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Codifying the collapse of the Demos' Russian collusion conspiracy

By Mark Alexander
 web posted October 11, 2021

I am obliged to record two cable news programs each evening, both of them from Fox News because I am already inundated with Leftmedia "journalism." Those programs are Bret Baier's "Special Report," mostly for his panel discussion, and "Tucker Carlson Tonight," because occasionally his monologues are interesting. Fortunately, much of the hard news they cover, our team has already analyzed in more detail hours earlier in our mid-day editions. Thus, two hours of recorded programing is generally reduced to about 30 minutes of watch time.

Monday night, there was an unexpected interaction between highly respected journalist Brit Hume and Bret Baier's former college roommate, Steven Hayes, regarding Joe Biden's corruption.

As you may know, in 2019 Hayes and former National Review writer Jonah Goldberg cofounded The Dispatch — which devolved into a Never-Trump platform in 2020. For that reason, we fired Goldberg from our columnist lineup about the time the ChiCom Virus pandemic was heating up ... and apparently when Goldberg's chronic case of Potomac Fever was full on.

Goldberg is one of Barack Obama's DC neighbors, and thanks to Jonah and his ilk, we now have Biden, BO's legacy fulfiller. But Hayes never was completely mired in Goldberg's rabid and arrogant anti-Trump ditch.

With that as a backdrop, in a panel conversation about Facebook's recently exposed bias and corruption, which has had an enormous impact on The Patriot Post's social media reach, Hayes declared how proud he was that The Dispatch was a Facebook fact-checker. Then, out of right field, Hume asked Hayes if they had fact-checked the fact-checkers who buried the Hunter Biden laptop story last October, revelations that exposed Joe Biden's quid pro quo pay-to-play scheme with the Red Chinese and Ukrainians.

Recall that the Leftmedia and their Big Tech First Amendment suppressors conspired in what was an unprecedented mass-media blackout of clear evidence exposing Joe "Big Guy" Biden's schemes as VP to collect big bucks in return for meetings with the Chinese and using his influence with Ukrainian officials.

In late 2019, Democrats attempted to impeach Trump for asking Ukraine to complete its investigation into the Bidens. In other words, they tried to impeach Trump for what Biden actually did as vice president: insist that Ukraine discontinue its investigation of Hunter Biden or lose its U.S. funding. That was the second of the Demos' coup d'états.

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Hayes responded: "We didn't do a straight-up fact-check on the Hunter Biden story in part because there wasn't enough information in those early days to do a definitive fact-check. That's part of the role of fact-checkers, determining what's factual so that you're correcting facts rather than trying to correct opinion."


In other words, Hayes, et al. colluded with the Demos and their laptop suppression campaign. Ironically, that was centered on the completely erroneous claim that the laptop content implicating Joe Biden was part of a Russian disinformation campaign, and that allowing it into print would therefore be unethical. We now know that assertion was completely contrived in order to spike the laptop bombshell before the election.

For the record, any media outlet that does not own up to its part in this lie, including The Dispatch, should never be trusted again.

I note the "Russian disinformation" claim was ironic because the Demos' first campaign to dethrone Donald Trump, hatched before he was elected president, was a deep-state coup conspiracy between senior Obama CIA and FBI principals and two key Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

That first well-organized coup d'état attempt involved fabricated claims that Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election. That fabrication is finally being exposed for what it was: a web of lies. This is too little too late. But we were on the case with what turned out to be very accurate assessments of that conspiracy all along. This would include our 2017 assessment of Clinton's role in the Fusion Russian collusion to use the fake Steele dossier to justify the entire investigation into Trump and his campaign. This plagued his presidency until Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded in 2019 what the rest of us knew all along: The accusations were fabricated.

But the investigation into who cooked up that conspiracy has not been tied off.

The latest indictment handed down by Special Counsel John Durham's investigation of that conspiracy, that of Clinton-connected lawyer Michael Sussmann, starts to tie together some conspirators.

Recall that Durham was appointed by Trump AG William Barr in May 2019 to investigate the origins of the Russian collusion hoax. Once it was clear Durham would bring criminal charges, potentially against the principal conspirators, a month before Trump left office Barr elevated Durham to special counsel, ostensibly protecting his investigation from political manipulation.

However, I don't believe that any indictments to come will lead to consequences for the primary co-conspirators, Clinton and Obama, and by extension, Biden. That, despite the fact that their fingerprints are all over the crime scene.

However, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), who was undeterred in his pursuit of the truth behind the collusion fabrication, concludes: "The [Sussmann] indictment is damning, full of shocking details showing how the Clinton campaign operatives and lawyers resorted to illegal and immoral methods to concoct false allegations against the Trump campaign and feed them to the FBI and the media. Obviously, many more people need to face justice, but it's gratifying to see Durham begun to unravel the web of lies and deceit that surrounded the Russian collusion hoax."

Investigative journalist John Solomon notes: "Slowly over five years, the Russia collusion story has been exposed for what it was: a three-legged political dirty trick in which highly credible figures with deep law enforcement, intelligence and news media ties were paid by the Clinton campaign to flood the FBI with unproven allegations that Trump was secretly colluding with Russia to steal the election from Clinton."

Of the corrupt complicity by a handful of key FBI managers, former federal prosecutor Trey Gowdy observed: "More FBI employees have been indicted than members of the Trump family. More people connected with the Clinton campaign have been indicted than members of the Trump family. But the biggest indictment of all may wind up being the FBI itself."

Now, almost a year after Trump lost his 2020 reelection bid — a loss largely due to the Democrats' final solution to dispose of Trump, their bulk-mail ballot fraud in several pivotal states — Durham's investigation may lead to significant additional indictments if Biden can't find a way to suppress the investigation.

The foundation of the Demos' collusion conspiracy started to crumble with the indictment last year of former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith. It was Clinesmith who lied in order to set up the bogus FISA warrant to investigate Trump campaign national security adviser Carter Page.

We now know Trump was right about the illegal FISA warrant that was used to justify the "Crossfire Hurricane" investigation. FBI Director Chris Wray has admitted the Page surveillance was illegal.

We can reasonably conclude that Clinesmith conspired with high-ranking principals, including FBI Director James Comey and CIA Director John Brennan, to set up Trump.

There is little doubt that Clinesmith, based on his sentencing leniency, provided state's evidence to Durham in order to assist his investigation into the key conspirators. Comey and Brennan should both be indicted, but it's doubtful that these two experts at using cutouts to cover their trail will be directly tied to the conspiracy.

Will Durham codify the collapse of this conspiracy? We will see...

Last year, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared: "The Russians were there [in 2016] and they are there now 24/7 trying to interfere in our election, but they're not the only ones. We take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. And sadly, the domestic enemies to our voting system and ... our Constitution are right at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with their allies in the Congress of the United States." Pelosi concluded that they are "enemies of the state."

Nancy Pelosi can protest all she wants, but it is she and her fellow Democrats who habitually and boldly violate their constitutional oaths and thus are the true enemies of American Liberty. And under the leadership of the Biden/Harris regime, they have excelled in their disregard for that oath. ESR

Mark Alexander is the executive editor of the Patriot Post.




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