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web posted October 1996

The CFFJ has been busy lately, but the big story in this continuing drama of persecution is that farmer Andy McMechan was convicted of five charges after he sold his barley without a Canada Wheat Board permit. McMechan was fined $13000 and jailed for four months with 2 years probation. As the CFFJ pointed out in a fax to me, the man who threatened the Prime Minister was released recently, but the farmer who wishes to practice free market capitalism is jailed.

McMechan is a farmer, and if you know anything about farms, the work never ends. If you are interested in helping McMechan out, here's what you can do. Andy's brother Tony has offered to combine Andy's crop of 900 acres for $13 per acre, fuel and trucking included. If you'd like to help pay for combining, please pledge how many acres multiplied by $13. You can fax your name, business name, address, city, province/state, postal/zip code and fax number to Greg McIntyre (306-379-4332). After harvest, Tony will bill you directly for the acres pledged and give you a receipt for Custom Combining. Please feel free to help Andy and his family in this difficult time.

Free Speech? Shut up.

As you may have heard, a group of farmers erected a sign in Saskatchewan near the U.S./Canada border that read "Welcome to Canada, The only country in the Free World that jails it's farmers for selling grain." Problem? Customs Canada objected to the sign and made a request to the Saskatchewan government to find some way to block this. End result? Farmer Herb Axton has been ordered to take the sign down. No free free speech.

Speaking of freedom...

The Edmonton Sun reported that Federal security agents questioned staff at the Alberta legislature to prepare to spy on anyone who was going to be involved in a protest against the Canada Wheat Board. Alberta's Agriculture Minister stated during session at the legislature that the Feds wanted to know if security could identify protesters.

While the Federal government stated that this is normal procedure, one has to wonder why the Feds were so interested in being able to identify people. I'll chime with Alberta Premier Ralph Klein who said "That's pretty spooky." The Federales seem to be mustering more muscle against these farmers daily. The power of government when used against citizens is immense, and entirely immoral. I guess Federal Agriculture Minister Ralph Goodale has a point to prove. My way or no way at all...

A note from Pam McMechan

I received this broadcast fax from the Canadian Farmers for Justice and I thought you might want to read it. It's directed to anyone who has helped the McMechan family during Andy's struggle with the Federal government:

I cannot begin to express our appreciation to everyone for all the time, effort and money that have gone into helping us during "The cause."
Today, September 23, is Day 77 (number of days Andy has spent in jail - editor's note), and all your support helps us look forward to the future.
Please remember Andy in your prayers.

Thank you,
Pam McMechan

At the risk of belaboring the point, do remember Andy and all the other farmer's who have been prosecuted by the Federal government for selling their wheat on the open market. They need your support.


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