Awwww…Let the big lug go, He's just upholding tradition

By Tom Adkins
web posted October 1998

Ya know, I'm getting sick and tired of everyone giving Bill Clinton a hard time.


I mean it. He seduced an intern? Big deal. He lied about it under oath? So what. He tried to make other people lie? Fine. What's the fuss? After all, he's "The Prez."

Some people have this goofy notion that Bill Clinton should obey the same laws as everyone else. That's dumb. Presidents should be allowed to make up whatever laws they want.

Heads of State all over the world do whatever they please. If a powerful ruler sees a beautiful woman, or even a chubby woman with a bad haircut, he just snaps his fingers, and she must come to him. Saddam Hussein's brother routinely kidnaps young women off the streets of Baghdad. You don't hear anyone complain in Iraq, do you?

Back in olden days, if a Czar woke up one morning and wanted a big feast, they called the cooks and set the tables. The pharaoh wanted a new pyramid? Done. The King wanted to wage war on a neighbor? The troops came to the castle, he gave 'em a sword, and off they went to die. And happily, I might add. After all, they had the privilege of dying for their king. Today, modern dictators have no false pretenses. You think Josef Stalin fretted over his constitution? You think Kim Il Sung or Jiang Zemin worry about pesky laws? Get real.

Powerful leaders can lie, cheat and steal from their subjects all day long. They can declare the sun purple and the grass chartreuse. Who will argue? Kings and dictators never run out of nifty ways to take care of those who disobey.

This system worked just fine for centuries. Then along came the United States of America, and screwed everything up. When the founding fathers wrote the constitution, they decided that everyone, even the president, must follow the same laws. Imagine. The president held to the same legal standard as some guy who works in a bowling alley. The "rule of law" they called it. Tell me…how is that better than the rule of a king? Breaking laws should be the right of kings, dictators and presidents, not convenience store clerks.

Which brings me back to Bill Clinton. Why are people so upset? He has done his best to uphold tradition. He abuses women, fires government workers (and tries to toss them in jail for good measure) so his rich friends can take over, steals FBI files and probably used a savings and loan as a piggy bank. Those are time-tested techniques used by leaders throughout history.

When people get nosy, he smartly blames the investigators, right-wing conspirators, anti-Arkansas conspirators, reporters, talk-show hosts, etc. He even blames people he abused. In fact, he attacks everyone who doubts his historic right to do whatever he damned well pleases. When investigators started to find hard evidence, he invented such novel excuses as executive privilege, secret service privilege, attorney-client privilege, Sox and Buddy privilege, and all sorts of stuff.

Some people think this is stonewalling. They just don't understand. Bill Clinton's commitment to evading truth and responsibility merely prove he is a keeper of the long held, worldwide tradition of powerful leaders abusing the public.

As far as I'm concerned, those women Clinton grabbed, groped, prodded and poked should be happy. They are, after all, in the presence of greatness. Those travel office employees should rot in jail with reverence. The 900 FBI files? To hell with privacy laws when a kingdom is at stake!

Those wild-eyed feminists certainly recognized the error of their ways. They have forgiven Bill Clinton all his sins. Why, he can now take your daughter without so much as a "pardon me." And that's no pun.

We should re-think what America is all about. Leaders should do whatever they want, without question. We should get back to that. And quick. A president should be able to make his own laws, then break them if he feels like it. So what if he took a few million dollars from China? So what if he let some fat- cat Democrat contributors sell rocket guidance technology to China in return? The next president will take care of it, silly. Doesn't anyone get it? What good is being Top Dog if you can't make up your own set of laws?

It's time Americans woke up and embraced the ideas that worked so well in the past. The constitution and the rule of law are just a pain in the neck. It's not fair that Clinton is forced to obey laws. He's done his best to be a great leader, in the fine tradition of dictators, kings and pharaohs.

Let the big lug go. After all, he's just doing what all powerful leaders have always done…exercising their power over the paeans. Remember, he's The Prez. -- Mr. Big. You know…the oval office and all that stuff. Why can't he just snap his fingers and get whatever he wants? Isn't that what being president is all about? Acting just like a king?

Kindly reprinted with permission from the Common Conservative

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