhoid Mary)

By Charlotte B. Cerminaro
web posted October 18, 2021

In the long, sad history of monumental human disasters this one rings in near the top. A year-and-a-half ago many medical experts advised conservative prevention and treatment options over the expensive, ungainly and unknown technology that was, quite literally, being forced on a fearful and unsuspecting public. With an arsenal of potent antiviral drugs for prophylaxis and early treatment, we only had to wait for herd immunity to set in and we'd reach that critical mass stage of natural immunity. Now, many public health officials are scratching their heads, saying "This should've been over months ago!" And by all logical standards it should be over, mutated strains and all. Our yearly influenza vaccine is updated with the newest active strains and mutations, so why are we 18 months behind, on this? The answer is likely because politicians--not medical and bio-tech researchers--are determining treatment viability and protocol.

The immune response is extremely complex and occurs in stages; immunity to a virus is not acquired by the creation of one antibody. Even the simplest virus contains 2 or 3 outer proteins and an inner nucleic capsid, which contains the viral DNA or RNA material. During infection or traditional vaccination, second stage immunity is conferred when long-term antibodies (IgG) are created for each outer protein segment, plus the viral nucleic capsid. This second stage is very specific to each viral species and strain, and the body's own immune response creates the full spectrum of antibodies as a "safeguard". One antibody for one single outer protein of any virus, whether it's a coronavirus, adenovirus or herpesvirus, is insufficient for full protective immunity. Any competent immunologist knows that viruses mutate--one small mutation of this outer protein renders the vaccine obsolete. Instead of the numbers of infected going down, they continue to climb. But there is yet another reason that the mRNA vaccines are "leaky", and this could've been easily predicted if competent immunologists and virologists were consulted at any point during the pandemic.

Our body has a first-line immune response that we cannot shortcut. Cell-mediated immunity is also very complex, but essential in preventing out-of-control viral replication during early infection. Perhaps the most significant and important are the differentiated white blood cells; specifically, the lymphocytes known as Memory "B" cells, which maintain a long-term active memory for the unique shape and chemical signature of every bodily intruder, and can only be created by exposure to the complete antigen. Traditional vaccines for all known infectious agents--viral or bacterial--are made by killing or weakening the antigen, suspending it in a fluid that preserves the structural and chemical integrity of each separate strain, injecting this suspension into the body and letting the immune system work its magic. Every effective vaccine, from the Salk Polio Vaccine to the MMR and yearly influenza shot, contains this relatively simple formula. It produces first-line and second-line immunity, from the differentiated WBC's to the full spectrum of antibodies. For the very simple reason that the mRNA vaccines have short-circuited our immune response to the COVID-19 virus, vaccinated people actually pose a risk to the unvaccinated, not vice-versa. And those who actually contracted the COVID-19 virus are the only relatively safe population: For proximity to the unvaccinated and immunity to the possible "carriers" among the vaccinated.

The media has been able to boast, lately, that the vaccinated are more likely to get "sub-clinical" infections of shorter duration. A simple translation renders this phrase, "Asymptomatic short-term carriers" but researchers have found that, since first-line immunity has been bypassed with mRNA vaccines, these shorter duration infections still have an equally high viral load to symptomatic infections in the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike. Measures of the viral load in vaccinated, infected populations shows that, while they might feel fine and freely mingle, socially, with vulnerable populations, they are carrying the freely-multiplying and virulent contagion, unknowingly spreading it with impunity. Studies from every country show similar results -- https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/delta-infection-unvaccinated-and-vaccinate d-people-have-similar-levels-of-virus#Delta and https://www.news-medical.net/news/20210803/Unvaccinated-and-vaccinated-have-similar-viral-load-in-communities-high-in-SARS-CoV-2-delta.aspx and yet, not only is the public mystified by the rising numbers, they are now being encouraged to get "booster" shots to help protect them, in the face of waning immunity from their first two.

When will the madness finally end? Perhaps when those who are actually trained in the fields of immunology, virology and epidemiology are able to make decisions. To inform the public and to encourage the dozens of top bio-tech labs to create vaccines with the virus, including the different strains, as they do with the yearly influenza epidemic. The leaky mRNA vaccines are only a temporary band-aid, one that didn't even stick. Worse, they don't provide full immunity and allow the vaccinated a false sense of security, while they carry and spread the virus further than anyone could've ever imagined 18 months ago. Whoever owns the brilliant mind that created this vaccine had only colossal financial gain in sight, and the plight of the human race wasn't even a fleeting thought. In our supposedly democratic nation, and all over the civilized world, where are the dissenting voices? Where is all that diversity, all those choices? Where are the real experts? Does anyone remember Typhoid Mary? In summing up this pandemic, only two words come to mind: monopoly and socialism. ESR

Charlotte B. Cerminaro is a Juilliard-trained classical musician who, in addition to being a studio and orchestral musician, enjoys writing and has a degree in Molecular Biology. © 2021




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